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    The Massivecraft Wiki is still growing and we want submissions from our playerbase!

    We believe that history is an important aspect of roleplay on Massivecraft because it creates a legacy for long-term players and past points of reference for new players joining in the present. That’s why we are looking for further submissions for canonization on our wiki!

    Whether it’s a character, family/noble house, group, decree or event, write up a submission with good reasoning behind why its contribution was important to Massivecraft history and our Lore staff will review it for possible addition to the wiki.

    For more information regarding disclaimers, the submission and review processes, and what’s expected after getting involved, check out this page with everything you need and a link to the submission form.

    We hope to see many new pages being added soon!

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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by Battlebrawn, Nov 5, 2019.

    1. Jalapeno690
      What about faction players history? Is it not important too??? It’s a yes or no answer, not a “make your own wiki” btw
    2. HydraLana

      MonMarty's post on the new player wiki submission system a few weeks ago outlines the following categories:
      There is currently no plan to add Factions lore onto the Wiki.
    3. uwugalli
      It's a roleplay wiki Jala, if factions interacted with roleplay in some meaningful form I'm sure they could be added.
    4. uwugalli
      My submission @YunYun Synne Lykke for lowest IQ in Regalia.
      @TacoArmyUnite Skotadi Xotiko is a close second.
    5. Jalapeno690
      Just forget about the one community that set off massive in the first place? Good job
    6. ZiHAMMER
    7. Jalapeno690
      All Regalia low IQ
    8. YunYun
      This is cyberbullying.

      I submit @Clewii 's Caeda as the biggest thot in Regalia. Dictating each men she has bed
    9. Clewii
    10. Ellimairy
    11. NebulaePrimo
      I would assume the main reason factions lore isn't planned to be put on the wiki is because it isn't canon. Factions and rp actually are two different canons and the wiki is for the roleplay canon. Like, Essalonia is a place that exists in lore, but it's not the place you play in during factions, the rp Essalonia is basically just a giant forest with a few little colonies on it, not kingdoms and empires like in factions.

      That being said, I personally don't see why factions shouldn't have a spot for lore, whether that be a separate spot on the main wiki that emphasizes that the info is factions canon, or a different wiki, maybe run by the factions players themselves, rather than lore staff, who are trained to review the submissions and spot things that aren't canon (aka all of factions). While I'm not really involved in the factions community, I would imagine you folks would actually prefer to make your own wiki, (if you haven't already) versus having your lore moderated and edited by lore staff. Either way, I would imagine this is why factions lore is not being placed on the wiki.
    12. MyCatBubbles
      Eh, sort of but not entirely. If given the chance to be part of the lore as a whole instead of just being confined to their own alternative universe, faction players would gladly work alongside strict moderation and can produce actually amazing things (think Eotor with Wooperrs state, and no ill never let that down either grumble grumble). I think lore compliancy and making some factions canon could seriously be an untapped market for new conflicts and alternatives irp if done right (through heavy moderation). This could work amazingly well alongside the already established lore for Essalonia (untamed large frontier, smack dab in the middle of known aloria, no central power, very little states) to give players some room for creativity. This could also prep up the few wonderful builds/cultures/religions etc. (og players would know all the faction made religions, they were dope but kinda shit by today's standards, we're in the middle of stealing and reworking one rn and will post it when the times right but you never heard this) we have in factions with some sort of in lore recognition. With that being said we can't just go with our dicks out and say 'lolo we kangz of ezlonia', we have to take it like we're just a small cog in a much bigger machine to not just shit on the already established powers and delicate lore on the server. It would definitely make factions seem a bit more active too instead of it just being this 'dead pvping/survival section of massive' because that's kind of all there is going for factions right now, survival and pvping.
    13. NebulaePrimo
      I know factions can and would come up with cool ideas, and I'd totally be down if factions goes that lore compliant route. I don't do much factions stuff anymore, and my impression, anyway, is that there are a few loud voices in factions that think rp is dumb, that they keep the server alive, and probably wouldn't like the restrictions that would come from being lore compliant. I have no idea what everyone else in factions thinks, because "lol rp dumb" is the only opinion I've heard from factions players not in the rp world, so the thought of making factions lore-compliant hadn't even occurred to me, and probably a few staff members that don't do factions, too. If factions as a community wants to go that route, I see no reason why it wouldn't be approved. It might be that they haven't given you the chance because they don't think you want it. Either that, or they don't want to give you the chance because {insert reason here}.

      Between that and peaceful factions, if lore-compliance was introduced to factions, I think a lot more rpers would come back to factions to build their own stories.

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