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    Event Department Transitions

    Quest Staff Makes a Comeback


    Beginning this month, the Event Department on Massive has split and transitioned into a few different teams. Primarily: the return of the Quest Department. Under @GrumpyGirl314's leadership, the Quest Department has been writing some of the most complex and efficient quests that the server has had the pleasure to produce. These have enhanced the player experience on the server in ways both big and small. Grumpy will continue to lead this department as its own entity with great success. @ZiggyStarDusted and @kniferharm have already joined the Quest team from the Event Team. The newly reinstated Quest Department is looking forward to all of the exciting Quests and projects they have planned.

    The roleplay events team has transitioned into the Lore Department in order to continue to bring rp events to the players. @Bellarmina and @WrongChat are currently in the process of developing even better events with full lore support. Player requests for event assistance will continue to be honored without interruption.

    As the needs of the server change, so do we as the staff need to respond to them. We hope that this change will be the best choice for the server to continue to grow and thrive. It has been a wonderful journey with the event staff, and our dedicated staff will continue to be responsive and ready to put on awesome events for you all to enjoy!​
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