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    Looking for all Questers!

    Message to all Massivecrafters interested in learning how to make quests.
    We are happy to announce that the Quest Team has returned as a sub-department of Event Staff. We encourage all interested in coding and writing up quests to apply today to join the Quest Team.

    Why should I join Quest?

    Questing is a unique, enjoyable and challenging feat that we are proud and excited to be able to bring back as a Team. Each quest is an adventure or puzzle waiting to be solved, and writing the code for these quests is much of the same. We are calling out to all that are interesting in being able to see your Quest adventures and ideas brought to life.

    Furthermore, contributing is not limited to exclusively staff as non-staff contributors are welcomed to help contribute as well.

    Rallying Call

    So what are you waiting for? Answer the rallying call! Sign-up and make a difference, make adventures for the community to enjoy! Be a part of the new and improved Quest Department to join in on all the fun!​
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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by Anarchizm, May 18, 2019.

    1. Anarchizm
    2. onearmsquid
      Couple questions,

      1) What are the current projects involving quests?
      2) How many peeps you looking for?
      3) Who is teaching new quest members?
      and lastly,
      4) Does this mean new quest worlds will be worked on?
    3. GrumpyGirl314
      Hi Squid! (@onearmsquid )

      We're looking for a handful of reliable questies to join the Quest Team and help us to not only improve existing quest code and write new quest code, but also to push the boundaries of Quest to see what we can do with it. With all of the capabilities of Quest, Tech has actually put into effect a new policy that minor plugin ideas will go first to Quest to see if the ideas could be implemented using quest code instead of Tech to help alleviate much of the work that gets thrown their way which will free them up more to do the bigger Tech things--such as 1.13. One example of this is the Market Fly ability in our Tp Market. Our Tech team could have taken the time to write, test, and implement a custom plugin to give players the ability to Fly while in our Market world, but that would have taken time from them that they need for all the other exciting things they are working on. Instead, we were able to give the Fly ability in the Market with a Quest! (How badass is that?)

      Right now, current Quest projects include coding all of the quests needed for much of the Survival Content that the Game Dept is working on completing, including cleaning up some final code for the Revolution. We are also working on finalizing some code for the upcoming Summer Festival, as well as a number of new Mini-Game concepts we have been toying with and mulling over.
      While we do not currently have plans for a new quest world (see to-do-list above), we do have fixes already on the way for some of the Silverwind issues and bugs which will help a great deal to make our current quest world more enjoyable and understandable.

      For anyone interested in learning quest, I'd love to sit down with them to go through the quest basics with them. It takes about an hour to go through the quest basics--and from there, it's just applying the knowledge to write out the quest code.
    4. aprader1
      How would one work on quest code as a free lance and not staff?
    5. GrumpyGirl314
      Hey Aprader!
      Once you learn the quest basics, we write up the code and go over it together to review how it can be better or what needs fixed. Nonstaff contributing quest code will have to sign a thing (basically says you donate the code to Massive and we can use it--not that the quest code could be used anywhere else but Massive since this is through our custom Quest plugin).
      Nonstaff are also limited on how much testing of their code they can do, however, which is why I encourage interested persons to submit an application for staff. I don't expect applicants to know quest code when they apply--that is simply a bonus. But I'm more than willing to sit down with anyone who might be interested in learning. :)
    6. aprader1
      Is there a way to do a trial run so I can see how it is before I write up an entire staff app?
    7. GrumpyGirl314
      Shoot me a DM and I'll send you some things so you can get a better idea of what we work with. :)
    8. onearmsquid
      I will also offer my services as an instructor of quest coding. Any and all may contact me in regards of quest coding classes.

      @GrumpyGirl314 if you would allow, perhaps we can sit down and share secrets in techniques.
    9. GrumpyGirl314
      As a past quest coder yourself, Squid, that is very generous of you and I would absolutely love to sit down with you to learn what you'd have to share.

      However, I would strongly encourage all interested Questies to go through me for training so that, if they do decide to help out, I will have a better idea of their strengths to more appropriately distribute quest assignments. Additionally, I would want to gauge their skill sets and interests as well as their strengths--which means they may end up having to go through the training twice since there have also been changes in policy and practices since you were staff.

      If you really are interested in helping out, however, you are always welcome to submit an application to become an aspirant to the new Quest Team. Or, if you feel your schedule is still a little too busy for staff, you can also always apply as a non-staff contributor. Regardless--shoot me a DM. Let's learn together! :)

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