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    Roleplay Discord Beta Introduced


    Following on the very successful community conversation a few days ago, staff is introducing a Massive Roleplay Discord where different groups, existing in their own discords, can come together in order to build a stronger community. Recognized groups have their own roles, discussion areas, and voice chats! We’ve also introduced a general roleplay chat within this discord, so that you can touch base and meet up with players new and old in a central location!

    While Discord has been the industry standard for some time now, we also recognize the positive, social aspect of old teamspeak servers. By creating this discord, we hope that the community will reach out to each other, and begin to interact with people they may not normally talk to regularly!

    If you have a community of players that would like to have their own area, join, and the process for getting one set up will be announced within a few days! Can’t wait to see you there!

    Massive Roleplay Discord Invite
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