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    ‘The Hunt’ is going to be a series of PvP events that will be held in Essalonia bi-weekly over the course of 5 total events. The goal of the event is for players to hunt and kill assigned Game staff members.

    The first one will be held this Saturday, 24th of August at 5PM EST.

    These staff members will be sent into the wilderness while vanished. The only rules for them is that they cannot fly using elytra, use invisibility potions, go underground or go inside. When they are unvanished their location will be announced in World Chat and players will be directed a link to Essalonia’s Dynmap.

    Each staff member slain will drop a lore-item, and on the later stages of the event you can expect more difficult encounters against the staff which will drop pieces of a one-of-a-kind yellow lore item set!

    Bounties cannot be collected during this event, so just focus on the task at hand.

    Happy Hunting!

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