Regalian Civil Strife: Riots In The Mountain Isles & Thessalonikon!

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    Merely a day after the latest nobility scandal surrounding the county of Narlas, His Grace Duke William of the House Coen and The Honorable Countess Theodora of the House Psanadarion have sworn fealty to new lieges. His Imperial Grace the Lord Thomas of the House Kade has taken the position of feudal lord over His Grace Duke William of the House Coen, and His Grace Duke Tristan of the House Lamperouge has taken the position of feudal lord of The Honorable Countess Theodora of the House Psandarion.


    While this may seem of a happy occasion, the people in the respective duchy and county find reason to be disgruntled. Prideful in their homeland's name and independence, the commoners of the duchy and county arm themselves for revolt. In the Duchy of the Mountain Isles, the people in the small villages and towns have amassed, swarming in grand clusters, burning, raping, and pillaging as they please. Many vital trade harbors and market districts have been victim to the riots as of present, causing the duchy to fall into a stagnant state of economic progression. The commonmen of the Mountain Isles are said to be in progress of making their way to the various keeps and other valuable assets of the duchy, their goal being that of destruction.

    Meanwhile in Thessalonikon, the Etosian peoples have armed themselves as well, making elaborate displays of denouncement to His Grace Duke Tristan of the House Lamperouge. Witnesses and bystanders have noted the rioters creating mannequins of sorts, modelling that of Tristan, and burning them in public squares. As if to rub salt in the wound, they even chopped off the legs of the quaint models, insulting and denouncing the man as a lame cripple. Administrative buildings have been defaced and vandalized, having been assaulted and graffitied with the ever-valuable Tyrian dye, the imperial purple pigment used in Regalian clothing, flags, and so on.

    With chaos in the west and even more in the east, the empire is beginning to find itself in the beginning of a turmoil larger than that seen previously, some scholars and lesser-nobility say. Will these conflicts see themselves through? Will the the respective duke and countess find a solution themselves, and will the current conflict in Dragenthal be resolved without blood?

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    Theodora sat in the safe haven of her manor in Psanadari, the small city she resided over on the sunset coasts of Etosil. She slammed her fist down onto the table, leaning back in her chair. Looking over the desk, the Countess picked up a quill, inkpot and a crisp parchment before settling down to write her proclamation to the patriotic citizens of Thessalonikon:

    Dearest Citizens of Thessalonikon, Sons and Daughters of Moreapolis, Iraklios and Thenos!

    Your most gracious and ever-thoughtful Countess Theodora Antigoni Psanadarion realizes your anger and sorrow at this recent change of events! For since the dawn of the Empire, our fruitful lands savored the taste of independence and governance from it's own ruling power! Your beloved Countess assures her subjects that good will come of this fealty as His Grace Ser Tristan Lamperouge, Duke and Baron of Vultaro, has agreed that he will not interfere with the politics of the Etosian civilians! His Grace acknowledges the Countess as his equal, and as proof he will send supplies to feed and clothe the poor who roam the streets. As for your Countess, she still holds full leadership over the people, and will continue to magistrate the unjust and reward the kind! Those who follow the laws set in stone by the forefathers of the Etos Isles shall be rewarded with grain to last two months, and those who defy the laws shall be publicly ridiculed and isolated by the just and mighty, until they swear loyalty to the Highborn. Your just leader Theodora sails for Thessalonikon as you read, vowing to help the population of her county in any way fit!


    Theodora boarded the Biireme boat, entering the lower deck as the vessel sailed east for Thessalonikon. She awaited her arrival, as the letter that she wrote was being printed swiftly, the leaflets flying through the streets of her beloved county.


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