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    The Massivecraft Halloween events for the month of October are just beginning! If you’re interested in PvE, PvP and getting ready for the spooky season, then now’s the time to get involved!

    There have been some sinister goings-on lately, originating from an ominous camp deep in the forest. The site has been visited by many travellers, drawn there by stories of people going missing over the years, so the location is well-known on the road as both a tourist attraction and a place to stay for the night if necessary…


    However, on the night of October 4th, a cry for help suddenly came from a group of mercenaries who were visiting the camp. They required assistance from anyone brave enough to head there and face the evil they had discovered. Luckily, a party of adventurers answered the call and ventured forth to join them.


    Upon reaching the camp, they discovered the likely source of the missing people in the form of dark creatures hiding amongst the trees. The brave adventurers battled through these opponents and showed their skill was unmatched against their foes.


    After killing everything in their way, the adventurers eventually left the campsite behind to return to their homes. But rumors say the creatures they faced were only the beginning, with a larger threat waiting in the darkness and preparing to strike…

    The staff have many events planned within the upcoming weeks, including Hunger Games, PvP, and other PvE encounters to continue the campsite storyline, so keep watching the forums and server announcements for further details! You can already sign up for the 3v3s PvP tournament on this thread!

    If you took part in the recent PvE event, please fill out this form so we can improve on our future events and make them as fun as possible!

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