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    Roleplay enticement in Roleplay has always been tough, especially for new players and people who don't have a lot of friends or don't belong to a clique. While the Regalian Tavern was always a central location for roleplay, players often gravitate there to have roleplay, yet many people that visit the Tavern are not always equally welcoming to inviting new people into their roleplay.

    As such, the staff have produced the New World Pub, a smaller tavern establishment more specifically aimed at new players as well as people who are just looking to meet new friends. The Staff have defined this area as a "Hugbox" pub where anyone inside automatically consents to roleplaying with anyone, and guarantee to those who would come up to them that they won't be disrupting their ongoing roleplay. This makes this the perfect environment to safely try and meet new people and make new friends on massive, to hopefully one day be able to move beyond the pub and engage in interesting storylines with new friends. This carefree area should limit any roleplay anxiety experienced by players, while also giving our helpful players an area to go if they want to help new people feel welcome!

    The New World Pub can be found directly to the left of the Regalian Tavern, within viewing range of the new notice put in front of the Regalian Tavern.


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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by MonMarty, Oct 3, 2017.

    1. SorryNari
      I wanna meet new people there. :D
    2. Infinatum
      Great Ideas as always, Give it up for Marty and the Gang!
    3. Parz1vol
      That took you guys like. A couple of hours. Thanks MartMart.

      Neato indeed.
    4. TalkChat
      Nice work, hopefully, this will solve some issues!
    5. Blanclour
      Build it and they will come... Hopefully =)
    6. Goldifish
      I love this idea. I can’t wait to meet new people!
    7. Beetletoes
      This is great! I'll definitely pop in there from time to time.
    8. Pauleen
      "hug box"? Well that is one way to respond to the issue LOL
    9. maddydaddyy
      This is helpful thanks MomMarty :D
    10. MrFluffyBun
      Lol thank goodness. I used to go to the tavern all the time to try to meet new people, but it never worked XD
    11. Eccetra
      This is so hecking cute.
    12. Viktar
      I agree with Pauleen, it's a creative way of tackling the situation! Neither of us had heard the term hug box before, but it fits well. It's good for new roleplayers to have a friendly, unintimidating environment to interact with!
    13. Pauleen
      I want to be in a hug box it sounds nice
    14. DrFong
      I tried out the "hugbox" for a few hours tonight. It was great for meeting new people, but a small space and it got pretty loud in there when it was busy. Perhaps, once you get a nice group of friends together chatting in the "hugbox" you can all agree to move back over into the Willow Tavern. This would leave the "hugbox" as a "Looking for Roleplaying Group" area rather than just a friendly place to hang out.

      Great idea!
    15. Blanclour
      I tried the "hugbox" and can honestly say that it is exactly what I needed. A place dedicated to making new friends and meeting new people has given a location for all the nervous and shy people like me to gather at. I made quite a few new friends tonight,

      Thank You for making this possible!
    16. ZiggyStarDusted
      Im not even new, i get such anxiety approaching people still after all this time, so this pretty good!
    17. Devoruku
      Hmmm.... I may need to check this New World Tavern out tonight~ It looks interesting, I'm always looking for people to RP with but its little hard when you cannot connect with people~

      Well Done Mods!!!~
    18. BogeyBanshee
      This is a relief, a problem off my shoulders. I’m a loner so I usually am incompetent in the ways of meeting people.
      Last edited: Oct 3, 2017
    19. Emkaloua
    20. Gwyndo
      I've always treated every area like this. If it's a public IC area, I didn't think anyone had the right to deny you from roleplaying unless you were actively harrassing them.
    21. Mayaran
      As it is a hugbox, I would be happy to simply see someone walk up to random people and hug them. No context required.
      See someone alone, boom, hug.
      And that will also spark a conversation.
      10/10 idea, amirite?
    22. HeyoBiggums
      Perfect for newer players! This is also a great way for us experienced players, to reach out and connect, and guide the newer players into the lore scene!
    23. The_Holy_Raptor
      YES, rping at the willow is hard because friend groups tend to abondond any new characters that wonder in looking to buy some rounds and have a laugh... this will increase my chance of peddling semi-legal goods to Regalians hehe (don't arrest me i'm just an adorable Skibbles)
    24. MrFluffyBun
      Hug and never let go.
    25. Mayaran
      Never let go, Bun. Never let go.

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