Pending Review Races In Relation To Traits.

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  1. grizenator

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    Traits are getting an overhaul, and while there has been some mention and talk of races it hasn't really been discussed. These ideas are hypothetical and the values are just examples. All values are up for discussion and balancing. To be clear, races wont replace traits, they are merely trait amplifiers. If you don't agree or have a better idea then leave a comment below with reasoning.

    Human Races (as per the lore categorisation)
    debuffs duration effects are halved

    - holy trait is free

    Paladin-like semi-tank that excels against races who benefit from the unholy trait

    Dwarfresistant traits are 2x as effective
    Fairly tanky, better suited for tank builds

    Qadir -(at day) +10%dmg, +10% dmg resistance
    Strong all rounder given the right conditions, opens up strategies involving fighting conditions. Could be caught out in extended team fights.

    Magus Races (as per the lore categorisation)

    -(highborn) +100 trait points

    -damage increased by 10%

    Strong fighters, very flexible with the extra trait points

    Kathar - (at night) +10% dmg, +10% dmg resistance
    Conditional fighters, similar to Qadir (would suggest something to do with the end but im gonna have to wait and see what we get first)
    Yanar – herbivore buff, open eating ‘herbivore’ food receive regen2 buff for 5 seconds
    Fairly tanky, strong in team fights provided they get time to eat.

    Gorr Races (as per the lore categorisation)

    Access to unique trait: Hunt Target,(upon a successful strike the trait is activated, the target receives a glowing effect, all further strikes against this target have an extra 45% chance to proc for the next 10s) cooldown of 60s

    -10% weapon damage reduction

    Useful in team fights and kiting. More of a support role

    Allararmorpen strike chance increased to 15%

    -sacrifice, upon killing an enemy the weather/time will change (day/night or rain/dry)

    Good damage output, interesting ability that can be combined with other races to perform interesting combos.
    Slizzarpoison/wither strike/revenge traits improved (poison 1 to poison 2 ect)
    Good with strike builds, more suited to 1v1 situations
    Orc - dmg increased by 30%, vulnerability traits are 2x ineffective (ie you take twice as much damage from them)
    Strong damage output, but if you wish to run a normal trait build expect to get creamed by a bow.
    Maiarchance to proc revenge traits increased to 10% when in water (include in rain as well?)
    Strong in water, makes them good for kiting and 1vx situations.

    Misc (not a race in lore per say)
    (Fire things? Idk,)
    -firestrike also purges the fire-resistance buff from the target, can be blocked with fire-immune trait

    -inbuilt fire-immune

    Annoying if you dont have the appropriate trait build to fight them, strong in team fights and could make good fireballers.
    Vampire -heal/feed strike have 10% chance to proc

    -unholy trait also increases dmg by 20%

    Potential to be tanky and also deal decent damage if you want to run the risk of facing an opponent with Holy
    Undeadunholy trait gives 40% dmg resistance

    -health boost gives an extra +2hearts

    These guys can be really tanky given the right circumstances, you dont suffer as much if you face a foe with unholy, but your damage output is still greatly decreased.
  2. grizenator

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    Oct 3, 2017
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