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    Church progression will come later, this requires more reading on my part that I cannot do right now ))

    Edward Carwell offers to raise the Reverend bastard from Coivra, however is unable to reach the monastery where the child supposedly went to, on account of the region now going to war, and denying entry to outsiders. House Slumberwood also loans 30,000 Regals to House Delmotte. The Bacchus Conclave contacts Solacia in an attempt to garner church support, however Bacchus Conclave is informed that Solacia lays outside of the Archipelago, and as such is not part of the Church Support Scheme.

    House du Briërust spends 75,000 Regals on recruiting new troops, 10,000 are supposed to go to Avalorn. Avalorn however can only contain 5,000 extra troops, so another 5,000 are bounced, and they disband because House du Briërust cannot contain more than 20,000 troops either. 10,000 Regals are sent to house von Duerr and another 20,000 Regals is used for propaganda in Maraisburcke to boost Political Power.

    Haeddi Harhold and Vhilomir Kade travel to the Farlands where they talk to the locals, trying to entice them to join back into paying taxes in exchange for help over the anglian salt crisis. The Wadde and Meere Barons cautiously inform the Financial Director that Verreland is not part of Anglia, and that the salt crisis does not occur in the Wadde Islands, because they are over 300 miles away from Vlissinghelm and its salt crisis, sending them home again after showing them a map of the archipelago and pointing at the distance. Contyr equally denies, with their military and conservative hardline rejecting the Harhold’s plea, saying that the Chancellor still doesn’t have an army to back herself up and is weak.

    The Heartland Director invests another 10,000 Regals in the local economy. House Yaotl sends its diplomats to the Hinterlands, swaying House Ravenstad to support House Delmotte in future political endeavors, while also sending 14,000 Regals to House Black and 8,000 to House Avalorn. The Avalorn, Black and Yaotl fleet collectively form along the south Hadarian border, meeting nothing but open waters, as a Sendrassian invasion is seemingly nowhere in sight. Another final investigation is launched into looking into the Etosian situation, reporting this: Etosil is not in rebellion. Atosia is not related specifically to Etosil, and while the local Reverends owe some loyalty to the Patriarch, Etosil itself is still squarely in the Emperor’s pocket, as is the Bone King, though the Bone King seemingly had more connections with the Prince Marshal, with whose absence the Bone King has become more distant.

    House Fristadvlom is reinforced by so many mercenary bands its almost impossible to name them all, gearing up an additional 1500 Soldiers. House Fristadvlom pays 30,000 Regals to House Typhonus to gain an extra 5,000 troops, however these troops never arrive as they would have to march through hostile territory to reach Uppland, meaning they stay in Calemberg, albeit under Fristadvlom control. Deo dei Termini is put in charge of the soldiers in Uppland, meaning he is no longer able to work for the Lampero army in the south and that venue closes. The whole Fristadvlom army and support base mobilize to the fullest and gear themselves up for an invasion of Kerwolf troops. Kerwolf eventually hears about this, sending out a message saying that they are “hurt by the implication that Fristadvlom sees them as enemies, and that Fristadvlom is a treasonous snake who comes with gifts and honeyed words but turns on her supposed friends the moment it suits her” summoning back their ambassador and closing communications. Needless to say, an invasion was not planned, and never arrives. Nobody crosses into Upplanda territory.

    House Reinard sent 10,000 troops to Calemberg, from where which they link up with Typhonus troops to invade the Grosswald Commune, which was declared neutral and a subject state of Viduggla.

    House von Drachenburg sent 10,000 Regals to Alexanderburgh, who upon orders of Drachenburg mobilizes their garrison force on Hadrian’s wall. Another 25,000 is sent to Treppewitz and Duerrstein inviting them to the greater Electorate region. While Duerrstein and Calderliga are willing (and Treppewitz is definitely not) the whole endeavor to declare some sort of Calemberg-esque union strands on the concept of “Defending Calemberg from Northern Aggression”. The creation of Waldmark has led the locals to actually try and distance themselves to the point where a form of rivalry might even exist. Previously, this borderland had always been either Dragenthal or Calemberg, but now that the region is Waldmark and its own, the Waldmarkers are interested in trying to compete with Calemberg about becoming the new conservative heartland, outcompeting Calemberg and to not exist in its shadow. As such, a union is declined.

    House Black sends 7 more warships to the blockade of Hadar, while also sending 90,000 Regals to the West Rourke Baronlands. The Black local loyalists immediately launch a soft-coup where they arrest or cause some of the more independence minded barons to disappear, while also using the huge finance boost as political capital to convince the other barons of Black submission. The whole plan was a hugely expensive gamble for House Black, but it turns out successful, submitting the Rourke Baronlands as a satellite state under House Black. The only independent realm not in Black control now remains the single province of East Dragh. Dianne Black furthermore sends 20,000 Regals to the Regalian Government to stave off the growing deficit.

    House Avalorn sends 52599 Regals to House du Briërust and receives 5,000 troops in return.

    House Typhonus spends 8,000 Regals on a wintertide dinner in Calemberg, to try and rouse political support, but this fails. Troops are sent to Fristadvlom for the money receives, but the troops have to stay due to the hostile terrain. The joint Typhonus-Reinard invasion of 20,000 men crosses Hadrian’s Wall and enters Drixagh territory, with the intent to overthrow the Noble of Groswald. While the locals seem supportive, the Groswald Baron protests that this is an invasion of a neutral nation that had not declared in active rebellion, and an act of war, and that since they consider themselves a subject to House Viduggla, that this is also a declaration of war against Viduggla. Susbequently, the 20,000 combined soldiers are met with a 40,000 combined Kerwolf and Zastorzy army that had moved all the way around Fristadvlom’s lands, avoiding violating her sovereign territory, and reinforcing Groswald. The Typhonus led army is soundly defeated in a strong of short battles in the micronation, forcing them back behind Hadrian’s wall with heavy casualties, caught out in the unfavorable terrain of Drixagh.

    The Chancellor declares throughout Lorenthaus that the Imperial Church of the Holy Divine, headed by Julius Peirgarten has become the State-Religion. Furthermore, she begins her weekly business by meeting with the Margraves of Calemberg, who categorically decline to meet her, but do not explain why. At the Regalian docks another scheme is put in motion. In the middle of the night, whatever remains of the Regalian cargo is replaced by crates filled with sulphur, and driven towards the supposed idling Anahera ships. These ships were intended to be used as fire ships, however they just end up dobbing around in the waters of Regalia since there were no Anahera ships: Past week alerted of Anahera threat to Regalian shipping, but such a threat would be established at the mouth of the Shoën river, in Vixhall, not in Regalia. So a bunch of ships had essentially been converted to fire ships for no purpose since no Anahera ships were active in Regalian waters.

    The Chancellor’s contingent also venture into Girobalda with Rodrigo Peirgarten’s mercenaries with the intent to burn down Opiate plantations. The contingent force however discovers that House Anahera does not even have any opiate plantations in Girobalda (the Firebase app doesn’t even show Opiates, it states that House Anahera produces Gold, Timber and Ship Supplies, not Opiates). The small contingent and mercenary force marches around a bit aimlessly in Girobalda until it is caught up by a Bragacao coalition army that was on its way from the west of Girobalda to reinforce the Anahera forces in the east. Needless to say, the tiny military force is completely wiped out by being outnumbered five to one, and the commanders just barely escape back to Lorhauser by running through the forests. Finally, in Rivellia, the Chancellor spends 7,000 Regals to build a Priscille Unionist Church named atfer the late sovereign. The Rivellians decline thus, saying that it’s a pathetic attempt at flattery, and that even Avalorn spends more money inviting the Revellian Duke for tea than the Chancellor was willing to spend on the woman whose death warrant she signed. The Magna nations are even more incenses against the Chancellor’s rule and now start openly calling for her dismissal. Since no money is given for the Rourke venture, none of the Rourke or east Dragh members even show up, bringing an end to a string of poorly planned ventures.

    House Harhold pays the money for the Rourke Barons, who happily return the captives. This restores the political stability lost, and the Rourke Barons seem satisfied without any hard feelings, especially since they are a satellite of House Black now. Hengest then also calls for a meeting with the powerful vassals to discuss the options of the situation. The vassals quickly make a suggestion: Invade Reinard. Most of his army left for Drixagh, and as long as House Black is not interested in another war with Harhold, Harhold stands to retake their lost land in Barlowe without any trouble, especially since Rourke is no longer politically capable of exercising its own will. Should the Count decline, they suggest going with the plan to rent out their army to other nations at 150% of the price, so that they should be cheaper than mercenaries, but more expensive than normal levies, to rake in cash for House Harhold. A gift worth 5,000 Regals is sent to Jonckheere, who seem appreciative, without any attachments.

    House Viduggla joins Drixagh in open rebellion against the state while leaving their Emperor loyalty in murky terrain. They invest to make sure foreign trade remains stable, while also keeping an eye on the Ellador conflict. Any ships sent are sunk by the Isldar however, so Viduggla ships decline to travel to Ellador any further.

    House Viduggla immediately tries to take control of the warplanning, but find that Zastorzy has already established some level of lead control, who is willing to work with Viduggla, but will not be subject to Viduggla commands. Sure enough however, Ostyr and Zastorzy troops join Zavoria into smashing the Herebrand Holy Knights, who are forced to retreat to Valderburgh after a series of crushing defeats against the pagan armies, severely outnumbered and beyond Hadrian Wall’s protection. The Shieldmaiden of Ostyr, given special treatment by Viduggla, is especially effective at boosting soldier morale in their war against the fanatic Unionists of the Herebrand Order.

    On the western front, the collective armies beat back the Typhonus expeditionary force, denying them entry into Groswald, and making it so Upplanda is completely surrounded, but still not invaded. Viduggla further also raises their levies to join open rebellion. By far the most damaging action of Viduggla however, is to speak publicly about the letters between Duke Yaotl and The Iron Duke Lampero, revealing that the government consented to chemical and biological warfare against Unionists who were (albeit rebelling against state) still loyal to the Emperor. At first this does nothing, but the Iron Duke Lampero confirms the letters, publishing his communication with Duke Yaotl, which states clear as day that the government or at least the Chancellor consented to intentionally spreading a number of plagues among the nations that war against the state. Lampero publishes that they were insensed by the offer, claiming that it offended their honor to engage in non-conventional and "weak-man's" warfare, and that the government should be exposed for the rats they are.

    Reportedly, the Emperor flew into an uncharacteristic lack of composure. Political commentators called the very idea “insane”, and soon after, the Emperor made a public communication. While the Diet was originally intended to assuage any lack of faith in the government by the Nobles, and succeeded in doing so, the Emperor felt cause to act now that the government was marching into extremely dangerous territory. Political commentators added that “in the current setting, during a war, containment policies are extremely difficult. Because of the movement of defectors, refugees, and the disintegration of national borders, quarantines are impossible to maintain. Any plague anywhere at this point risks unleashing an epidemic across the entire archipelago, even if the original intent was just to target the Anahera lands.” The Emperor disbands the entire government for reasons of “gross duty negligence and incompetence”, before re-instating the Secretaries of Magi, the Secretary of Faith, and the Finance Directors. The Secretary of the Commons and War are fired for now being part of a rebel force, the Whip is fired for not dragging the Southmark in front of the Emperor for abuse of power, the Southmark Secretary is fired for even coming up with this idea, and the Chancellor is fired for signing off on it and allowing it all to occur.

    The Emperor then decrees: Applications to the War Minister, Chancellor and Whip are open for immediate emergency applications in the next 24 hours, while the Southmark Ministry will remain vacant for the time being. These appointed emergency elections will remain in effect until the Empire’s crisis is over, after which a Diet will follow to determine a more permanent government. The Emperor declares that all applicants should support their favored candidate, resulting in the following listing:
    • Anglia: None
    • Gallovia: None
    • Jonckheere & Veer: House Harhold
    • The Entirety of Verreland: None
    • Contyr: None
    • West Rourke: House Black
    • East Dragh: House Black
    • Vixhall: None
    • Vultaro & Montania: None
    • Micelle: House Delmotte
    • The rest of Magna: None
    • The Entirety of Girobalda and Bragacao: None
    • The Entirety of Calemberg: House Typhonus
    • Prestelle, Genevaud and Hinterlands: House Delmotte
    • Alexanderburgh: House Drachenburg
    • Duerrstein, Calderliga and Treppewitz: House Drachenburg
    • The Entirety of Drixagh: None
    • The Entirety of the South Dukelands and Atolia: None
    • None declared NPC nations will remain None for this election.
    • House Reinard: Undeclared
    • House Yates-Varley: Undeclared
    • House Harhold: Undeclared
    • House Black: Undeclared
    • House Peirgarten: Undeclared
    • House Avalorn: Undeclared
    • House Delmotte: Undeclared
    • House Yaotl: Undeclared
    • House Typhonus: Undeclared
    • House Drachenburg: Undeclared
    • House du Briërust: Undeclared
    • House Black: Undeclared
    • House Viduggla: Undeclared
    • House Fristadvlom: Undeclared
    • Undeclared houses have 24 hours to @everyone tag in #Noble-family-only on Discord and declare their support candidacy. Candidates for Chancellor positions as well as Whip and War Secretary have 24 hours to send in their applications. Whip and War do not require support, but Noble Support is highly recommended for Chancellor applications.
    The South Dukelands and The Hellatian Citystates meanwhile completely devolve into chaos. Boss-Sarve declares war on Boss-Nenn and Ragulia, Bulvakia is declared war upon by all neighbors, Kravalia declares war on Rumvalia while also attacked by Theos, Akedon declares war on Morvinia while Athos aids Akedon, Etno aids Morvinia, Ragulia and Boss-Nenn ally against Boss-Sarve and Atolia aids both Theos and Rakkai against Bulvakia and Kravalia. The South Dukelands and Hellatian Citystates literally turn into a free for all mess, decades worth of agitation and cultural opposition boiling over into a complete collapse and anarchy of the local states.

    Informational map:
    • Powerful Powerful x 20
    • Winner Winner x 12
    • Constructive Constructive x 1

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