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    As times change and our server evolves, so do our rules. While a general set of rules has historically appeared on our website, their majority were not comprehensively detailed there. Greater explanations would often be provided in other places, such as our Wiki and forums. This was broadly understood as necessary for proper rule enforcement, since they served as a precaution against abuse or loopholes. However, on the server today, updates, repeals, and additions have become warranted. Changes that players are encouraged to examine during this update are shown below.

    All rules related to alt factions have been repealed.
    These rules were originally implemented at the dawn of our server’s reboot during 2018. They were designed to ensure the fair claiming of territory by factions around the world, especially during the beginning stages of our reopening. However, with little trace of the dust that settled after this period, these rules have become obsolete, and their enforcement unnecessary.

    The prohibition on factions serving exclusively as markets has been repealed.
    This rule was originally enforced to counteract the risk of trading monopolization, which was thought to otherwise develop into a problem during the early period following our server’s reopening. With that fear now faded, and our server’s economy more active and robust, this restriction has little use.

    The prohibition on the sale of claim power using alt accounts has been repealed.
    The rules affecting the role of alt accounts in the claiming of faction territory have been refined since the server’s reboot. As a reminder, no more than three alt accounts can contribute to a faction’s member count for every one player. With this rule enforced, whether regals are earned from the activity or not, the explicit ban on its in-game monetization is unnecessary. However, all players should remain aware that the use of alt generators for any reason is against MassiveCraft rules as well as Mojang’s Terms of Service.

    Some other rules changes are mostly rewording of already existing rules to facilitate the understanding of the rules, as the wiki had many rules, compared to the Website, some rules were simply reworded to match.

    The rules regarding scamming have been updated.
    Since scamming can be a severe issue that we must take very seriously on the server, we have provided clarifications on our website and Wiki. With them in place though, we still highly recommend that players pay close attention and keep record of their important in-game transactions, such as war tributes, agreements, or regal purchases. For any transactions that involve money in real life, we strongly advise all players to make use of the PayPal invoice system.

    The raid rules have been updated.
    We remind all players that raids and wars are regulated differently on this server. The maximum tribute that a raiding faction can demand from a defending faction is calculated as 25 regals, plus 20 more regals for each member of the smaller faction involved. For fewer restrictions and greater rewards, factions are encouraged to submit formal war declarations on our forums. In addition, the enforced minimum peace time following a surrender is now two weeks, rather than ten days. This is meant to expand protections for the victims of attacks, as well as fledgling factions in general.

    The rules regarding animal farms have been updated.
    With the growth of the server bringing more players to the Factions world, the strain on the server’s performance has become an increasing problem. With a significant fraction of the lag determined to be the result of animals loaded into the world, the maximum singular cluster of animals allowed within a one chunk radius has been reduced from 50 to 30. However, all players should remain aware that the server staff team reserves the right to cull animal populations on a case basis outside of this explicit limitation depending on the severity. Premium players are further encouraged to use /color to meet their colored wool needs in order to reduce the use of large populations of colored sheep.

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding these rule changes, always feel free to contact a staff member in-game or on the forums!

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