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    That’s right everyone!
    Premium is back and it brought a friend!

    Buy Premium and Supremium Here!

    We are bringing back all of your favorite features and then some! The delay has been so we can perfect the things we wanted to bring, and add an additional rank, full of bonus plugins, features, and good stuff! Let’s get to it!

    Massive Premium Info!


    Premium Features:

    /lore - create your own lore on items!

    /sign - for when the paparazzi just won’t leave you alone!

    /walk - leisurely stroll down the streets of Regalia

    Painting Switcher - no more ‘punch, look, punch, look, punch, look’ for paintings!

    /name - Name an item of your choice!

    /banner - using our custom banner pattern, create medieval banners that use our resource pack, make glorious banners to lead you into war!

    /hat - Want a cool hat? You got a cool hat! Use this command to give yourself sweet headgear.

    /rename - Didn’t like that name the first time? Go on, rename it. You know you want to.

    Chat Cooldowns cut in half to 15 seconds!

    Backpacks - Extra chest’s worth of space in that heavy backpack of yours!

    Gold Name - Sparkly and shiny

    Badge - A symbol next to your name? Must be important!

    /nick reservation = 5 - Reserve five nicknames to keep forever and ever.

    /disguise - Become the slime you always wanted

    Firecrackers - Easy-peasy crafting menus for all the fireworks to light up the night sky!

    Undead Horses - The Headless Horseman has nothing on you! Ride the roads in style!

    Sign Editor - Shift and click to quick edit signs!


    Supremium Features:


    Supremium inherits all features from premium, plus some excellent new plugins to spice things up!

    Deco Heads


    This handy GUI comes up when you type /dh! Choose from an array of awesome decorative skulls to fill your Regalian house or Faction! Hand-picked to look stellar with Massive’s resource pack, and fun for all sorts of interior design. Priced to own at 30 regals each! We’ll be adding categories and selections for different holidays and events, so check it often!

    RPG Foods


    This plugin lets you hand-craft custom foods! Most of which are found in our very own lore! You can see the currently craftable food items right here, and then start crafting! These foods can be used to refill hunger bars. With a slight cooldown, these foods are an immersive part of the server, and will give your faction farmers and roleplay chefs plenty to keep them busy!

    Check out these custom recipes here!

    Vanity Enchantments


    Supremiums can now create red lored items on an anvil! Use &4 on an anvil and let everyone know you’re a high roller! And you can also add your own vanity enchantments to weapons and tools! The cost is ten levels per enchantment, with a three enchantment max!


    This feature allows factions to forge their own signature items, or have their blacksmiths create masterpieces based on faction rank, or other special events!

    Colored Signs


    Using regular minecraft color codes, Supremiums are able to create colorful signs!


    10 reserved nicknames! Double the amount from regular premium!

    One extra house rental in Regalia!

    A lore-compliant blue name on tab and in chat, plus a special badge!

    We hope the wait was worth the while, and we plan on adding plenty of other great perks to these ranks! Thank you all for you continued support of MassiveCraft!
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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by SpunSugar, Aug 9, 2018.

    1. G0atfather
      Thanks for the reply
    2. Gwyndo
      Probs already been said but I think Supremium shouldn't be blue. Any other colour, just not blue.

      Even though it's a different blue, blue of any kind should be staff only imo
    3. Zacatero
      There aren't really any other colors to use. The only other colors left are &7silver &8gray and &1superdarkblue (like it hurts to try and see this blue) &4darkred would also be unavailable but it's recently been chosen for that new supremium vanity enchantment.

      So unfortunately there aren't any other colors to use! Everything else is already used.
    4. aprader1
      Colors can be reused from lore... and it’s kinda fitting being the same color. But definitely shouldn’t be anywhere close to the color for staff. That’s way to confusing
    5. FireFan96
      Every rank has a unique symbol next to them to distinguish between them. It's not confusing unless everyone starts pming supremiums to help them with staff-related things.
    6. Zacatero
      I wasn't referring to the lore colors, I was referring to other colors people already are in chat. Like ally truce etc
    7. ZIHAMMER1411
      You still have light green. Make faction players dark green, as is the chat color.
      Or return light green as a faction chat color and make prem2 dark green.
    8. Zacatero
      In my opinion, these colors are not close enough to eachother to make a difference.

    9. Winterless
      I think it's fine as is personally
    10. Winterless
      Green is a disgusting colour
    11. ZIHAMMER1411
      At least you can see it unlike blue.
    12. Zacatero
      The &9blue is pretty visible.
    13. togal300
      How do you use Vanity enchants? keep saying too many arguments or smthn.

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