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    Privy Office Report III
    18 November 309 AC


    Blight Clearance and Solution
    April 309 AC marked the beginning of the Shattel Blight, beginning within the then du Saullevé lands without seeming cause or historical reference. Now, after seven months, this plague has finally dwindled in numbers throughout the archipelago, cases of Blight sickness fading out as well as the remaining fields and unaffected crops able to be harvested. Of course, after the severe destruction that occurred throughout the growing season, there will be a shortage in some agricultural goods, although the worst has been avoided.

    During the Lich Occupation that occurred throughout August - September 309 in Regalia, a council of Anglian trade house offices took it into their hands to find a solution before the applied tactics from the Privy Office were overrun due to halted research. Through this, they enforced Fyrd Separation, a process of field burning that follows a similar technique that the Privy Office has previously published about. As stated during the 24th of May 309 AC assembly, “Grains are split equally in constructions called Fyrds … cone-shaped brick and mortar buildings, like grain silos, that remain closed for the remainder of the wet seasons ... These Fyrds exist to prevent blight from affecting whole harvests, by splitting up harvests into manageable piles per region. So that if one region is affected by blight, the Fyrd is simply torched and the problem goes away.” [The Sunday Scratch: Issue 7, Baron von Bispingen]

    In theory, the Shattel Blight has been handled, although no official cure or cleanser has been detected yet for it this situation were to occur again. Research may still occur in the future by the Regalian Government. The Blight is no longer considered high priority and agricultural restrictions are now recommended to lift throughout the Archipelago.

    If you suspect that the Blight is still within your region(s), please get in contact with the Privy Officer as soon as possible. Additionally, it is recommended that the process of Fyrd Separation be implemented throughout other Archipelago regions as its effectiveness has been proved, as it has again and again in the past.

    Final Special Thanks
    After months of combating the Regalian Blight, there is no doubt in the mind of the Privy Office that thanks are in order. It warms the heart of this writer to see how many came together to protect our Empire against foreign disease, no matter what our differences might be. Regardless if one is a commoner without individual mention, a noble house, or a researcher that dedicated time to laboratory research, you are all important to the cause that this was.

    Thank you to:

    The Anglian trade officers that independently researched the Blight and brought it under control
    All individuals outside of the Holy City that did their own individual research
    All individuals outside of the Holy City that maintained policies and guidelines

    The Qar-Digmaan
    The Soor-Rassa-Allar
    The Darkwald Order

    House de Azcoissia
    House Peirgarten
    House Cadieux
    House van Hal
    House von Schwarzkrau
    House Litvinova
    House Mac Conall
    House Minarith
    House Morathes
    House Rødvår

    Lord Chancellor Madelyn de Azcoissia
    Archduchess Amelina Peirgarten
    Archduchess Milena Cadieux
    Archduke Florian du Poncaire
    Archduke Arahael Bancroft
    Jarless Sivrid Sorenvik
    Grand Duke Abelhard Petrou
    Grand Duke Nefer shel Morathes
    Baroness Eponia di Civita
    Lady Roselyne Howlester
    Lord Atum shel Morathes
    Digmaan Cro-Maarx Vyzal
    Dame Mila Braunbecker
    Ser Ludwig Schusselfeld
    Miss Emery Houle
    Miss Caricia Vasaretto
    Miss Loriella Hall’aveia
    Miss Barbossa Maz-Vyzal
    Miss Nallia Qulo’ena
    Magi Nora Mornala
    Miss Bronagh Ni Floinn
    Miss Aeawynne
    Mister Bel-Gyarbrin Tibaerthus

    Without the collective effort of all those mentioned and the remainder of the Regalian Empire, the crisis that this event was could have expanded further and far worse than it did in the end. To those that were lost, we shall honor them by remaining vigilant and maintaining our research into the future when the time comes. Thank you, again.

    Everwatcher Be,
    Her High Grace Hera Jehanne van Hal
    Grand Duchess of Huilendom
    Privy Officer of the de Azcoissia Chancellery


    1. The Blight is over!! Yipee babbeeyy
    2. Individuals may attempt to continue researching the blight at their own prerogative. (I won’t be for a while. Burned out :weary:)
    3. Thank you to everyone that contributed!! I tried to include as many as I could above on the IC thank-you letter <3

    Tags: There's a lot of people so I'm only tagging @Ocularum since I quoted their paper <3

    Blight Timeline through Articles:
    I. The Spread of Blight: 12 April 309
    II. The Sunday Scratch, Issue 7: 31 May 309
    III. Academia Ministry Report I: 2 June 309
    IV. Chancellery Decree 07: 15 July 309
    V. Privy Office Report I: 16 July 309
    VI. The Sunday Scratch, Issue 8: 2 August 309
    VII. Privy Office Report II: 20 August 309
    VIII. Privy Office Report III: 18 November 309

    Progression Orders:
    I. Trouble In Baldmark (4.1)
    II. We Blight Be In Trouble (4.2)
    III. The Calm Before The Storm (5.1)
    IV. The Storm (5.2)
    V. A New Season, New Faces, New Projects (6.1)
    VI. From North To South, The Blight Travels On (6.2)
    VII Feudal Machinations Without End (7.1)
    VIII. A Harrowing At The Heart (7.2)
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