Open Letter To Djjwa Ifirti Worshippers

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    An Open Letter to Djjwa Ifirti Worshippers
    Before I begin this letter, I wish to clarify the fact that I do not speak for the Matron of the Primal League. I speak within my capacity as a Custodian of the Wardens, a sworn Protector of the grounds belonging to the religion of Dragon Worship; the grounds which have, time and time again, been disrespected and vandalized by those who deem themselves Worshippers of the God known as Djjwa Ifirti.

    First and foremost, we have, on many circumstances, displayed and professed that we do not disrespect your religion. We show deference to the fact that we cannot force others to be perversed from their ideals. To us, it is each to their own beliefs - and if some of you have decided to align yourselves with the God of Thousand Eyes, that is your own individual decision, and we do not have the right to judge you.

    The respect we have shown to your chosen faith cannot be doubted. When Katharic criminals belonging to the troupe of one known as Hessolis began to repeatedly disturb the residents of the Dragon Temple, it was thanks to the generous hand of the Duchess Valarosta Ino-Femunn that /we/ have taken the step to compromise, by having a Djjwa Ifirti statue built within Crookback for your worshipping deeds.


    We hoped that with this generous act, there would finally be an understanding and mutual respect between the Dragon Worshippers and the Djawa Ifirti Worshippers. Yet, as of today, we have once again found a portion of our grounds vandalized, by none other than Djjwa Ifirti Worshippers.

    It is apparent to me now, as a Warden Custodian, that despite all our efforts, compromise and forgiveness, common ground with the Djjwa Ifirti Worshippers simply cannot be found. Therefore, I speak the following:

    To the ones known as Fahim Hajjar and Alexandria: Make yourselves present at the Dragon Temple within three days time, and offer an apology to the Dragon Worshippers for your vandalism. Our philosophy is not one of revenge, but one of forgiveness. We will acknowledge your frustrations, should there be any, and address them to the best of our abilities.

    However, if you reject this notion, and continue to disrespect the generosity and understanding of the Primal League, I will do as a Custodian of the Wardens must, and the next time you defecate on the name of our faith with another act of vandalism on our grounds, I will find you and break you with my own pair of hands.

    Finally, I offer my sincerest thanks and gratitude to ones known as Charles Kolvunaar and Vivienne av Haagensen, for undoing the damages brought by these two individuals. I acknowledge your respect to our faith, and you should know that you will always have friends among the Primal League.

    His Lordship, Rodrigo Peirgarten
    Count-Consort of Lorhauser
    General of the Imperial Marshal Cabinet
    Custodian of the Dragon Wardens​
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    The purple-eyed Voltalar had a good, long look at the letter, visibly unamused to hear of the statue being vandalised, though he chuckled as he set it aside.

    "These vandals really need a better hobby."
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    A letter was plastered underneath.

    To the Public,

    I pray that you do not mix up Draga Ifrit and Djjwa Ifirti. They are two different religions and I am not in any way shape or form related to the current vandalism of these “Djjwa Ifirti worshippers”. The Statue built in Crookback was to those of Draga Ifrit.

    I do however suggest to the two that vandalized the statue for Djjwa Ifirti - Convert. Become cult of Evolution worshippers and strive to better yourselves and dissolve yourself from all weaknesses. Seek me out if you wish to make these changes and I will explain more.

    Praise Draga Ifrit,

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    The violet eyed Archblood took a quick glance at the letter, nodding her head swiftly after she had finished reading, setting the letter aside. “These people who vandalized the statue ought to know better. Let’s hope they show their faces to us and not act like cowards who stay in hiding.”
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    Charles Kholvunar sat drinking his morning kaffee, attempting to awaken after a rather late sleep period. He read over everything as per usual for affairs he gets himself involved in, uttering a simple, "Mhm. Cool." He was not malicious in his speech, only tired.
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    A letter written in rather poor handwriting would be put underneath the initial.

    I must state that these following words are mine, and mine alone. Unfortunately, Fahim must speak for himself in his own case.

    I would rather take responsibility now rather than later for what I have done in this situation. That being, holding a ladder for a situation I was pulled too with little to no information in the first place.

    On my own, I would like to apologize first and foremost to any and all damages caused to the statue, as I understand that I was out of my place with this.

    However, I would like to clarify that I am not a worshipper of Djjwa Ifirti, and would like to remain separate from that in this moment.

    Should you want to set up a meeting to discuss any further actions or apologies, please send me a letter.

    May your path be well,

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    “Alex what the Void? You didn’t tell me you could paint,” Huffed the Wylthar, about to write something before seeing Hess’ note, “Great she already cleared it up. Well back to work.”

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