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    Featuring weekly spotlights of prominent role-players from all walks of life in Regalia, this week we've prepared some questions for the fantastic @ElderShrub

    When did you first join MassiveCraft?

    Five years ago, in 2016. Tell us a bit about yourself. How would you describe yourself and do you have any hobbies or interests outside of Massive? To the surprise of nobody, I’m very much your stereotypical nerd. I’m one of the handful of Australians on Massive and let me say the timezone is awful. Outside of Massive I also run D&D games along with a variety of smaller projects.

    What were your first impressions of the roleplay community?

    I had the advantage when first joining Massive of having already engaged with other RP communities, just never in Minecraft. So, I knew what I was getting into. MassiveCraft immediately enraptured me with the quality of its roleplay and to this day I’ve yet to find another community to its standard.

    Which of your characters do you enjoy playing, and what spheres of roleplay do you find most enjoyable?

    I’ve only played a small handful of characters long-term. My characters either don’t work out after about a week or I stick with them for months, so I certainly don’t have the breadth of other community members. However, I find myself drawn to the crime or sewer community often. I’ve always enjoyed drama (in character) and theatrics and that environment is very fast-moving and allows for lots of dramatic situations.

    Are there any individuals or things that serve to inspire your roleplay in any regard?

    So. Many. Things. In the past, I used to keep a text document named ‘character ideas’ that I’d sort through occasionally. Sometimes I’d get a strike of an idea from another source and write it down. Then, particularly when starting a new character, I’ll use youtube to find music or clips of other characters to use as inspiration.

    Do you have any advice or tips for newer members of our community?

    First, you’ll do fine. If you enjoy roleplaying here most people would love to accommodate you. And don’t be intimidated by older players, I’ve been here five years and I still have no idea what I’m doing 90% of the time. On a more practical note, you don’t need to join an organization but try to find a group of characters for you to bounce off of, and try to support them to have awesome characters too. If you can make someone else feel awesome, they’ll return the favour. Roleplay is collaborative.

    What would you like to see more of in rp?

    As someone who spends a lot of time around Crime RP, more people should support your local villains. With just a few easy steps you can see their sinister plans completed. On a serious note, you should try to pump up the reputation your character’s antagonists rather than belittling them. Not only is it a nice thing to do, it also makes victories more impressive and defeats more interesting because you’re fighting a worthy opponent. There is literally no losing in this.

    Thanks to ElderShrub for the interview and so many great answers! If you’re interested in joining the roleplay community on Massivecraft, check the Massivecraft Roleplay Central area on the forums and the Roleplay page on our main website for more information.

    Have a Massive Day and check here next week for another spotlight!
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