Q1 2023 Roleplay Population Analysis

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    Composed by me.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Thoughts and Errata:
    • There were around 350 Characters in this survey. I permitted 1 per person: in some rare cases, 2.
    • A lot more even Race distribution this time. Less 10% and 2%, a lot more 5%.
    • Half-Races were counted as full Races. There were no distinctions made for culture.
    • The entry "No" under "Dimension" is a measure of who is Mundane, 34% of the population.
    • The entry "Both" under "Dimension" means "Suvial."
    • I had to do some pronoun combining for graph legibility. I apologize. Just thought it'd be cool.
    • Custom Kit Archon were counted as their Dragon's Archon type.
    Feel free to ping me in the Roleplay Community Discord with questions or observations.
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