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    The Financial Directors
    • The Southern Financial Director Zzuros Al-Yaotl pays out 30,000 Regals from their bank to the state.
    • Haeddi Harhold, the Royal Lands Director pays the remainder of their Bank to the State.

    The State/Drixagh
    • The Chancellor presents the provisional counter offer for a peace treaty directly to Zastorzy, who passed the message along to other parties. The treaty is marked as followed:
      • The Lord Chancellor will sign in law that taxation from Drixagh must always be appropriated for soldier wages, infrastructure, and commerce and nothing which is a detriment to Drixagh’s culture, faith, and customs.
      • The State will allocate 10,000 regals per week to a 'Northern Development Fund' which will be controlled by a Velheimer, to spend on developments for whatever they deem appropriate.
      • House Viduggla dismantles all of their shipyards, and can only commission new ships from the State, sale of ships to Viduggla becomes illegal.
      • Fristadvlom is ejected from Upplanda and the province is annexed by Kerwolf, however, Chetznitz retains all of its lands and none go to Fristadvlom. Fristadvlom will instead be relocated to the South, where they shall lord over a barony in Girobalda.
      • The entirety of Drixagh returns to paying the mandated 20% taxation and all debts will be forgiven. Breaking this requirement is seen as rescinding the treaty for them.
      • The Herebrand Order will be relocated to the South of the archipelago, where they may freely correct the heretical leaning faith in ex-Anahera lands. The Drixagh Union may divide the ex-Herebrand lands in Drixagh as they desire.
      • Everyone who participated in the Rebellion will be forgiven and issued a pardon for their treason when they return to the Empire.
      • Hadrian’s Wall will be turned into an impassable mountain.
      • Status Quo besides these stipulations
    • Zastorzy is open to the response negotiation, as is the rest of their allies. The Herebrand Order does appeal to further input, and Zastorzy implies the need for “further detailed discussions in the capital”. As such, these two parties call for a ceasefire in the current situation, digging in their troops with defenses, while Viduggla’s input is not asked for.
    • Zastorzy responds in bemusement over the retracted Religious War Bull.
    • House Delmotte hands 5,000 Regals and a bunch of lodgings to the Altalars acquired by Avalorn
    • House Fristadvlom helps the Church of the Golden eye to no avail, and tries to re-assure her people for their beliefs, but with the upcoming potential peace treaty, the people are unlikely to listen.
    • House Black tries to do a drive-by coastal attack on Zastorzy installations, but finds that most Velheimers don’t build installations on the north or eastern coast because they are naturally protected by the throatcap mountains which prevent passage, so instead it just kind of turns into a fjord cruise line where they see pretty mountains.
      House Black sends 15,000 troops to reinforce von Drachenburg in Alexanderburgh, and 5,000 troops from Worthing to Typhonus.
    • House Black also sends ships to aid the Al Ramoran Aristocrats in their excursion. Mercenaries and Ramoran Aristocratic retinues are called up, but the attack on Fohrborg is called off at the last moment due to the ceasefire.
    • House Typhonus calls for parley and does not move its armies. Attempts are made for services and burials for the dead of Hadrian’s wall, but the Northern armies dug into their positions during the ceasefire prevent passage to the area. Since only a ceasefire is called for, no other actions are taken.
    • House Viduggla raises more levies, which is marked by the same rise to Typhonus’s numbers. Funding is offered for the Ostyrian shieldmaiden’s burial, but the offer is declined. Garth Viduggla comes to the table to suggest more war movements, but nothing happens as the other troops just dig in following the ceasefire. It would seem that the other Drixagghers seem more than willing to sacrifice the Viduggla navy for the gains to be gotten from the potential peace treaty.
    • House Zastorzy awaits an official invitation from the Chancellor for a final negotiation in person, stating he will not be present himself, but will present his brother as a hostage to Regalia to “uphold the ceasefire”, as long as Louis Delmotte will offer up his daughter as a hostage to their end of the ceasefire. Should these conditions be met, the brother would enter Regalia to negotiate on Zastorzy’s behalf, and for the hostages to be returned if and when the treaty is signed. There is however again, no mention of House Viduggla in their plans, signalling that they are willing to cut off Viduggla or include them, whether they are willing or not to accept the deal as presented.
    • In Fohrborg, an independence movement of separatists starts rearing its head against House Viduggla: In the current situation and with the absense of their Grafin who stayed behind in Regalia, some Sorenvik loyalists seem inclined to put Sorenvik back on the map as an independent nation, but they currently lack the funds to properly launch a campaign.
    In the South Dukelands
    • Still messy, though Kravalia has been defeated. Due to the complex network of wars however, no peace settlement can be enforced, as this would require the entire region to be at peace.
    In Vultaro
    • House Lampero sends a large bulk army rolling into Vixhall, overunning the border patrols and effectively “occupying” a large portion of the Royal Southlands belonging to House Ivrae, which they proclaim a “Necessity of protection, and extending the State’s approval of House Lampero’s annexation of Marquessa, along with the bordering territories for state safety, while also ensuring Lampero’s capacity to flank the Anahera lands”. House Ivrae obviously sends a flurry of angry and spiteful letters towards House Delmotte and the state alike, calling upon all noble families to come to the aid of the old Imperial House, though House Kade is cautiously absent from replying in any manner to the situation.
    • House Lampero’s flanking of the Anahera forces by invading and occupying the south of Vixhall, leads to their north army collapsing. When Orc shocktroopers are used to the flanks, the Harhold Mercenaries showcase their well-trained skill of staying alive, and promptly break rank to flee into the forest and make their way back to Harhold’s loving embrace. The whole Anahera defense line starts collapsing after that with major Vultaro victories all across the border, and a heavy push back into Anahera territory.
    • House Anahera’s entire war effort collapses with shrinking profits at home. The only substantial weapon they have left their navy. With the prospect of peace in the north and mounting pressure from the government, the Anahera Cabal provisionally surrenders to Lampero on the condition that “Lampero speaks for the government, and the government will not come to extract damages from House Anahera after the peace settlement is reached”, which Lampero gives his “honorable guarantee” for.
    • House Anahera and Lampero continue to negotiate, with no clear end in sight yet, but the victory is heavily leaning in favor of Lampero by the looks of things.
    • The opiate monopoly removed from House Anahera is starting to show its effects in Regalia: apparently, many Regalians are actually quite addicted to Opiates, or have been using opiates recreationally for quite some time. The monopoly on Anahera Opiates didn’t only make Anahera very wealthy, it also ensured the Anahera quality control and distribution. With this network gone, the market is suddenly flooded with dilluted or dangerously mixed opiates to maximize profits from more criminal elements, leading to a sharp rise in fatal incidents regarding opium consumption. Hundreds of citizens die from overdoses, while thousands more are hurt by a variety of sickness inducing side effects, opiate-fuel fires, or even exploding hookahs. The Anahera Cabal, despite losing the war, is seemingly having a smirk in the direction of the State for that, while Lampero states it would “probably be a good idea to reinstate the monopoly to avoid a complete opiate epidemic and thousands of deaths with severe increases in crime”.
    Other Aristocrats
    • House Rote pays 50,000 Regals to House Typhonus
    • House Slumberwood sends 50,000 of the New Lands Bank to the Chancellor, while another 10,000 (2,500 troops) is spent on buying mercenaries, who are grouped up with Slumberwood’s personal troops (2,000). 15,000 Slumberwood cash is then also spent to hire personal transports, invading the nation of Kravalia in the process, signing an alliance with Theos in an attempt to seize land from Kravalia. Theos accepts, though it would seem that this causes in effect a ratrace to occupy territory, while Kravalia completely buckles in the process, as the majority of their army was busy with Rumvalia. Without much defences, Kravalia is completely occupied by Slumberwood and Theos coming at them from both sides. House Slumberwood’s risky merchant mission also returns, returning with a one time sum of: 90,000 Regals.
    • House Reinard attempts to aid the Golden Eye’s mission in East Dragh, but fails. 20,000 troops are also sent back to Calemberg to aid Calemberg’s army, much to the irritation of the soldiers who were ferried back and forth.
    Other Nobles
    • House Harhold tries to woo Verreland nations into a defensive alliance, but the Verreland nations are not inclined to agree to a deal without proper underpinning or a clear target, and as such do not accept. Furthermore, 20,000 Regals are sent to House Avalorn to repay debts, and another 20,000 are invested in the economy.
    • House Peirgarten pays 10,000 Regals to invest in the local economy.
    • House Altalar manages to dig up a couple of Mages and Altalar envoys, who all travel to Basta. When informed of what they are supposed to do, the Mages make a counter demand: they want an Artifact. One with magical power. Only if that is given, will they agree to do what is asked of them, as the task is seemingly monumentous.
    • House von Drachenburg tries to convince the other Waldmark nations to join the Orthodox Church, but despite a 20,000 Regals investment, they still decline, on reasons cited below. They do however, become more inclined to in the future, due to the reasoning presented.
    • The Al Ramorans attempt to downscale their operations in Farahdeen, but find that even when focusing on a single city, the distrust towards them and the sheer population of the city causes their attempts to foil. The general sentiment provided is that Aristocrats cannot make meaningful impact on such a scale, and should stop trying before they make enemies. Additionally, some fishermen of Rivellia are hired to report on fleet movements from the Anahera.
    The Churches
    • Churches attempt to sway nations into their fold, but are all bounced again due to the nations wanting more “consistent stability” from the Synod, after the retracted Religious war.
    • The Church of the Golden Eye pays 3872 Regals to the State to “Help those who have suffered the most from this needless warring”, which the bureaucrats mark as the most "irritation donation ever in terms of factoring it into the financial ledger due to its random quantity".
    • The Church of the Holy Blood of Theomar sends out Reverends to propogandize against the other churches who voted in favor of a Holy War in Vixhall.
    • The Church of the Holy Blood of Theomar sends a humanitarian mission to Calemberg, spending 10,000 Regals and 3,000 militia on social welfare, and another 20,000 Regals as a direct investment in Calemberg’s buckling economy.
    • Alexanderburgh, as a puppet however, does join the Orthodox Church when prompted to do so by von Drachenburg.
    • 2,000 Holy Divine militia join House Typhonus for services, but are declined entry to the dead by the Northerners.
    • The Holy Divine also sends 5,000 Regals to the state Bank.
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