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    [Posters such as this, scrawled on paper in ink, are spread throughout the city. Only a couple are placed in a few places of interest, such as at some of the various barricades and outside the major hubs of city activity, for all to see. They are intended to be eye-catching.]


    "I am the Perfect Smile that will Shatter the Void!"

    I, Abigail Tucker, daughter of the Glee Arken, declare myself Queen of Jesters and Sachem of the Regalian fairgrounds, usurping Bingo the Blasphemous as ringleader of their demented Circus of Carnage.​

    "Hear me now, and weep tears of joy, for my word is absolute and unquestionable!"

    It is within my interest to not only see the Lich Lord's castle knocked from the sky, but to also see Glee return to the Regalian populace. For this reason, my circus is open to all.​

    "The Exist flows through me not in a meager trickle, but as a raging river!"

    To the Cahal |

    I do not wish to compete with the other Sachems and I will not tolerate being treated as a lesser. The word of Justice is not our main concern, for it is the will of Glee and the perfection of Do'llah I will be professing, but I am not against working with others of my kind to ensure our survival.

    To Avarelle. I seek your company for discussion, I want boundaries to be set in our cooperation.

    To others of my kind, if you do not find yourself able to agree with Justice's word, I will accept you with open arms. Perfection and pleasure await.​

    "Listen, cowardly fools, ye who cling to your vampiric vestiges: This Carnival of Carnage is mine to lord over, and mine alone!"

    To the Sanguine |

    You are a taint. A sickness, a disease that I loathe. I will be your undoing, and I will rip the shackles of your reign free with my own hand only to clamp them back onto your wrists. I will laugh and celebrate as it is done, for it will be a joyous day.​

    However, it would be hypocritical and against my nature to deny any, be they beast, Cahal, or unenlightened, a chance for fun. My carnival is open to you, with a few conditions.​

    1 | It must be acknowledged that I am lord in these fairgrounds. No other. By entering, you acknowledge my reign. Know this.
    2 | These are not grounds for you to feed. If your fangs are spotted, I will see them shorn from your mouth and turned into jewelry for myself to wear. This is your only warning.
    3 | Obstinate, abrasive, or generally unpleasant Sanguine guests will be strung up, caged, or locked in stockades to be gawked at. Repeat offenders will be starved of blood, then released into the woods so I may hunt them as human sport. I do not tolerate your kind's blood antics.​

    Know this: I am a kind and fair woman, but I am more than willing to be cruel. My requests are simple, follow them and we may coexist. Ignore them, and your soul will be Judged by Do'llah, and your husk of a corpse left to be my father's plaything.​

    "If you think me a liar, if you think me a charlatan or a fool, come! Prove my strength wrong."

    To the Resistance |​

    Our goals may be similar, but I do not consider us allies. Acknowledge me, and this may change. Leave yourself to your own districts, without laying claim on the festival grounds, and I will turn a blind eye to you. Scorn me, and I'll take action.

    Your presence on my fairgrounds will be tolerated so long as you come with a smile and a sword out of hand. Vampires will not gorge on your blood, and your soul will not be sent to judgement in your visits. The Resistance has burned many bridges, and this is the last olive branch I will extend to those I once considered my friends. You are presented with a choice, it is not one I will let you walk back on once it is made.​

    The path to Salvation is paved by violence. It is a path I have walked, and will gleefully walk again.

    Go on with Glee in your heart.​

    Sachem Abigail Tucker,
    Daughter of the Gods,
    Jester Queen of the Regalian Isle,
    Perfected by Do’llah,
    [ OOC ]
    Hello! This is just a short announcement declaring Abigail Tucker as owner of the Regalian Fairgrounds after the result of Krakenlord01's event tonight. Me and Kraken are hoping to work together to make this fun for everyone, and communication is greatly appreciated. If you wish to interact with us in a major or arc-changing way, feel free to message me! Keep your eyes peeled for any upcoming events :)​

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    Anathema takes a big sip of their morning coffee.

    They stare out the window, their eyes barely acknowledging the sun on the horizon.

    "Ah. Damn it."
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    ~Kamirah could scarcely keep back her expression of pure, unfeigned horror and disgust as she read through the poster plastered to one of the Rose Court barricades. She shook her head briskly.

    "It's happened... She's gone fuckin' mad." She uttered, initially in a softer tone tinged with disbelief. That was, before the sound of a bitter boot hitting the ground caused her voice to raise into a yell of exhausted rage. "After all I did to try and keep that, that IDIOT away from-- ! Gods DAMN it!"

    The Feka-Asha clenched her blackened claws into fists as she turned to skulk back towards Crookback, her growl still audible as she traversed through the contested streets in which she definitely did not belong. "Maybe my patience should have run out days ago."
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    Bellamy read over the flyer a few times, crinkling her nose in disgust at the slow visual pictures churning through her head with Abigail's words. "Wow." She murmured, plucking it off its place, bringing the parchment to her lit cigg to slowly catch fire.

    She murmured, smog rose from the place, fingers letting it go to flow down with the wind and burn alive, corners screaming in creaks. Crimson watching flame before the ember flickered.

    A light chuckle left her lips, turning for the street. "Always been the funny one."
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    Laria Mogun is seen going around to these posters after they've been posted and writing 'Am Stinky', after each posting of Abigail's name, scampering away with a devious grin afterwards.
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    A particularly tall marionette made of pink wood gazes upon these words in silence, no expression is made by face or hand. What they think of this announcement is unknown.
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    Damian took a long sip of his small bit if remaining kaffee as he'd look at the notice. "Well shit."
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    "Hmng. Sadistic."
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    Urijah looks over the paper, before raising his chin. "A lot of tough talk from a notorious street bum and party drifter. Tired of begging for her meals, she claims that circus of leprosy. Foolish are her claims, and yellow are her teeth, the bug munching ape."
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