Revenge Of The Undervalued

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    Scrawled with somewhat readable penmanship and littered outside of campsites & in the dominated City; a certain someone had some things to say.


    It’s been way too damned long.

    Too long, have I been casted aside, have I been undervalued, have I been belittled, have I been unappreciated for my efforts.

    To all of you, I am just a soldier. Another body. Another guard. Another statistic. I’m not a person with coherent thoughts & emotions to any of you. For the ones that claim to know me -

    Did you know, I loved painting for other people? I have never once done a self-portrait, unless I was in the background. I find that oddly fitting - At least, for Aloranthae, Aurienne, Llewyn. But not for the reborn me.

    No longer will I be a footrest. No longer will I be ‘just another body’, no longer will I be ‘the perfect soldier’. I’ve subjugated myself long fucking enough.

    Do unto others as they do unto you, is what I’ve lived by and will continue to live by ever since They introduced Themselves to me. The most terrifying thing for an individual is indeed to be outside the truth of the Voidal Arken, Bloodlust. Without the Code to live by, you are just an ordinary person.

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    Ailred picked up one of the notices, going to sit down in the Emporium. He read over such with a worried look before passing the notice to his armored companion “What did you do this time? We need to find them before Greygate does.”
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    A celate looks puzzled upon this odd work, “There another goes using Void. They dignify that abhorrent theory so intensely. I almost begin to think perhaps people /want/ to pretend to themselves demons could create. That their power could even touch that of the Everwatcher.

    Whoever wrote this seems lost…often artist’s spend their lives producing work glorifying others. I compose to glorify my homeland, the God Emperors and Empresses, and the stirring of emotion…yet rarely do I write to glorify myself. Humble and pious perhaps but at times it feels reductive.

    This reads like both a cry for help and a resolution. I know not why they believe they require a demon especially of blood lust to be great. Greatness is born of sacrifice and of connection to ones fellows, not from serving the will of a demon.

    Far better is any soldier who would earn their salvation and honor, in service to the empire, then those who go astray and serve Demons.”
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    Milo blinked as he read this. He let out a groan. "Oma you idiot we appreciate the fuck out of you for fuck sake--"
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    Aylin Solaveira remained unnervingly silent for a lengthy moment as she studied the proclamation, tracing a claw over the three different names listed. “I understand,” she murmured simply, dipping her head in approval.
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    Laria Mogun looks over these papers with a faint hum, taking a minute to read it before grinning and chiming, "Glad she's gettin a spine! Maybe I'll check out how she's handlin herself." She remarks, before ambling off to go and find the aptly quite irate Oma.
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