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    Not All Those Who Wander are Lost

    I don’t know where I’m going, and
    I don’t know where I’ve been. But
    I’m moving forward, one step at a time
    Because I know where I want to be
    Without or within
    Whether good deeds or sin
    I’ll stand up no matter
    The weight of where I’ve been
    With the wind against me
    And stones tied to my feet
    I just keep moving forward
    I’m telling you I won’t be beat
    So forget those rehearsed lines
    Those well practiced lies of victory
    That you tell yourself rather than me

    Heart of Mine

    There's a wind blowing
    In this heart of mine
    Don’t know where I’m going
    Tugged along, caught on a line

    Those eyes stir up a storm
    In this heart of mine
    Cyclones set to a thunderous beat
    This electric tempest, it’s not the norm
    But it’s warm, unlike snow or sleet

    These feelings rage on, like a winter rain
    Nonstop like a summer gale, consuming like a wildfire
    Numbing all of the pain, stronger than Novocaine
    In this heart of mine

    But I’ve got to be careful, walking this high wire
    One misstep and I’ll miss you
    I need to stay solid, not see through
    In this heart of mine

    Come Along with Me

    Life is a long road,
    But our destination?
    It has streets paved in gold
    Walk with me, why don’t you?
    Instead of floating along, doing as your told.
    Lets ride the winds of fate
    Come on, we’ve got a date
    With destiny
    And I really don’t want to be late.

    Crystal Clouded

    Nothing you could ever do to me
    Would ever change the way I see
    Call it crazy, that I’m biased or blind
    If that's true, give me a sign
    Saying so, and I’ll bare it proud

    I’ve fallen hard, why you ask?
    Because around you, happiness isn’t a mask.
    All this time it never occured to me
    That feeling this real could be a reality

    Truth of Life

    Most feel liberated
    By their hobbles
    Given purpose by guidelines
    What they call structure
    I would call chains
    What we say keeps us free
    Is truly oppression, controlling the reins

    But with darkness comes light
    A dawn after every long night
    Then for me, there is you
    Drives me insane, boils my brain
    And without her I’m nothing
    My cry for our freedom
    Is lost in commonality
    Like a drop in the sea


    I could die right now
    I feel so alive right now
    Nothing could compare to this
    The one thing I know I’ll miss
    Back when I didn’t know of this
    I saw no reason to exist
    I’ll never not care for you
    I’m gonna have to claim otherwise
    But it’s a lie
    What would be best for you and
    Me would be for me to leave and
    Leave you be, let me live where I lay
    Like I lied to leave so you wouldn’t know I died
    It’d break my heart in heaven if you cried

    Let me be, I got a say, and I say
    It’s time to leave, I’ll just be on my way
    Rather run than hide and bide my time
    If I want you, I’m gonna have to change
    But I don’t think I can, it’s out of range
    I’m out of my depth and out of my time
    My clock ticked out by the end of this rhyme

    Denial of Self

    It’s not so much that I’m gone as
    Off and on to better things, they set me free
    And of all the things that ever were
    None are so great as what will be
    If I stay I’ll only stumble
    I wasn’t meant to just boast and bumble
    So excuse me if I don’t seem humble

    Hit the ground like I was made of lead
    Should be dead, but it seems I’m not
    So while I’m here I’ll get ahead
    Don’t try and stop me or I’ll see red
    You hear what I said?

    Unnamed (Anger)

    Tick tock, I’m ticked off
    Wasted my time, it’s lost
    This kicked off without thought
    I’ll admit, the whole idea had fault with it, but
    My problem is I knew the stakes inside of me
    Up at night, I’d lay awake riddled for anxiety with what could be
    And everybody telling me it easily would be
    It was all a trainwreck I refused to see
    All of this anger I carry with me
    Burdened with the weight of everything

    (Insert Bargaining)

    Leaving a Depression in this World

    It’s been too long
    I’ve changed too much
    Life is not as it once was
    Nor is it as good once as it ever was
    Because once you’ve had it all
    Anything less feels less then small
    Don’t settle for a draw, winning is all
    Not a win means it’s a loss
    You want it all, take the call
    Shoot your shot, risk a fall
    Don’t be like me, an empty hall
    With no lockers, no bell - Not noble
    Wasting away like that scene at Chernobyl
    I’ll live, it’s just a half life
    I’ll live, I’ll just have strife

    Serene Acceptance

    The brightest stars burn out the fastest
    It’s not that I don’t plan to last it’s
    Just a notion, if I shared it it’d
    Cause commotion. It’s confusin’
    I can’t talk about my health without losing
    So I hold it in me, healthy or not
    Then I think of you and my heart is in a knot
    My head in a noose, pull it tight.
    Don’t leave it loose.
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