Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

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    "Don't start shit if you don't want shit."
    - Isobel Lykke, 309 AC



    Parchments tacked to boards everywhere and anywhere available. Criers in the street spoke of such. Parchments would be given for all newsletters to utilise however they wish. Lavatory-convenience or otherwise.

    All scribed simply so -


    Respectfully, your grace, your high grace, your serene grace, or the appropriate title of whoever reads this,

    Peace in tongue would have been held by yours truly, but it seems as if one’s life cannot be excluded from politics - no matter how much one attempts to run from it. The common folk have been kind enough to inform this man that his name is being dragged through the mud in his absence, again. Hence, consider this a love letter to the House van Hal for so generously providing their complaint upon one’s methods during the crisis.

    A session of relieving brought to public light.

    Grand Duchess Van Hal; at the time Haeddi; lured Alfred Wulfmacht to bed before biting into him and subsequently infecting him with the crimson curse. A few days after being let loose, she proceeded to encounter Archduke Alastair Mac Conall at the Salvation Temple.

    She shed his blood on the temple grounds and infected the Archduke upon its steps.

    When this hunter arrived, she then pretended to fall unconscious from their struggle. This hunter waited until Archduke Mac Conall crossed the gate with her in tow before shooting her with a current of raw soul essence from a clockwork armament.

    In front of temple grounds - right at its gates like a good unionist would.

    This makes van Hal the only name in recorded history; unless the Grand Duke Petrou can correct his fellow man of faith; to both shed blood and infect someone with the Crimson Curse on the Salvation Temple’s holy grounds.

    My acts do not require any defence. Given the circumstances, I would do it again.

    I would do it again in service to the Everwatcher and the Emperor.

    The dozens of other sanguine and void-aligned do not take half-measures when assailing the Empire. Neither does one when coming to its defence. So, by all means - quarter and draw the hunter’s name through the walds. Oneself does not require acknowledgement that many remain unrepentant for their acts of grand debauchery, but he is willing to waltz in the dirt if another invites him.

    One shan’t hide behind excuses.

    Much less the all-too-common 'because I was sanguine’.

    Twist the truth to align with one’s goals, but the truth shan’t change. The greatest bolt in this old hunter’s quiver has always been honesty - as it seems to singe two-faced fiends unlike any silver-lined ammunition is able. This servant of the faith is willing to get his memories read by the Dragon Wardens to confirm every single aspect of this tale. Are you?

    One can expect a few witty remarks at the tone of this address and a generally dismissive attitude towards the actual, tangible point at hand - or perhaps one will be pursued for it.

    All too predictable.

    The moral of this story is simply so -

    Don't throw stones from glass houses.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    I hunted every sanguine I saw during the crisis. I blew off one of Lord Franz Wulfmacht’s arms.

    If I wanted to be involved more in politics, I would. Let me enjoy my damn retirement in peace.

    Kind Regards,
    Fulgore Fänger,
    Vassal Baron of Parchstadt,
    Semi-Retired Aberrant Hunter


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    The Celate takes a deep breath, possible in some small point of heart regretting not being at the inquest. Yet much better rested perhaps then those who had he writes short in beginning response.

    In the personal view of this sole dogmatic Priest and untitled peer.

    If this is a matter of the breach of Holy Law, even by a possesed Peer it’s a matter to be put forward to the Imperial Inquisitors, the Clergy, the state, or what ever legal body is deemed suitable. The Emperor’s decree during the occupation was legal offenses are charged at the discretion of the Government. While this is a Holy Law and that perhaps may shift the body deciding it (at the discretion of his Imperial Holiness) airing it in response to accusation while instinctive isn’t a proper response.

    Legal matters are for the courts, Honor is for fields of war and discussion, and the divine matters are for the Faithful, the clergy, but above all his Imperial Holiness.

    I am further abhorred you would suggest the usage of occult powers to solidify your honesty and that of the Duchess’s. The dragon wardens channel things which may not be confirmed to stem from the Everwatcher. Therefore may not be ever fully trusted to tell complete holy truth in the eyes of some of the church (myself included).

    In summary, take this before those bodies given you by Almar, His most wise Imperial Holiness, and the Goverment not a notice board or the streets. This is a matter most grave and unnerving but my sympathy for your honor and respect for your service shall’t change this position.

    May he watch over all,

    Lord Atum Morathes
    Celate of the Divine College of Divinity

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    "Odd for an ex-Darkwald to be leaping towards the Dragon faithful for help, isn't it?"
    A Ward of Fae comments idly aside to his compatriots.

    "Aberrancy is bad and not to be trusted, until it might help me in a trial. I guess that's better than nothing."
    @DolittleGuy @falcvns
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    The following letter of response would have been written in rather simple handwriting, black fountain pen ink scratched upon a cutting of yellowed scroll paper

    Unfortunately, you are under the assumption that these legal avenues are not corrupted throughout. The inquest has shown that these governing bodies are not tied to ideology nor do they truly disagree with their 'opponents'. In fact, they are colluding in the shadows to pounce upon the righteous. How can you tell Vassal-Baron Fulgore to speak with the clergy, and to speak with the state when it was exactly members of the clergy, and the state who has spoken such falsehoods against him and the family that granted him so much for his righteousness and duty? Vassal-Baron Fulgore can deny the lies all he wants but he's smart enough to know that misinformation always spreads faster than the truth. All you are capable of doing is bringing the issue to the public, and let the public pick the truth from the lies.

    The signature? A fancy little scratching of a stick-horse.
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    The Wulfmacht idly read the paper, as he turned to his brother, handing it to him. “Your thoughts on this?”

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    A small Ailor by name of Keavy would snatch up a copy for herself, toting it off towards the framers.
    "Yer honor!" she exclaimed to no one in particular as she extracted the paper from the board, "I would do it again!"
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    Aleksandra looks over the document carefully, rubbing her thumb over the corner of it. Her expression doesn't change, a neutral one through and through. "We'll have to see what happens." Is all she says, placing the paper back onto the table.
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    "Bloody Harholds..." Harric Longsae would mutter, shaking his head. "Couldn't care less about this whole debacle... but this... this brings a smile to my face. Then again... she was nice to my little pup... perhaps there is some redemption in her." As he walks off.

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    Heinrich Wulfmacht read closely, before patting his brother's shoulder. "It seems like ein fine idea!"

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    Hera van Hal paused her walk to eye the poster, now overlapped by numerous other complaints and Imperial announcements.

    "Mm. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, indeed."

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