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    This week we'll be interviewing a triple threat! A writer, builder, and pvper by the name of Violettee. Violettee is a well-known face in the factions community for her position in Raptum and her suggestions for future features and implementations in the factions scene.

    If you have any suggestions for who you would like to see the next spotlight be based around, be it a faction player, a roleplayer, or even a faction, please do leave a respectful comment down below and I'll look through them and choose somebody (or something, if it's a faction!) to write about for the next post.

    When did you first join Massivecraft, and how did you learn about it? Which faction did you originally join when you came to Massivecraft?
    I joined in 2014 under the name ViolentViolette along with users RazeII and GunpointBob. We played a number of Factions Servers over our first few weeks together before RazeII came across the Massivecraft Website and got hooked on the lore. We joined Sleeping Forest under Kikrafis, situated on a small ice island in Ellador, where we were relentlessly attacked. Raiders would often melt the ice with torches to get inside our frozen dwelling, so I had to learn pretty fast how to not die. One such raider being Kidmodo, who I would later end up in a faction with.

    How did you get into PVP in Minecraft? have you been playing factions before you joined Massivecraft, or is it something you began doing when you joined the server?

    I was a complete noob when joining this server, having only held my account for a total of 2 or 3 weeks before joining. After Sleeping Forest we made Cressida, A Mesopotamia style Faction in Teled Methen. Once again we were heavily raided but we also started gaining friends. However, one ally quickly turned sour towards me after I gave away one of his “Holiday Homes” to one of our own members. Fed up with being hunted, I was determined to fight back, went through the whole process of levelling my axes, and surely enough, he came for me, and I won. From that point on, I lightly defended the faction and raided small groups accompanied by Raze. We were also great friends with Sevak early on and relied on him and his team to defend us against bigger PvP Factions. We then befriended Raptum, and well, you all know how that went. But I’d say that was a big influence on how I play the server now.

    Did anybody on Massivecraft teach you how to PVP, or is it something you've been skilled in before coming to the server from other platforms?
    I’ve never really been “skilled” in PVP, as I remain the weakest member of my faction, however, I have always been well equipped and had the ferocity it takes to fight someone head-on. I don’t believe you can teach someone to be good, a lot of that falls on the person in question. All you can do is make them aware of the mechanics of the game, and allow them time to practice. We never had (or I wasn’t aware of it) KitPvp until the Faradeen map went up. Meaning a lot of what practice I got was in factions. This was at a time when you had to be premium to keep your armour upon death. Raze was often reluctant to let either of us carry God Armour at this time, often putting at us a disadvantage, so it was such a relief when non-prems were able to keep it.

    Have you ever done anything other than PVP on the server? I've personally seen some of your writing and video work. Is that something you do as a hobby, or would you ever consider doing something more with it?
    I’ve played the server as any other survivalist. I was in charge of recruiting players and assigning them tasks. My particular division was the “scouts and seekers” whose job it was to explore and infiltrate factions, returning to me with portal codes or hole locations. I also spent a lot of time planning builds and working on faction lore with Raze. We were also in the Bo2 team for Hyarroc but I don’t know if anything I did was ever used.

    It was quite common for Pvpers to make raid videos - for those of us who could run recording software. They were a great insight into the turmoils of Factions, as well as a way of dabbing on the opposing group. They were a cause for excitement and had a sense of community. The moment someone uploaded a video it would go viral around all the Pvpers. But mainly my Channel was to satisfy my need to document everything I do.

    As I got older I’ve become more interested in the general running of the server. I enjoy advertising, creative production, management and debates. I’m a very intense person so if I think something isn’t right or I have an opinion on how something should be, I like to find a way to express it. So I started writing posts in the Feature idea and Discussion section of the forums.

    I like to keep most of what I do merely a hobby because I am quite fickle in what I want and that could complicate things.

    What else do you do or have you done on Massivecraft besides PVP? Creative, Roleplay, etc. What do you usually do in Factions when you're not fighting against another group?

    Honestly most my hours have been made up of running around in circles in the F home whilst I and the guys bicker. I design or modify builds, and I’ve had a hand in writing lore. Recently I’ve been spending my time discussing ways to better the server and trying to keep up with the politics of it all. I’ve never really Roleplayed, I personally find it too slow and it’s just not for me. However, I’m all for my faction having a backstory involving the lore. The guys and I all have personas/characters we use.

    I've seen your lore post for your faction, Qaliphate. What inspired you when writing this, and did you do it all on your own?
    Some of the guys that make up Raptum today also existed in Alamut. A Faction that was inspired by a novel about the Assassins of Alamut, and the fortress they operated from. A place most of you might have heard of through playing Assassins Creed or Prince of Persia.

    The group have stayed relatively Qadir (middle eastern) themed, paired with myself coming from a Mesopotamian Faction. I’ve taken a great interest in Persian architecture, which made me want to continue on that theme with Alamut. I’ve always felt factions have lost their connection with Marty’s Lore, and the identity of the server. So I wanted to incorporate as much lore as I could and publically announce our faction using it, in hopes that others would follow. You can read about Qaliphate here:

    What suggestions would you give to new or returning players who are getting into Factions and PVP?
    To not get disheartened. Because of the nature of factions, and online games, you will be beaten downtime and time again by some potentially jeering characters. Remember it’s okay to take a step back and come back better next time.

    What features would you like to see implemented into Factions and PVP?
    Right now my focus is on events, a better spawn and tutorial. I am also excited for the potential return of head drops.

    What would you say keeps you invested and competitive in the Factions scene?
    Being stubborn always helps. I’m not sure about being competitive, besides having a dislike for some of the other players and wanting to remain merely to spite them. My investment lies in the friends I have made on this server (cliché, I know). Massivecraft acts as a virtual hub for us, alongside our TS/Discord. Factions is a game that doesn’t need to be intensive if we don’t want it to be, it’s a place we can come together and have a laugh, even if that means making others miserable. (We’re actually not horrible people though, I promise)
    A big thankyou to Violettee for doing this interview!
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