Rosie's Skincare Review Apocalypse

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  1. InDogsWeTrust

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    Jul 26, 2015
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    hi my name is rosie and i have ugly skin.


    On this thread I'll be posting my poreblems (haha) and my favorite products and maybe my routine if one forms???

    my product priorities:
    *natural and organic where possible
    *cruelty free
    *no sulfates, parabens, or sodium laurel sulfate (allergy)
    *minimal or natural fragrance
    *sustainably sourced (for disposables)
    *reusable/recyclable/recycled, minimal packaging where possible
    *no animal fats. not VEGAN because beeswax is fine, and so is honey

    Meeting the above checklist gets u a rosie stamp of approval!!

    my face flesh specs:
    color: pale and white with yellow-pink undertones
    oiliness: combination (some areas oily, some dry)
    texture: smooth
    acne: mild, with lotsa blackheads :p
    pores: medium, except on the freaking T zone.
    other?: mild eczema and some dry skin

    So, my main grievances are the acne and some slight color variation, as well as those gnarly t-zone pores. Therefore, the products I'll be using are usually pore minimizing and oil control, as well as some moisturizers.

    hair specs:
    *wavy, thin hair
    *medium length
    *scalp eczema (which means slight flaking)
    *v sensitive scalp skin

    sodium laurel sulfate
    sodium laureth sulfate
    benzoyl peroxide
    salicylic acid
    (and probably more :/)

    Leven Rose Cold Pressed Pomegranate Seed Oil (100% approved)*
    Eucerin lotion (100% approved)
    Lilyana Naturals rose face cream (100% approved)

    *this stuff is the BOMB!!! it fades acne scars and moisturizes like crazy. seriously liquid gold for me.​

    skin masks cleansers and toners:
    Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (100% rosie approved)
    Organic apple cider vinegar (glass packaging) (100% rosie approved)
    Yes to! Tomato blackhead cleanser stick (100% approved)**
    Burt's Bees unscented micellar water wipes (recycled cotton) (100% approved)

    **new to my repetoir, i'll keep y'all posted

    daily use
    Thayer's Witch Hazel toner (100% approved)
    JASON reef safe mineral sunscreen (100% approved)**
    Yardley of London soaps (honey almond is so yummy) (100% approved)***

    **this does ramp up oiliness and is a rather thick goop. honestly? i'd love a lighter sunscreen that doesn't irritate my eczema

    ***The scent is quite strong on these, but doesn't cause flare ups for me! It also has this super weird dry feeling after you use it like your skin has no oil at all. just bizarre, but doesn't seem to actually dry me out.

    shampoos and conditioners:
    Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo*
    Leven Rose Jojoba Oil (100% rosie approved)
    "Witch i Love Your Hair" Magic Mist (100% approved)

    *Johnson and Johnson is NOT a cruelty free organization. Hell, they barely tick ANY of my priorities. However, it is the only shampoo I have found so far that does not irritate my extremely sensitive scalp. If y'all have some suggestions I'd love to hear them :)!!

    anything else?:
    *cvs brand biotin vitamins
    *so much water lolololol

    so that's the long af thread about my skin. and maybe helpful for yours too???


    watch me clear this thread in like day out of embarrassment

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  2. InDogsWeTrust

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    Jul 26, 2015
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    updates, pictures, stuff:

    Update Sep 8 2018: added Lush's Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bar (even though it contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) after an extensive consultation with a trader and haircare specialist. I've used it once and no breakout.

    Also from Lush: Superbalm scalp treatment for eczema hotspots (in beta testing) and Hair Doctor hot oil treatment for alopecia (untested).​
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