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    OOC Note: This is a closed Progression. That means the events as they are displayed are only witnessed by the 4 people specifically mentioned. This was done as part of a lottery sign up on the Roleplay Community Discord, and is intended to act as a small side-story to the ongoing Anglian Misery Progressions. The information here-in is thus only available to those 4, and whoever they decide to tell. How others act upon the information, whether to let it be, or whether to try and act on it in the sewers, is entirely up to the people who receive the information. If anyone wants to specifically act upon it, they can PM me with their plan of approach, as well as how they got to learn the information of this progression, and a list of people involved and I will generate a response. Keep in mind that going to seek out a Demon is dangerous, and risk should be assessed when going into an unexplored section of the sewers to investigate something that effectively killed a Greater Demon in one on one combat.

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    Four strangers scampered the sewers, scavenging for anything useful or of note, not knowing that they would all stumble upon the same area, through different paths. Saen’eallver wandered the main tunnels, past the dung-smelling canals in search of some lost treasure that had supposedly been thrown in the ocean. Everyone knew that instead of the sewage water running into the ocean, the ocean water actually flowed into the deep chasms of the sewers, and so there was a chance that a piece of Starris had been sucked into the tunnel pipes from the harbor. It was not unusual for something shiny to be found among the brown and the muck, and indeed something shiny was found, but it was not what Saen’ was looking for. At the end of the hallway, some flickering lights danced up against the wall, a beam cast from a small crack in the wall that exposed a blocked off cistern beyond where dark rituals were taking place. Seeing the lights, Saen’ chose to investigate, having no sense of self preservation whatsoever (as Saen’ was prone to), and ignoring the obvious risk posed by his actions, he pressed his eye up to the crack in the wall, to get a closer look.

    Kaze Takenaka and Soo-jin Hyun meanwhile found themselves in another part of the sewers on a similar quest for loot, though perhaps not for the loot that Saen’ was looking for. The two strolled though a pipe that had ran under the Moonlit Qili store, a Sihai shop owned by an eccentric set of twins a few years back that shut down some time ago, but was rumored to have magical items that they had quickly dumped into the sewers to avoid the inquisition. There was indeed a lot of Sihai junk down there, ranging from carved wooden furniture to fake porcelain tea sets and even fake gold painted sea shells. No magical items could be found, but Kaze Takenaka could sense some magical currents in the air, like any Mage would, sensing the presence of immense magical potency. Similarly to the others, curiosity got the better of both, and caused them to follow the magical trail like a smoke hanging in the corridors, deeper and deeper into the depths of darkness.

    Finally, Tullion Kearney wandered around in the sewers, perhaps less with intention than the others, and more-so to seek the solace of peace of mind from Mae Draylas. There was something serene about the silence, and the lack of people, the calmness of the sewers. This place would have almost been pleasant, had it not been for the pungent smell of excrement that hung everywhere. Tullion needed a break every once in a while, and who could blame him frankly. He explored a tunnel section he hadn’t seen before, and quite appropriately so, because the segment wall had seemingly collapsed quite recently. The tunnel he ventured into was much older than the Elven section of the sewers, and the architecture was very strange, almost hive-like. The walls were like a honeycomb, but nothing remained inside the openings, and the pillars that supported the structure that might have once looked like statues had eroded away from receding and rising waters. Eventually, he stumbled into a corridor that had a long stretching hallway, ending into a big circular room. He was able to make it about halfway, until he could vaguely make out people inside the room, choosing to hide behind a pillar for once and not stand out in the open. Kade Takenaka and Soo-jin Hyun had chosen the same approach, but from a different hallway, as after all, this room seemingly had openings in all four directions of the wind, while Saen’ was in an adjacent tunnel with a view into the room through the crack in the wall.

    It was in here that all of them (where they were Silven) experienced the same prickly eye sensation as they were normally prone to with the Hellion Prime, but there was no Hellion Prime visible here. There was only the Demonic Ooze creature, the strange being that resembled a shambling corpse wrapped in decaying linens and wrinkly gray arms from a torso upon which a faceless head sat. It was tending to a strange object attached to a number of wires and contraptions, the shapes of which dumbfounded the spectators. Many of them had similarly been fused with the green stuff that other Demon seemed to use a lot, and all of the wires led to a single object. It strangely resembled a person, but it had no limbs to speak of. It was simply just a torso with a vague shape of a head attached on top, translucid, almost as if made of glass, and with lots of flickering and static electrical lights dancing around on the surface. The wires were attached in various parts of the object or being, and ran all the way to devices that might have seemed similar to those who witnessed or were present in the batteries for the Opiraz, Serpah Magic drain wells.

    The Demonic Ooze steered its hands around, and one by one, the wires and the batteries lit up, seemingly extracting some of the light from the central thing and funneling it to the batteries, where-in the light would remain, but also dance around wildly behind the glass covers. It would seem that the object the demonic Ooze was acting upon, was somehow alive, and that the substances it was removing, were also alive. The four of them watched the Ooze extract four of such lights, until the fifth, Tullion Kearney had a very strange sensation he had not felt before. The light itself caused some sort of sensation to torrent through his body as if struck by lighting, but it wasn’t painful. He just had a strong sensation or connection with one of the particular lights extracted from the central one, and then after felt drawn to the battery containing it on the opposite end of the room, but not being stupid enough to actually tread closer.

    The four of them came to roughly similar conclusions after a while. It had appeared that the Hellion Prime had indeed been defeated by the Demonic Ooze, and that the Ooze was now extracting the Arken Souls from the Hellion Prime, thus weakening it further, but also extracting the Arken Souls in their raw natural form. It did not go very quickly, but it was also clear to those watching that this was likely a timely thing, and that within a few days (if they could remember the amount of Souls consumed by the Hellion Prime correctly) the Prime would be extinguished. They could only guess why it was doing this however, and before long, it appeared like the Ooze noticed that it was being watched. The four individuals made their getaway, Tullion being the last to take his eyes off the thing in the middle of the room which was likely the Hellion Prime. As the Ooze went to investigate the hallway the two Sihai were previously in, Tullion was able to make eye contact with the thing, which definitely had eyes. It seemed to acknowledge his presence, and it made him uncomfortable, so he turned to sneak away from the corridor so as to not draw any attention. Just as he turned however, he stumbled over a small box that had somehow been placed by his feet. The Ooze had seemingly noticed the noise, and started moving his way, so he quickly picked up the box without thinking twice and sprinted out of the tunnel as quickly as he could.

    Returning to the more “safe” main cistern, there was no sign of the ooze following him. As such, he raised the box in front of him, inspecting it. It seemed like a really ordinary jack-in-a-box, with a small wind-up mechanism. Out of curiosity, he pulled the mechanism and turned it a few times, before wheels inside started whirring. At first nothing happened, but then the lid of the box flew open with such force that he was started and dropped the box. Out came the jack-in-the-box, but it did not appear like some strange clownesque figure, but rather, was like a ferret with a snake’s head and a rat tail. Attached to it had a small piece of paper upon which was written: “A gift to Sloan”. Dumbfounded, he continued to inspect the box while the figurine danced up and down on the spring, making some silly creaking noise until the box just abruptly froze. He took a few steps back out of precaution, until suddenly, a small flickering light ascended from the box, while the box itself poofed into smoke. The smoke swirled and swirled, until it eventually started giving shape and form to a person. More and more the features became visible, and before long, a face once presumed very dead gazed upon the living again, an old familiar of Tullion.

    Albeit with severe memory loss.

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