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    Greetings everyone. We of the Lore staff come with a special opportunity for you and the roleplay community at large! Among the Lore Staff there are only so many people which can both attend events and support them for acting. What this means is that we’re looking to branch out and recruit more specifically staff actors to help us fill those roles. ​

    Firstly, to kick off the recruitment process for staff actors we have a google form which will be linked to a spreadsheet to both manage and keep note on whom among the playerbase is interested in acting, and when they’re available if we require you. Even if you don't have a huge amount of time available, still apply! We will expect less of these Aspirant-level Staff Actors than we do our usual Lore 2+ staff. This is a laid back way for interested roleplayers to assist in staff event work!

    A secondary note will be kept on each event you participate in on the side so we may track your efforts! Anyone can act, it’s just roleplaying! And you do that often enough, so why not come help create more stories with us?

    If you’re interested, you may fill out this form starting today!

    There is no guarantee you will be called upon, so please keep that in mind. This first phase is mostly for our own records, and to help ease people in. Thank you for taking the time to read through this carefully! And most of all, enjoy.
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