Pacifists Lament

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    One who believes that sentient life is so valuable, that they shouldn't kill.

    Azrael had a restless sleep tonight. Much was on his mind as he lay in his cold bed. Pondering why he had even come to regalia. Was it in search for adventure? Pursuit of happiness, no. It was an intent to do good in a land they heard was in Peril. To help others, to heal them, maybe even make friends.

    They drifted further and further into sleep as their thoughts continued.

    Azrael had soon found themself in a familar park. But the skies were all dark and cloudy. Shadows loomed all around. As they muttered in their dream.

    Thats when a scene formed around them, A scene all too familiar to them. Aldon in the park, and two Figures wielding crossbows aiming at them. They knew how it played out. They ran in, shielded Aldon after they took a bolt, and It all calmed down. Nobody got too hurt. They made their first friend in regalia that day.

    An emotion of inner turmoil, including unpleasant feelings of dread over anticipated events.

    The crossbow armed figures both fired, instead of just one, over and over.

    "No, No This isn't what happened!"

    Bolt after bolt slammed into Aldon, As Azrael was just there watching. It wasn't what happened. But it will. What do you expect, trying to be friends with monsters, with Cahal. A happy ending? Nobody getting hurt? No need to fight? To bleed? To kill? To die?

    More people they knew begun to take Aldons place Druilamon, Au’lullórëana, And many others all appeared, Hit by bolt after bolt. Azrael placed his hands over his head, sitting against a bench.

    It will happen, They'll eventually come. Hunters, "Righteous knights", Someone else. And what will you do but watch? What else could you do. You remember what happened when you tried to help. Without the will to actually hurt another in a way that mattered.

    An all too familiar Dwarf charged straight at Azrael, with a spear pointed straight towards their head. Before it Impacted, Azrael Awoke.

    An unpleasant dream that can cause a strong emotional response from the mind

    Azrael jolted awake, slumping up in their bed. It was just a nightmare. Their friends were safe right?
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