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    This week our spotlight is on Eronoc, an inclusive Noble roleplayer who plays the character Augustin Reinard, the Viscount of Barlowe and a scholar of philosophy and magic.

    When did you join MassiveCraft?
    Well, I joined for the first time around early October of 2017, but I took a break after about a year on the server. I rejoined in June, 2019. Feels sorta like I never left, now.

    What attracted you to the server?
    I'd done some RP before in other scenarios, and a Minecraft RP server sounded like a fun novelty to try with a friend I was sitting bored in a call with. But when I read the lore, I was immediately hooked; it looked like a very rich and engaging conceptual space to play in. Ultimately, though, I stuck around for the community.

    What was your first character like? Who is your current character and what are they like?

    The answer is actually (mostly) the same! Augustin Reinard was the product of my initial curiosity about the lore; a character designed to engage with the elements I found interesting. Namely, Philosophy and Politics. I've always liked the idea that Philosophy and Magic would be connected in a Fantasy world, and I wanted to apply my real-life interest in Philsophy with that in mind. I also wanted to apply his Philosophy in a way that could affect the world around him, and so chose to make him the leader of a noble family. He's always been a scholar-aristocrat with a very certain moral compass, unassuming but independently-minded. He's changed over the years, of course, becoming much more sociable and cunning as IC events (especially the Noble landscape he's been immersed in since the beginning) shaped him. I've had a few other characters who I've enjoyed as well, but I've been playing Augustin from the start!

    What roleplay style do you enjoy the most? Casual? Events? Combat?
    I definitely specialize in dialogue-heavy roleplay, either casual or political, especially one-on-one. I view RP as very literary, and my favourite scenarios are those in which two characters can really dig in and establish a complex, meaningful dynamic. I find a good interplay between everything that makes up our characters (personality, beliefs, ambitions) extremely rewarding. That said, I also love Staff progression events (especially lore-based!) when I'm looking for some good, engaging fun.

    What tips do you have for newer members of the community?
    First, a good character concept that keeps _you_ engaged and interested, even if you were to strip away all mechanical elements, is an ideal character; primarily think of motivations, backstory, and in-depth personality that you find honestly compelling, because if you nail these almost anything else can happen and you'll still enjoy your experience. Second, RP itself should be your means of having fun, not just its outcomes on a win/lose basis. Third, proper (or close enough to proper) grammar, capitalization, and spelling goes a long way for your percieved RP quality; at the very least, it can't hurt you.

    What would you like to see more of in roleplay?
    I'd love to see more risk-taking! It can be difficult to lose a character or have something terrible happen to them, but I think that tragedy adds spice to a story, and without it things can become stale. Widespread willingness to gamble "progress" and a character's wellbeing leads to more interesting action overall. Don't be comfortable, be interesting! Be willing to take hits, even if those hits might send you tumbling quite a ways down. Risky wins and losses are what lead to events that stick in the consciousness of the entire server.

    What's a memorable RP experience you’ve had on Massive?
    My most memorable experiences are generally long-standing relationships my characters have formed. While not single actions or events, I generally go to these when describing why I like the server to others. As an example, Augustin and his long-time most trusted servant, the rough-and-tumble Dwarf woman Bronwyn Cuffburt (played by Miss_Confined). Two very different characters from very different backgrounds, united by a complex sense of mutual loyalty, and an originally employer-employee relationship that turned into almost familial, protective love. It explored lots of interesting ideas about power relations and free will, and to-date it's still one of the most memorable things about my RP in total.

    What’s the best way for people to approach you about roleplaying with them?

    Much like anyone, I'm pretty open to being approached IC so long as you have some even remotely sensible excuse to do so. I'm also more than willing to talk to people on Discord (I can be found in the RP Community server, and my DMs are open), or through in-game PMs. Don't be shy! I especially love exercising nobility to provide RP opportunities, and I'm always looking to expand my circle.​
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