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    I hopped on. Some changes were made to massive since the start of the semester when I started college.

    Dungeons is a thing
    They made a hardcore world
    Derp is doing some cool stuff (dungeons)
    there's a bunch of new stuff the world staff made I think. New regalia, new factions spawn, etc.

    If you wanna improve stuff, here's a few things that we determined needed done when I joined staff a year ago that could still use some work or have been implemented, but not in the intended way and not for the intended purpose. Great things to think about once you update to 1.13.

    1. Dungeons. They were suggested to be something to find in the survival worlds. There was supposed to be a "gate" (A build that has a teleport in it, like the old sewers stuff) leading to a small (like two room) dungeon. The gate would be moved every time the dungeon was restocked, like just pasted in by a staff member. Inside would be a strong-ish mob and some really nice loot. You guys have some nice stuff in the one you have now, but it misses the point.
    2. Unique items. This would be stuff like really nice armor and stuff that was better than diamond, but would last for like 3 fights and had curses and stuff on it so you can't mcmmo repair it. It would be like dungeon loot or something, but the point being you can find quirky items that definitely don't last very long.
    3. Improving the tutorial. I mean actually revising the starting experience. No new builds or anything, just a set of clickable text, a 3-4 page book, or something else that lasts a minute max that is accessible with /help. This means you'll need to tell them how to chat (no RP prefixes, that's gameplay) how to access the /tp gui, how to get a locking tool and lock a chest, and how to join a faction. Thats it. No silly lore compliant questlines or anything

    Other stuff I think you outta consider:
    ~ Stop with big builds and worlds. Have factions and whatever the RPers want. Have quests based off the factions world, and try to make things kinda accessible. /tp essalonia needs to be moved to literally a block inside the city gate so its not so hard to find the exit. You should consider shrinking Essalonia to correspond to the average factions activity, that way factions might be just a bit more crowded and it'll be easy to travel over to raid other PvP factions
    ~ Enable chorus fruits on non-peaceful faction territory (as long as 2-3+ faction members are online). Give it a cooldown so its like adding a trait: You gotta avoid combat and damage for a considerable amount of time. Also ideally make anyone that is trying to use chorus fruit glow or something. This'll be easy to defend against, but still make it possible to get into "safe" places. There's some kinks, but if thats all in place any problems that people have thought of can be prevented with some light moderation. This is my brain child: It shouldn't be a terribly hard coding job but it'll be some nice factions content.
    ~ Make a chat that's good for people to just kinda talk in. Have a cooldown that lets you have a nice conversation: 10 seconds for the amount of players now but if your numbers go up make it normal. Punish people that are inappropriate in this chat. Stop fretting so much about rules: just kinda give out 15 minute mutes after one warning. Its 15 minutes: you don't need crazy 3rd chances, reports in staff discord, a confirmation by a rank 3, and a bureaucratic vote to mute some kid that's being annoying for 15 minutes. That's rank 1 work. I didn't immediately leave massive cause I could have a conversation in chat as some 14-year-old. Make that a thing again. I know I seem like a Puritan extremist, and the staff have made that clear, but I just don't like swearing cause I see it putting off my faction recruits a ton.
    ~ Stop putting on events. PvE events are all the same. Once a month is fun, twice during holidays, but more and it sucks up staff resources and time. Staff were obsessed with events when I joined. They just got progressively less people and they didn't achieve much at all for the ~3 hours of work and multiple "points" everyone got for helping with one. When I was staff I literally was just told to do events and type out documents that were, half the time, completely useless.

    Anyways, thanks. You might also try consider tweaking the 1.9 combat or scaling down mcmmo stuff to make something interesting and not as terrible as 1.9, for instance adding different kinds of hits and blocks or something in addition to shortening the cooldowns and somehow making swinging a hold-button kinda thing; and you can also try to make a custom brewing system, or a alloy forge GUI. Basically, try to add content and don't be afraid to change the gameplay around. It needs some changing, even if it just gives a month of entertainment because some new thing is insanely OP all of a sudden and everyone can laugh at it and mess with it. That was basically the attitude we had when the survival department was created. These are things that make a game exciting and fun, and they're not all that hard to do if staff focuses on them as their central goal. Its the stuff faction players have fun seeing and hope to see. Other quality of life changes like balancing is great, but still... yea. Gotta get back to college now, bye! Hail duckfather
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