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    Privy Office Report II
    20 August 309 AC


    Blight Advisory
    Citizens are advised to remain clear of areas known or suspected to be blighted and throw out foodstuffs that are infected. The results of consuming the Blight are unimaginably horrid and not worth death or injury. If you or anyone you know has consumed a blighted crop their name and time of consumption should be sent to the Privy Office, in addition to immediate reporting to Greygate so the situation can be dealt with.

    Small gardens on the Isle have been hit with blight. Destruction of gardens near the fields behind the Courthouse is the current recommended course of action. Disruption caused by the removal of personal gardens is to be expected, and anyone without a consistent meal source should make use of the Alms Ministry's services.

    If you locate an area within the city that is blighted, report it immediately to the Privy Office. The Alms Ministry's Fire Brigade will be utilized as will the Violet Order. The Privy Office will be keeping a tally of blighted areas in order to determine likely areas of spread. It is of the utmost importance that this danger is contained.

    Recommended Trade Policies and Blight Regulations
    The Blight remains the main topic of interest for the Privy Office as it continues to spread across the archipelago. Due to the criminal nature of its exposure, counter-espionage and legal investigation should be implemented at a local level by titleholders. Individuals assisting in the spread of the Blight can be charged with Capital Law 5, 7, and attempted Capital Law 4.

    Regulations should be extended on exact specification of what areas are banned from trade or not. As an example, van Hal lands will be under strict mandate to avoid agricultural trade with any province found with Blight, as well as suspend agricultural imports from regions which have 50% or more infected provinces. [Non-agricultural goods should be exempt from these bans as the Blight is not found to be contained in them].

    1. Farming supplies should be heavily washed.
    2. Burning crop fields does slow the spread of the blight. Fields should be checked by a process of taking ten samples, slicing them open for inspection and then if blight is found, setting the field ablaze before it can be spread.
    3. Closing the borders affects the income of Noble Houses, but slows the spread of the blight.
    4. Stopping imports slows the effect of the blight, but severely impacts infected regions populations and liege lords in terms of finance.
    The Privy Office would like to extend their gratitude to the peerage acting swiftly in this time of crisis. The blight is not a wait and see problem, and should be taken seriously even if it has yet to come knocking on your door. All who have enacted policy to combat the blight are encouraged to continue their efforts and report significant findings to the Privy Office. All who have not enacted policy should. Slowing the spread will not outright solve the unprecedented times we live in, but will buy precious time to find a possible cure and solutions to ensure there remains enough food for winter.

    Known Policies and Mandates
    The Houses who have enacted some manner of policy or mandate to combat the blight are van Hal, Petrou, de Azcoissia, Mac Conall, Gallagher, Cadieux, Peirgarten, Morathes, Minarith, von Schwarzkrau, Rødvår, and Litvinova. House de Azcoissia and House Morathes are commended for their continued efforts to see the Blight resolved, and invaluable research.

    The Houses that have to date enacted no policies to combat the blight or its spread are Nordhjem, von Eisner, Spathous, Deceres, du Poncairé, and Bancroft. Houses with no known mandates should expect communication from the Privy Office.

    Inner-City Research
    The Privy Officer and several trusted scholars have gathered in order to persist on the path of knowledge and further the goals outlined in the first Privy Office report.

    It can be assumed that all crops are susceptible to blight until proven otherwise due to its rapid spread and results from independent testing. Proceed with the utmost caution and consider alternative food solutions. The scholars working with the Privy Office are undertaking efforts to determine whether blighted food is safe for consumption after being processed.

    The following have been confirmed to be susceptible to blight:

    1. Starchy and Root Vegetables such as Onions, Turnips, Potatoes, Beets, Beans, and Garlic.
    2. Marrow Vegetables such as Pumpkins, Zucchini, and Cucumbers.
    3. Cereals such as Wheat and Barley.
    4. Green Leafy Vegetables such as Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Cabbage.
    5. Stone Fruits such as Olives.
    6. Cash Crops such as Tea, Tabacca, and Cotton.
    The following have proven unsusceptible to blight:
    1. Trees which means lumber, the second most important thing for winter months, will not have any detriment.
    2. Flowers, herbs, and decorative flora.
    Research is no longer being done at the Citadel of Proagogi and is instead being done within Regalia with a select group of scholars. The Soor-Rassa-Allar Representative has been assisting the Privy Officer and these scholars in conducting experiments. Research for a cure is being continued with a blended use of occult powers and alchemy.

    Secondary Issues
    Sacrosankt Destruction
    A Creed Eleracy convened to discuss the sacrosanct’s recent destruction. Its summary can be found attached to this report. Other possible curing methods are being investigated.

    Wax Entities
    The unclassified wax entities that appeared on the 31st of July are currently being investigated by the Occult Ministry, as stated in their declaration on the 4th of August. If any individuals spot one of these creatures, or begins to hear disembodied music and/or voices, they should report this information to the Occult Ministry or recognized Consortium.

    Draconic Attack
    The draconic attacks from the 2nd of August 309AC in La Portée du Paradis (Havenreach), Ithania are currently being investigated and handled by the Defense Ministry. For further information, contact the Defense Minister.

    Ultra-Nationalists in Daenshore
    The conflict between the ultra-nationalists of Daenshore and the Allorn forces in Frontierra has been intercepted by the Chancellor’s Contingent in order to maintain the Empire's non-aggression pact. For more information or to apply for membership in the Chancellor’s Contingent, contact Commander Duchess Kaya Sorenvik.

    War on the Elladorian Front
    War on the Elladorian front has been ongoing since May of this year. Elladorian colonies are occupied and being combated by the third Prince Raymond Kade. The feudal levy pools of House Harhold and de Azcoissia were conscripted and assigned to Duke Justinian Kade and Count Taldemarr to open a new front against the Isldar and accounts for some military expenses.

    State Finances
    Misappropriated Funds and Auditing
    The Finance Minister, Duke Erick von Eisner, has begun an attempt to audit the finances of the Daenshore Governate. Aid and other finances sent to the Governate are currently untraceable, and may explain a dip in State finances. Other Dependencies and Colonies receiving any form of monetary or military aid should be investigated for similar reasons, and any funds spent to match requests recouped and added back to the State’s coffers.

    Crown Dependencies to Heartlands
    Crown Dependencies currently pay a fixed sum of Regals as tribute each year. Dependencies have a Regalian army garrisoned on their lands to protect them, in addition to their own militia. This contributes to increased drain on State coffers. Offering Crown Heartland status to dependencies pursuant the proposal by the Ithanian Ambassador, the State would benefit from increased tribute. Crown Heartlands pay tax which is derivative of their income and total production. They also maintain their own armies and fleets, which should limit impact on the State due to their self-sufficiency.

    Dependencies that should be considered for Crown Heartland status in accordance to the now defunct Assembly’s vote are:

    1. The Etosian Patriarchy.
    2. The Asha States.
    3. The Lusits Kingdom, and the Kilarallis, Sirallis and Arvost Republics as a unified Republican sphere.

    Her Grace Haeddi Jehanne van Hal
    Duchess of Huilendom
    Commoner Executive
    Privy Officer

    Emery Houle
    Privy Secretary

    Mentions: every noble house head lol

    TL;DR Read everything.

    1. Blight infects people now y’all. It's in Anglia too.
    2. Expect to be contacted if your house hasn’t enacted any blight related policies.
    3. The Privy Office will be keeping a tally of blighted areas.
    4. The last section is most relevant to Canaaa and Whypr.
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    House Castley requests to be added to list of houses who have authorized anti-blight policies. Having tirelessly spent resources, tokens, and professional personnel on efforts to quarantine the blight in Cloisterurgh, thus far effectively stopping its spread to other Castley lands, House Castley deems this request entirely warranted. ​

    As we walk along the way,
    His Grace Theopold Castley
    Duke of Mildenhal
    Field General in the Regalian Army
    Grandmaster of the Castlendome Fraternity
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    The report has been edited to remove House von Schwarzkrau from the list of inactive Houses, adding them to the prior listing, citing such as an overlook. Proper thanks are extended towards Grand Duke Howland von Schwarzkrau [ @Hemingway7 ] for his hard work in defending his lands against Blight.

    Additionally, House Castley has been added in the listing of actively working Houses, citing a similar overlook. Thanks are extended towards the Duke Theopold Castley [ @Nathan ].

    OOC: This report was written before the last progression so some information was missed in last-minute editing. Thanks for the patience! Sorry

    Edit 2: Rodvar orders weren’t processed before posting. Moving them to active houses, but with no IC acknowledgement since their inaction was an OOC overlook in the system.
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