Noelle's Resignation Note

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    A note would be posted on the Sawbones notice board, written in a curly and messy, yet legible cursive handwriting. If one chose to read it, this is what they'd find...

    Goodbye, friends. I frankly never expected this day to come, as my days as one of the Sawbones have always been good ones. Friends have been made, and people have been healed- Ailor or not. These memories will be cherished to the day I die, and that includes the laughs and conversations. Before I get too deep into this letter, I should state that I do regret having to write this note as a letter of resignation. The Sawbones have been good to me, but I have the ambition to try new things, and the loyalty of a family is greater than that of a single clinical charter. Although I am leaving in favor of serving House d'Vaud and the new clinical charter, Morbus Imperium, I ask that this does not act as a way to spit in anybody's face, rather my way of saying that change is inevitable. Expect to see me in the near future, with my continuously growing ambition to help others and save lives. I do wish and hope that this end of a job does not cut off contact and end any friendships I have made within the Sawbones community. Rather, the relationships should continue. I am still Noelle, and though I may not possess the same job, I still possess the same personality. Spirit bless, and may your lives forever prosper.

    Sincerely, Noelle 'Mira' Beulieu

    OOC Information

    Noelle has left the Sawbones.
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    Callus does not know, nor even care what this is about. He vaguely recalls a "Noelle" person going on about some drama or another and decides that if he ever meets them, he's gonna need to point them in the direction of a school and a store that sells ink in bulk.

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