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    This section exists for players to contribute to the community by writing pages for the Massivecraft Wiki. Listed below are the various pages you may chose to write, sorted into three different categories. Once you request a prompt for a page, a Lore Staff member will give you a prompt for what must be included in the article. After you have finished writing the document, the Lore Staff will process it. Provided you complete any requested edits and modifications, your article may be published on the Wiki!
    • Please remember that some articles may not be published. Quality Assurance dictates it needs to be of a certain quality, otherwise we cannot accept it.
    • Self-insertion is largely illegal. It is fine if you want to write an article about a unique beetle and make them a cultural animal that is loyal to your main character's Race, but writing your own character, their family, or that of your friends into the lore without consent from lore staff is strictly forbidden. Consent is given most often with Literature articles and obviously when writing in broad strokes about content that effects various Noble Houses.
    • All prompt information that is provided by staff MUST be incorporated into the article, and cannot be contradicted by the article itself.
    • You have relative creative freedom to fill the blanks between the prompt's requests and finalization.
    The exact list of all prompts which require writing will be presented on the next post. In order to start a prompt request, simply follow the following instructions:
    1. Start a new thread in this section titled: "Writing Prompt <YOUR USERNAME> <SUBJECT>" where your username is your In-game username and subject is the specific prompt wiki subject you want to write about.
    2. In this thread, simply @tag HydraLana and then give a very very basic 2/3 sentence idea of what you would like to write this subject as, what sort of theme you will be following, and so on. For non-prompt sections, describe the reasons for selecting this content, the why essentially, and anything else ou think could be pertinent.
    3. Hydra will come to the thread with the official "prompt" and/or a list of required items and rules to stick to as well as a link to the Template.
    4. Following the Template and this list is 100% mandatory and deviating will result in rejection. When you are completed with the writing part, simply post the results on the thread and @tag HydraLana again.
    5. The writing style will then get a "first glance" check to see if it's up to scratch. If we find the writing sufficient in class and style, we will begin processing the article on a google document which implies edits for grammar and spelling (but please, check your own work before submitting). The processing edits will be directly applied onto the document.
    6. If all the above steps proceed successfully, your article will be published on the Massive Wiki as long as you have signed the Massive Legal Copyright documentation (a contract that transfers all copyright for written pieces produced on and for MassiveCraft to MassiveCraft).
    If somewhere along these steps you end up stranded, you will be given tips on how to improve and given a general time frame in which you might try writing a prompt again. This time frame can be anywhere between weeks to years, depending on the style improvement necessary. Again, we don't expect all articles to be well received and published. Writing styles vary and MassiveCraft's quality assurance is very thorough. Still, participating in prompts is great for gathering some "earlier works" which may assist in your application for Lore Staff if you ever have the ambition to do so.
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    This section exists for players to be able to assist the Lore Staff in writing or rewriting content for the Wiki. The first option has players either writing up Writing Prompts, or proposing new content themselves while the last one has players updating older staff content.

    1. Prompts are offered in several categories: Consumables, People and Recreation. Prompts are rewritten or existing descriptions of information on a particular page that needs or should ideally be written up. Players who write them should ideally do a Wiki search for the specific item ahead of time in order to not claim something that is outside of their interest or desired area of focus.

    2. The second option allows players to produce their own prompts to fill in areas of the Wiki that are limited or lacking. As an example, Fauna lore has very few amphibians in comparison to Mammals. On that topic, players can only submit new lore suggestions for Flora, Fauna and Literature. Please make sure before you suggest your idea that the niche or areas your suggestion exists in isn't already covered by something already on the Wiki. However, this is somewhat waved in the case of Literature, as players are free to write myths and tales from the same Culture in a similar style. Please also make sure that your submission fits the world of Aloria and the existing Lore on the server.

    3. The final option is the rewriting of older Wiki pages to the new standards and the new lore. While in the past, large-scale update efforts were possible, the sheer number of Flora and Fauna today mean that such efforts will be more laid back by the Staff. However, if players want to update a piece of lore that is out of date or doesn't fit the rest of the Wiki, they can apply to do that here. The main target areas for this effort are the Flora and Fauna sections, but other areas can also be submitted for.


    People Prompts
    Please keep in mind that certain lore changes on a dime, and People may need major updating, or may be deleted to clear the way for new lore as needed. Still, there are plenty of People who need updates, rewrites or entire additions to the Lore.
    General/Prince Sälarna
    A famous criminal (Name for the Player to decide)
    A famous mage (Altalar) (Name for the Player to decide)
    A famous mage (Ailor) (Name for the Player to decide)

    Recreation Prompts

    Recreation has long been ignored by the Lore Team due to its generally small audience. However, it now has created value given the breath of Cultures in Aloria and a wide array of sports and games that are now part of the Lore or should be written. It should be noted that certain Recreation articles will need to mention the various subtypes of the same game that exist.

    Player Submissions
    Players who want to submit new content ideas for Fauna, Flora, Consumables and Literature should follow the steps of the submission process (outlined in the first post). Be aware that we might ask for certain changes to ideas to make them fit in better to the lore or pivot them away from taking an existing niche/area. Additionally, below is a list of Wiki sections that do not need more content or cannot have more content added to them.

    Wiki Sections that are off limits:

    • Magus and Dragons sections of the Fauna page
    Page Update Submissions
    Players who want to submit to be allowed to rewrite and update older Lore pages that haven't received any updates should follow the steps of the submission process (outlined in the first post). Ideally, the page chosen should be at least a year old, or last had major edits a year ago, however pages earlier than that are heavily encouraged in order to root out the really flawed or wrong pages that exist on the Wiki.
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    Major updates for the section have taken place thanks to the landmark completion of the Flora and mundane Fauna sections!
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