Price Check List [10/23/2017 Update]

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    Hey everyone,
    RandomMinez here. There is a problem when I was starting to ask people in the trades chat saying. Price check. But, no one doesn't respond or say a word. Why? Maybe because people don't know what the price is for Rare Items. Common Items. Etc. So I am beginning to make a price check list where everyone can view the price for every item. Of course this going to take some time because even I don't even know. But, hopefully I can finally crack down every item for it be much more easier for people to know.

    Just to let everyone know that these prices are not very clear. Due to the fact that items sometimes lose their value. Meaning, that prices will go up and down. If there is any questions or concerns for the Price Check List. If you have any idea what the price is for a certain item. Please let me know so I can make an update.

    Hope you all find this very useful.

    Update: The next update will be me working organizing the items from A to Z

    • Baver Bone: Unknown
    • Kheeshneek Skull: Unknown
    • Sea Serpent Scale: Unknown
    • Ceramic Naylar Skull: Unknown
    • Giant Squid Eye: Unknown
    • Ilkret Carapace: Unknown
    • Jungle Stalker Pelt: Unknown
    • Bathogg Tongue: Unknown
    • Elasmo Horn: 200R
    • Ghor Ka Scale: Unknown
    • Kyanprat Tail: Unknown
    • Petrified Dragon Egg: Unknown
    • Medskala Venom: Unknown
    • Dragon Fang: Unknown
    • Fragment of Es’thel: Unknown
    • Nenyarina Tome: Unknown
    • Leather-Bound Tohn Sona: Unknown
    • Treacherous Notebook: Unknown
    • Chrysant War Diary: Unknown
    • Crimson Inquisition Logbook: Unknown
    • History of the Regalian Guard: Unknown
    • Shunner: Escape the Spire: Unknown
    • Archaeologist’s Journal: Unknown
    • Fire Magic Tome: Unknown
    • Stone Magic Tome: Unknown
    • Ice Magic Tome: 50R
    • The Creeds of Unionism: Unknown
    • Old Gods Symbolism: Unknown
    • The Faith of Es’thel: Unknown
    • Sham-Abdala: Sun Worship: Unknown
    • Azure Order Mage Collar: Unknown
    • Dragon-Steel Scimitar: Unknown
    • Ancient Chi’en-Ji Dragon Mask: Unknown
    • Dried Nenya Sap Pendant: Unknown
    • Es’thel Idol: Unknown
    • Black Order Dagger: Unknown
    • Soul-Infused Sabre: Unknown
    • Skeletal Mace: Unknown
    • Grand Redwood Staff: Unknown
    • Ornate Onyx Totem: Unknown
    • Essiphualë: Unknown
    • Dwarven Siege Bow: Unknown
    • Ancient Nelfin Crown: Unknown
    • Nyuku Pendant: Unknown
    • Serpent Scale Armor: Unknown
    BlueChaos 200R-300R
    DrFong Unknown
    Jaehaerys 500R-More
    MonMarty: A lot
    Patsie: Unknown
    Suicidium: Unknown
    • Cream and Sugar Hat: Unknown
    • Cream and Sugar Cloak: Unknown
    • Cream and Sugar Capris: Unknown
    • Cream and Sugar Clogs: Unknown
    • Brilliant Blue Bicorne: Unknown
    • Brilliant Blue Wifebeater: Unknown
    • Brillian Blue Breeches: Unknown
    • Brillian Blue Brogues: Unknown
    • Decorative Helmet: Unknown
    • Decorative Chestplate: Unknown
    • Decorative Leggings: Unknown
    • Decorative Boots: Unknown
    • Drab Olive Green Gatsby: Unknown
    • Drab Olive Green Gaberdine: Unknown
    • Drab Olive Green Gaiters: Unknown
    • Drab Olive Green Gumboots: Unknown
    • Sassy Salmon Sun Hat: Unknown
    • Sassy Salmon Sheer Shirt: Unknown
    • Sassy Salmon Summer Shorts: Unknown
    • Sassy Salmon Sandals: Unknown
    • Tepid Turquoise Cap: Unknown
    • Tepid Turquoise Trenchcoat: Unknown
    • Tepid Turquoise Trousers: Unknown
    • Tepid Turquoise Trail Boots: Unknown
    • Regal Rose Cap: Unknown
    • Regal Rose Ruffled Top: Unknown
    • Regal Rose Romper: Unknown
    • Regal Rose Rainboots: Unknown
    • Luxurious Lemon Topper: Unknown
    • Luxurious Lemon Layered Coat: Unknown
    • Luxurious Lemon Lederhosen: Unknown
    • Luxurious Lemon Loafers: Unknown
    • Very Viridian Velvet Beret: Unknown
    • Very Viridian Velvet V-Neck: Unknown
    • Very Viridian Velvet Trousers: Unknown
    • Very Viridian Velvet Shoes: Unknown
    • Glorious Gold Gatsby: Unknown
    • Glorious Gold Gown: Unknown
    • Glorious Gold Garters: Unknown
    • Glorious Gold Gladiators: Unknown
    • Perfumed Plum Peaked Cap: Unknown
    • Perfumed Plum Pelisse: Unknown
    • Perfumed Plum Pleated Pants: Unknown
    • Perfumed Plum Pumps: Unknown
    • Spiffy Sea-Green Beret: Unknown
    • Spiffy Sea-Green Shirt: Unknown
    • Spiffy Sea-Green Slacks: Unknown
    • Spiffy Sea-Green Saddle Shoes: Unknown
    • Frivolous Flowery Hat: Unknown
    • Frivolous Flowery Frock: Unknown
    • Frivolous Flowery Skirt: Unknown
    • Frivolous Flowery Flip Flops: Unknown
    • Well-Made White Bowler: Unknown
    • Well-Made White Wrap: Unknown
    • Well-Made White Boardshorts: Unknown
    • Well-Made White Wedges: Unknown
    • Posh Perky Pale Boater: Unknown
    • Poshy Perky Pale Parka: Unknown
    • Posh Perky Pale Pettipants: Unknown
    • Posh Perky Pale Peeps: Unknown
    • Tad Tan Tricorne: Unknown
    • Tad Tan Tabard: Unknown
    • Tad Tan Tap Pants: Unknown
    • Tad Tan Tap Shoes: Unknown
    • Lovely Lavender Bonnet: Unknown
    • Lovely Lavender Leotard: Unknown
    • Lovely Lavender Low-risers: Unknown
    • Lovely Lavender Ballet Flats: Unknown
    • Old Silveredge Guard Helmet: Unknown
    • Old Silveredge Guard Chestpiece: Unknown
    • Old Silveredge Guard Pants: Unknown
    • Old Silveredge Guard Boots: Unknown
    • Winter Hat: Unknown
    • Winter Coat: Unknown
    • Winter Pants: Unknown
    • Winter Boots: Unknown
    • Pink Pyjamas Hat: Unknown
    • Pink Pyjamas Gown: Unknown
    • Pink Pyjamas Pants: Unknown
    • Pink Pyjamas Slippers: Unknown
    • Qadir Fire Mage Hood: Unknown
    • Qadir Fire Mage Robe: Unknown
    • Qadir Fire Mage Leggings: Unknown
    • Qadir Fire Mage Sandals: Unknown
    • Q’urebo Leather Hat: Unknown
    • Q’urebo Leather Tunic: 100R
    • Q’urebo Leather Breeches: Unknown
    • Q’urebo Leather Boots: Unknown
    • Orc Sky Brigand Goggles: Unknown
    • Orc Sky Brigand Chestpiece: Unknown
    • Orc Sky Brigand Leggings: Unknown
    • Orc Sky Brigand “Jumpa” Boots: Unknown
    • Qilin Lined Cap: Unknown
    • Qilin Lined Coat: Unknown
    • Qilin Lined Slacks: Unknown
    • Qilin Lined Boots: Unknown
    • Pretty Party Hat: Unknown
    • Pretty Party Parka: Unknown
    • Pretty Party Pants: Unknown
    • Pretty Party Boots: Unknown
    • Old Smelly Boots: Unknown
    • Marble Tigran Eye: Unknown
    • Pet Rock: Unknown
    • Q’urebo Luring Device: Unknown
    • Stolen Chair: Unknown
    • Braided White Ribbon: Unknown
    • Wulong Hair Dye: Unknown
    • Boom Stick: Unknown
    • Bunny Boots: Unknown
    • Breathie Cap: Unknown
    • Stuffy Toy: Unknown
    • Staff of Exile: Unknown
    • Heavy Flowerpot: Unknown
    • Cookie Tree Sapling: 75R
    • Comrade Cobblestonovich: Unknown
    • Bumpy Bow: Unknown
    • Pick of Pertinence: Unknown
    • Axe of Applicability: Unknown
    • Shovel of Suitability: Unknown
    • Fishing Rod of Function: Unknown
    • Compass of Consistency: Unknown
    • Slapping Salmon: Unknown
    • Battle Cookie: Unknown
    • Bread Blade: Unknown
    • Bapple: Unknown
    • Hot Potato: Unknown
    • Super Fantastic Bouncy Ball: Unknown
    • Pink Fluffy Unicorn: 80R-100R
    • Slime Ancient Plush: Unknown
    • Da Rulez: Unknown
    • Mischief Maker: Unknown
    • Didney Worl Ticket: Unknown
    • Big Red Clown Nose: Unknown
    • {p}’s Blankie: Unknown
    • Official MassiveCraft T-Shirt: Unknown
    • Magic Fairy Wand: Unknown
    • The Kitchen Sink: Unknown
    • Cardboard Box: Unknown
    • Homemade Racecar: Unknown
    • Mrs. Baver’s Sneeze: Unknown
    • Magical Box of Holding: Unknown
    • Shrubbery: Unknown
    • The Interwebs: Unknown
    • Lag Kickers: Unknown
    • Stabby: Unknown
    • Slashy: Unknown
    • Smashy: Unknown
    • Fuzzy Wuzzy Slippers: Unknown
    • Spatula of DOOM!: Unknown
    • Tickle Feather: Unknown
    • Drunkard Embrace: Unknown
    • Blackout Brew: Unknown
    • Cloud Wine: Unknown
    • Honey Mead: Unknown
    • Strongman Stout: Unknown
    • Blaze Brandy: Unknown
    • Honeydrip Wine: Unknown
    • Bushberry Brandy: Unknown
    • Stone Beer: Unknown
    • Ithanian Red Grape Wine: Unknown
    • Chilled Northerne Herbal: Unknown
    • Nourishing Chrysalis: Unknown
    • Vino Fragrante: Unknown
    • Cure-All Tonic: Unknown
    • Dragonflower Tea: Unknown
    • Bloodthorn Extract: Unknown
    • Essence of Nightshade: Unknown
    • Crelin Gin: Unknown
    • Ur Spirits: Unknown
    • Wulong Tokino: Unknown
    • Dwarven Mead: Unknown
    • Chi’en-ji Sake: Unknown
    • Orcish Swill: Unknown
    • Reggss Rotgut: Unknown
    • Qadir Palm Wine: Unknown
    • Slizzar Singani: Unknown
    • Isldar Frost Fion: Unknown
    • Yanar Peach Tea: Unknown
    • Q’urebo Punch: Unknown
    • The Maiar’s Revenge: Unknown
    • Ersin Apple Cider: Unknown
    • Player Helm: Unknown
    • Player Chestplate: Unknown
    • Player Leggings: Unknown
    • Player Boots: Unknown
    • Player Battleaxe: Unknown
    • Player Sword: Unknown
    • Player Staff: Unknown
    • Player Bow: Unknown
    • Quality Bow: Unknown
    • Quality Shovel: Unknown
    • Quality Pickaxe: Unknown
    • Quality Axe: Unknown
    • Quality Battle Axe: Unknown
    • Quality Sword: Unknown
    • Quality Staff: Unknown
    • Quality Helmet: Unknown
    • Quality Chestplate: Unknown
    • Quality Leggings: Unknown
    • Quality Boots: Unknown
    • Laura Redblock’s Compass: Unknown
    • Vampire Slayer: Unknown
    • Melon Slicer: Unknown
    • Duath Bow: Unknown
    • Shears of the Shepherd: Unknown
    • Gold Scythe: Unknown
    • Ancient Iron Hall Pickaxe: Unknown
    • Ancient Rie Bow: Unknown
    • Horsemans Pick: Unknown
    • Guardsmans Pike: Unknown
    • Ur Slavad: Unknown
    • Kopenuk Shoulder Spikes: 100R
    • Wulong Tsuruhalo: Unknown
    • Gnarled Staff: Unknown
    • Regalian Horse Saddle: Unknown
    • Aged Battalion Bow: Unknown
    • Mekett Stirrin: Unknown
    • Chrysant Wars Cannonball: Unknown
    • Rusted Regalian Cutlass: Unknown
    • Crelin Parkath: Unknown
    • Orcish War Drum: Unknown
    • Potato Peeler: Unknown
    • Knightly Arming Sword: Unknown
    • Workman’s Axe: Unknown
    • Pocket Watch: Unknown
    • Dried Black Orchid: Unknown
    • Bloodthorn Vine: Unknown
    • Lady’s Shine: Unknown
    • Magebane: Unknown
    • Nightshade: Unknown
    • Regal Wheat: Unknown
    • Fly Orchid: Unknown
    • Ruby Flower: Unknown
    • Dragonflower: Unknown
    • Honey Ball: Unknown
    • Brightmoss: Unknown
    • Pressed Nenya Leaf: Unknown
    • White Lily Bouquet: Unknown
    • Garuda Stalk: Unknown
    • Grapevine: Unknown
    • Giant Sunflower: Unknown
    • Stranglers: Unknown
    • Ogre Bait: 5R
    • Fireweed: 5R
    • Maethdag’s Clove: Unknown
    • Chokeweed: Unknown
    • Axford Maiden: Unknown
    • Fletcher Wheat: Unknown
    • Sundoma’s Herb: Unknown
    • Roughvine: Unknown
    • 3x Angry Creeper: Unknown
    • 3x Starry Night: Unknown
    • 3x Solar Wind: Unknown
    • 3x Color Blast: Unknown
    • 3x Fiery Firework: Unknown
    • 3x Rasta Time: Unknown
    • 3x Imperial Firework: Unknown
    • 3x Floral Firework: Unknown
    • 3x Sea Sparkles: Unknown
    • 3x Magma Blast: Unknown
    • 3x Magic Repellant: Unknown
    • 3x Crackling Comet: Unknown
    • 3x Medical Flare: Unknown
    • 3x Flash Powder: Unknown
    • 3x Gunpowder Explosion: Unknown
    Bird Wings: 50R
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    I think most lore items don't have any value except the specific ones collectors are still missing, which makes the price change depending on the situation.
  3. RandomMinez

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    I was thinking about the same thing. But, I decided why not and just them on there anyways. It is going to take time that prices for lores will go up and down. So, basically i'll just put for example.

    Cookie Tree Sapling: 75R-500R

    Just to give people the idea that the item is some where around 75 to 500. Maybe more. Thanks for the comment by the way.
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    Unfortunately although i love the effort u put into this.. lore items change pricepoints waaaaaay too often
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    I remember when I sold a pink fluffy unicorn for 200r back in the day. good times
  6. RandomMinez

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    Sweet! I also have a Pink Fluffy Unicorn as well. Someone said that it was some where around 80R so I'll make it as 80R-200R. Thanks for the comment.
  7. FireFan96

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    definitely worth 80r now, if that. it went for 200 back when there were only 3 voting sites
  8. RandomMinez

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    So more likely around the 80R to 100R somewhere around that?
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    Sold a Nyuku pendant there for 50R this was during the transition from base player time to peak player time and I probably could have gotten more.

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