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    The end has come and gone.
    The Revolution is finally over.
    A betrayal happened...
    And Nyladreas won.

    The long attempt to repel the revolution was only partially successful. While the Frontier Alliance was able to fend off Corin’s political and military attempts to take power, the help of the Essalonian people was only just enough to slow their progress.

    The defense that burst throughout Essalonia and the resources provided to the Frontier were incredibly helpful to the good cause, so much so that some of Corin’s lieutenants and Nyladreas’ favored minions were captured or killed by the brave mercenaries and adventurers.

    Though our soldiers and brave volunteers fought brilliantly, they were still overpowered by the sheer force that is Nyladreas, who, after defeating them, moved on to overtake Essalonia as his. Whatever shall we do? Will there be anything left TO do?

    Our antagonist’s partner, Corin Brennar, was pushed off his ship, the Wailing Wench, in a wild episode of cold-hearted betrayal and fell to be captured by the Essalonian Frontier Guards. What an unfortunate outcome for him! Is this the end of not only the Revolution, but also Corin? Perhaps it’s karma for all the wrong he’s done.

    Nyladreas may have defeated us today, but do not give up hope! While he has escaped in the commandeered Wailing Wench and has gained even more power, more chances may come in the future to face him again… This time we may be able to vanquish him for good.


    TL:DR - The Essalonian Revolution is ending, but the camp will remain and the Quests will still be available.
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