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    A dirt-poor farm boy with Sihai pride, shitty morals, and old superstitions from Dexai's farmlands.
    Basic Information
    • Full Name: Ra'zz'an
    • Age: 25
    • Gender: Male
    • Race: Common Sihai
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Skill Information

    Total Points: 60 points = +50 proficiency points +10 hobby points

    • (6) CORE GROUP
      • +4 Dagger Combat (from proficiency points)
      • +2 Fist Combat (from proficiency points)
    • (33) HOBBY GROUP
      • +10 Pathfinding Art (from hobby points)
      • +6 Horticulture Art (from proficiency points)
      • +5 Hunting Art (from proficiency points)
      • +5 Husbandry Art (from proficiency points)
      • +5 Construction Art (from proficiency points)
      • +2 Cooking Art (from proficiency points)
    • (21) POINT-BUY
      • +15 Roguery (from proficiency points)
      • +6 Sorcery (from proficiency points)
    Body Shape
    • Physical Stat: 14 = (4 Dagger Combat) + (2 Fist Combat) + 0.5(6 Horticulture Art) + 0.5(10 Pathfinding Art)
    • Body Shape: Toned Body Shape
    • Body Fat: Low Body Fat
    • Common
    • Wa'an
    Special Traits/Spells/Mutations
    • Sihai
      • Moon Transform 1
      • Moon Transform 2
      • Light Mend 3
      • Flux Shift 5
      • Sorcery Skill 3
      • Weapon Song 1
      • Inth Gift 3
    • Roguery
      • Rogue Gift 1
      • Rogue Gift 4
      • Rogue Gift 5
      • Burglary Pack
      • Sleight of Hand Pack
    • Sorcery
      • Dark Curse 1 (free from Sorcery Skill 3)
      • Wall Climb 3
      • True Path 1
    Visual Information
    • Eye Color: mud brown
    • Hair Color: black as a rat
    • Hair Style: long and dirty with messy bangs that plastered the forehead
    • Skin Color: pale with warm undertones from working the fields
    • Clothing: headband, farmer's shirt, baggy trousers, and sandals with holes through the soles
    • Height: 5'8"
    • Character Alignment
      • Neutral evil.
    • Personality Type
      • ISTJ-A (Logistician).
    • Religion
      • Dragon Worship - Loong Dragons (10/10).
    Life Story

    Failing the Mandated Bureaucracy Examinations

    • Ra'zz'an was born into a traditional family of Sihai farmers that lived in Dexai's agriculture villages. His family are devout followers of Dragon Worship (Loong Dragons) and maintain old superstitions, such as avoiding looking into one's reflection. A hallmark of Ra'zz'an's family is their pride in their culture and staunch devotion to Sihai traditions.
    • As the eldest child, he spent many years studying under tutors to achieve high scores on the Mandated Bureaucracy Examinations, in the hopes of giving his family a chance to climb the social ladder. He received low scores on the exams because he was overconfident in his knowledge and made the poor decision to participate in a recreational pole-climbing competition the night before, instead of preparing and getting a good night's sleep.
    • Disappointed, his parents put their efforts into preparing Ra'zz'an's sibling to succeed in the exams instead and sent Ra'zz'an off to work the farmlands. This marked the first failure in Ra'zz'an's life.
    Cockiness on the Farmlands
    • Ra'zz'an worked the fields during the day and pursued horticulture and nature studies during the night, determined to perfect his skills. He claimed that successful harvests were the result of his intelligence and productivity, angering the farmers that worked with him. One day, he took credit for the harvests of another laborer, boasting about his skills and sparking outrage across the village. He was beat up for his crass words and cockiness.
    • Word spread about his dishonest tactics and bartering with other merchants became a struggle. He turned to gambling to try and earn jade and brings goods back to support his family. He studied gambling strategies and was successful with his bets until he became overconfident in his luck and lost. He continued to gamble in the hopes of earning back his losses, but continued to spiral into poverty with his risk-taking habits and poor decisions.
    • While Ra'zz'an's failures accumulated, his younger brother's success grew after achieving high scores on the Mandated Bureaucracy Examinations. The night Ra'zz'an found out his brother became a scribe for a high government official, his jealousy and bitterness spiraled out of control. He broke into a tavern, stole alcohol, got drunk on ale, and received a public whipping in the morning for his street disturbances.
    A Foot into Roguery
    • Cast out of the farmlands for his cockiness, criminal actions, and gambling addiction, Ra'zz'an turned to roguery to make a living. He started with small pick-pocketing acts and moved on to robbing homes without care on his own. Each time he was caught, he moved on to a different village, traveling around Dexai's lands. He maintained letter correspondence with his family, lying about his successes on the farmlands.
    • One day, a thief attempted to steal from his stash of belongings. Ra'zz'an fought him, fist-to-fist and was about to lose, when guardsmen stepped in. His opponent was overpowered by the guards, who did not recognize Ra'zz'an as a criminal; he had just moved to this village after all. Ra'zz'an decided that it was in his best interest to lie to the guards and say the thief wasn't stealing his belongings. The thief interpreted this as a sign of allegiance against the guards and invited him to his syndicate.
    • Ra'zz'an cooperated with the syndicate in high-stake criminal activities, reaping rewards and working his way through the gang's ranks. In a heist to steal jade, the gang was ambushed, defeated, and jailed. Ra'zz'an was the first to be interrogated. To spare his life, he ratted out his gang, gave their names, and was freed.
    Escape to Regalia
    • No one followed him to Regalia to enact revenge.
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