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    Meet The Player Spotlight

    Meet a Roleplayer!


    This player spotlight is brought to you by @Bato

    I was given the opportunity to ask and interview @FireFan96. We discuss his view on how to engage yourself in roleplay, as well as to build a community around you to improve your own roleplay experience.


    When did you first join MassiveCraft?

    It was about September, 2015 when I permanently started playing MassiveCraft. I was plugin hunting for my old server and found Massive via the Vampire plugin. After seeing that, and their factions, I decided to join.

    What was your first RP character like?

    My first character started as a “nobody” assassin jumping around Regalia and Greygate. But overtime I started to read the lore and found a niche that was missing out in RP. So I changed my assassin character into a navigator names Walthur Drake.

    What RP style do you enjoy the most?

    I enjoy the political and military aspects of RP. The high risk, high return actions made in those RP areas are enjoyable for me.

    What tips do you have for the new community members?

    Instigate RP regardless of the consequences. Mistakes will happen, and you will grow from them. The RP community has a lot of people that are willing to help out newer players as long as they initiate as desire to RP with others. It’s sort of like real life, you can’t expect to get anywhere without starting from the beginning. Talk to people, and eventually, you’ll find your way.

    What future plans do you have in MassiveCraft?

    Continue improving the RP scene as much as I can as a player. Though I intend to get into PvP some time in the future. I am not sure when that will be though.

    Where do you think the best place to RP is at on the server?

    While the Golden Willow is the de-facto hotspot, I’ve found most of my best RP happen far away from it, such as in the Noble estates or government buildings. Joining RP groups will guarantee that you find RP, beyond the Willow’s walls.

    What are some roleplay events/ideas that you would like to happen to get others involved?

    I find that guard curfews and district purges are the best events to get player involvement, since it sort of forces players to interact with the guards or their neighbors outside of the usual places. Plus the question of “Why is there a curfew?” brings up a large amount of RP conversations.

    If you could change one thing about roleplay on this server, what would it be?

    It would be encouraging other to RP away from the Golden Willow. Regalia is a very large place, yet RP only happens in about 5% of it’s map. Not to mention the survival worlds have brilliant spawn towns that are great to RP in distant lands. There are a lot of great places that deserve some more love, and moving RP to their locations at that touch of bringing the area alive. Ghost town districts only need a few people to revive them once more.

    What MassiveCraft lore would you like to see more of on the server?

    Ailor culture/languages. The one wiki page on Ailor culture is severely outdated and the lore could benefit from telling more about the main characters of the Alorian story.


    Thank you @FireFan96 for you cooperation, and the rest of the MassiveCraft players! Thank you for improving the community and help building the server into what it is now.

    Have A Massive Day!

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