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    Posters would be found trough croockback, sewers and some would appear in old town, not signed by anybody
    Hello inhabitants of sewers and Croockback,
    I wanna tell you a history. Of how Croockback was formed when slummers, refusing to pay extortionate taxes to the emperor, chose to start smuggling, skillful sailors putting their life at risk to feed their children, to bring cheaper goods to people. But then whole gangs were attacked and infected. And now today, can you tell me that you know any smuggler in Croockback? I searched for a long time, yet none are there. Those that built croockback are long gone, replaced by beasts. Yet, some may try to tell you that this is natural order of things. If you are mundane, you ought to kiss a foot of state. If you are abberant, you can live free in sewers and croockback, having your own militia forces of abberants and laws that protect your existence. But I deny this truth. I do not believe for a second that this is as things ought to be.

    I believe in true freedom, when one does need to choose between serving state or being blood cattle. And now that state graciously chose to leave croockback alone, this is the only opportunity we will have. So I call for those who are willing to stay true to what they are, not letting themselves to be willingly afflicted just to be more powerful. I am calling for those who also believe in such. I shall make a gang of those who yet are not afflicted in mind, I call for mundanes, ritualists and sorcerers. I call to make a gang who shall carve piece of land we can call ours, where we can protect what we are, without becoming goverment's bitch. That is what I stand for. I care not if you are void worshipping Kathar or Ailor slummers who lived there for centuries, I care only if you are willing to fight alongside me. I will for now not recruit, as this declaration will have quite a lot assassins on my ass soon, so I will prefer to stay anonymous for now. But I am here. And I am gathering numbers.

    Mundane gang is formed
    Goals are to establish piece of land controlled by said gang (In V6's Croocktown)
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    Benjamin was sauntering his way through the sewers seeing the poster he'd give it a quick read and mumble, "Interesting." Before continuing his way through the sewers, taking a small note of the gang's name.
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    Karp would find to come one of these letters coming across his desk thanks to one of his more questionable companions. The Archan knight looked the letter over, offering a simple "Uh huh." to whoever it was that was in the man's company. "Rats are daft."
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    Fen’nan tipped back in her chair, booted feet propped up on the desk in disregard. Following Karp’s remark, the corner of her lips upturned lightly, not glancing up from the book in hand. “Give them some credit for the effort. It’s not too misplaced given the state of things,” she drawled, flipping through a page, bemused sarcasm then lacing her tone, “they’re being hunted by assassins for this paper, afterall.
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    A qadir smirk commenting, “Arrogant man doesn’t seem to comprehend neither the state nor most down here consider us sorcerers mundane. But let us see where this goes I’ll gladly serve these men and women. None magic healing is my speciality after all.”

    he gives a grin to his body guard @BeaneyBaby
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    Sivo would pick up the piece of paper off the ground, it seemed to have blown down the streets of Crookback. Upon reading the paper, she huffed in annoyance, mumbling to herself, "This announcement will make recruiting a little more challenging... I'd better let Sylph aware."
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    Alaric would find the post, scanning it over quickly so that he could get on with his day. He turned to a man at his side, letting out a wild chuckle before his tone became serious. "Lucrative minds in Regalia, eh?"
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    "Not usually. What is this? Hmn. Interesting. I was thinking to myself about the lack of non-aberrant gangs last night. Sounds like a breath of fresh air to me."

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