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    Privy Office Report
    17 July 309 AC


    With the end of the Academia Ministry there is still a need for research, expansion, and organization.

    The Shattel Agricultural Support Committee created to defend against a novel blight disaster has also run its course. As such, the Privy Office was created as a means of directing forces into solving Empire-affecting issues. The Blight, which has traveled outside of Peirgarten lands and continued its spread, was determined by the Committee to be a combination of extraplanar essence and alchemy. This information and the efforts of the Committee have allowed the Privy Office a leg-up in resolving the situation.

    The Privy Office would like to personally thank all the members of the Support Committee and those who have helped the Support Committee in the past. This list is too numerous to release in this report due to the extraordinary outreach of help from the Regalian public, but can be found in a previous Academia Ministry statement.

    Blight Initiative Roadmap
    Houses and individuals that can afford to spend time, effort, or funds on solving the Blight are encouraged to do so. This is a Regalian issue, and one that will affect the entirety of our Empire if not nipped in the bud. There will be no attempts to stop individual research or experimentation provided they are conducted safely and with a line of communication in the Privy Office. If one is in need of information pertaining to the Blight, they are recommended to reach out to Privy Officer van Hal or Privy Secretary Emery Houle.

    The Privy Officer and a predetermined group will travel to Shattel and create a ledger containing all known crops affected by the Blight and any proven to be unaffected. Cash crops which have not been tested will be brought in for experimentation to determine if they are Blight-resistant. This will be accomplished by planting test crops in fields with known cases of Shattel Blight.

    With the permission of Grand Duke Abelhard Petrou, alchemists will travel to the Citadel of Proagogi in order to research a possible alchemical cure.

    The Privy Officer will contact a representative of the Soor-Rassa-Allar and arrange in-city research and testing alongside a collection of alchemists.

    I. Recommendation for individuals to assist effort against the Blight in any way they can.
    a. Outside research is recommended and encouraged.
    b. Aid is appreciated.
    c. Privy Officer is open to answering any questions from the public regarding the Blight.
    II. Register of affected, unaffected, and untested crops will be created in Shattel.
    a. Hope to provide a list of ‘safe crops’ to plant during Blight times.
    III. Continue alchemical research at the Citadel of Proagogi.
    a. Determine antidote/cure/repellant to Blight.
    b. Return at a later point for further research on Blight source.
    IV. Speak to the Soor-Rassa-Allar Representative.
    a. Perform experiments and conversation regarding the Blight in-city.
    b. Allow a group of Regalian alchemists to direct the experiments alongside the Representative.



    Duchess Haeddi Jehanne van Hal
    First Privy Officer
    Commoner Executive


    Emery Houle
    Privy Secretary
    Thank you to everyone that has been involved with the Academia Ministry during its time. I realize that a lot of what I planned to occur did not and I apologize for that.

    For everyone that was involved with the Shattel Committee, it was a great time! We definitely would not have gotten as far as we have otherwise. :-)
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