Ruku's Remodelling Project: Remodelling Regalia

Discussion in 'Minecraft Builder Showcase' started by Devoruku, Sep 2, 2018.

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    Hello there, my name is Devoruku and today I want your help in this build project I have decided to undertake.

    I am rebuilding Regalia!!!
    In this project I have taken a copy of the crown city (just the city and nothing else) and placed it into a singleplayer world. I am looking for ideas for remodelling Regalia as well as showing my progress on the world.

    Current Projects:
    1) Remodelling Tavern.
    2) Change a few shops (Most already filled ones will stay the same).
    3) Write an easy-to-follow version of the Massivecraft lore to mix into the map.
    4) Remodel the temple-thing under the park.
    Reopen the shop that was the apothecary (Near the Tavern).
    Build Yanar (Renamed to Dryad) District.

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