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    In a pretty short discussion during the last Lore meeting, the cyclical concept of "Rp Religion Death" came up again after we discussed some Special Perms. The topic was raised that in the current environment, there is no fluid religion RP because the majority of the players are mandated to be Unionist, and those who are Unionist cannot convert away because they would end up executed for capital crimes. This was deemed "unproductive", to encouraging a more vibrant religious scene, because there are plenty of preachers in Regalia, but they have very little to do in fear of skirting the line between legal missionary status, and state criminal. As such, the following changes are being enacted:

    Regarding Law:
    • There is an OOC change (so not done by the Chancellor Emperor, this is a retroactive law change by Lore Staff retconning) stating that converting as a Unionist away from Unionism is no longer a crime, as long as the Character still obeys "The Regalian Authority" and the "Holiness of the Emperor", without specifically stating what that means.
    • There is an OOC change (so not done by the Chancellor Emperor, this is a retroactive law change by Lore Staff retconning) stating that it is now legal for non-Unionist faiths to proselytize and worship in public, as long as the Character still professes the need to obey "The Regalian Authority", and raisee the "Holiness of the Emperor" on a notable level besides their faith.
    What this means is that there is effectively freedom of Religion, but with a concession. For those who do not follow Unionism, they must still acknowledge that the Spirit is real (even if they do not acknowledge that they are a god, but rather just some sort of spiritual being separate from religion). They must as such also acknowledge the spiritual authority of the Emperor, and not use religion as a vessel to rebel against the vision of Unionism of the Regalian State. This is a bit like a "Syncretic faith", in that Unionism in its more secular concepts can be followed while also staying true to other religions like Faith of Estel, Shambala, and even Void Worship.

    We will also be building temples for all the major race religions in Regalia:
    • Ailor Unionism can be found in the Unionist Cathedral is obviously in Regalia, though in a bit of a ruined state right now. The Saint Agatha (or was it Helena?) Church will do in the meantime. In V6, the Regalian Cathedral will not be making a come-back, but we will be creating smaller chapels for all the major Unionist denominations, Sancellist, Etosian, Vultarin, Priscelle and Dogartan, but not Diviner. Diviner is considered too "evil" of a religion to get a shrine in Regalia (since that would require sacrificing non-Ailor in said shrine).
    • Ailor Old Gods can be found in the Old Gods Temple in Old Town.
    • Ailor Oldt Fayth does not really have temples, so no place of worship is needed.
    • Ailor Dragon Worship can take place in the Dragon Temple where the old Knight HQ was.
    • Ailor Void Cult will need a bit of writing, but will get its own Shrine in Old Town somewhere, we need to tinker a bit with the Void Worship page to make it a bit less about slapstick evil behavior, and more about "forced evolution" along with the horopadosi elements of Unionism.
    • Sihai faith will fall in line with the Dragon Temple, since it has an aspect of the Loong Dragons in it.
    • Dwarven Dogma will eventually be represented, but not until the Lore is rewritten and we have a clearer picture of what their religion will be like.
    • Qadir don't need faith.
    • Songaskians now have the sun shrine, it can be reached by going to the Regalian Academy/College/Library, next to the Altalar district, and following the bridges to the shrine with the great golden sun disk.
    • All Faith of Estel worshipers can still go to the placeholder Altalar temple, but it will be updated when the Altalar rewrite is done, since some of the gods are changing.
    • Sihndar will not have a temple. Their faith is deemed too subtle.
    • Isldar can make use of the shared Dragon Temple since it has an aspect for Frisit in it.
    • Kathar can make use of the Ailor Void Shrine.
    • Maraya do not have a religion.
    • Allar do not have a religion.
    • Slizzar religion is deemed too subtle, and Slizzar themselves are also still outsiders, so there will be no Nessrassian temple or shrine anywhere, but there may be one in Regalia V6 in the flooded Sewers.
    • Varran already have a Temple to Baskarr. Their religion will change a bit in the Varran race update however.
    • Orc already have a Temple in the Orc District.
    • Url don't need a Temple.
    • Muzhavel, Draoidh Feya, Wiaraja will not be getting a place of worship, since these religions are so small that they would not galvanize a following.
    What are we hoping will happen?
    • For religious leaders to go out there and start gathering souls.
    • For religious characters to not have to hide their conversion/faith in fear of execution.
    • For religious groups to form fighting crews and have religious conflict with others in the streets.
    • For people to accept the faith that works with their character and go with it. Ailor who worships Estel? Sure. Allar who worships Shambala? fine. Ailor cult of the Void? Sure go right ahead.
    All changes are mandated from an OOC stand point of view. We explain it that the Confessions of Melennar and the 10th Creed revelation both allow for other religions to exist in harmony under the basic tenets of Unionism seen as a secular faith, more like a life philosophy. Obviously, Unionism is still the "main" religion, but it should not have a complete monopoly on religion roleplay.
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    Rejoice! This is so exciting!!
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    Sweats in atheist Gal-raq Monster Ritualist+
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    Priscelle temple! :)
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    Can we have a Diviner sacrifice shrine in the sewers or something?
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    repsect stan666 and his zmobie army
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    "I, Hochmeister Wilheim, have a dream..."

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    Will the Ibadet or Mevoriim religion have a shrine/temple?
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    Praise Monmarty
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    This will be very cool. Lots of little temples littered around Regalia! I wonder what they'll look like?

    Also, "Qadir don't need faith". Oof! Sorry religious Qadir.

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