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    MassiveCraft Quest Takes You to Church!


    Ever wondered just who those priests were? Why is the Regalian Emperor considered a god? Or why is it that even reverends have have disputes on the city streets? Then these quests are are just the sermon you need!

    The new Religion and Faith quests let you pick from four questlines! Will you opt for the traditional Sanchella line? The radical Etosian? The exotic Priscelle? Or the truly wild Heathen? These quests will help those interested learn about the different sects within the rich MassiveCraft religious lore. And you also get some very nice loot!

    Don’t worry, this questline allows you to eventually interact with all the NPCs, and you have to traverse the city to complete them! So find that Doomsayer at spawn, and get to church!

    /tp Regalia to begin!

    Want to learn even more about MassiveCraft's extensive religious lore? Read all about it on our wiki!
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