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    A New Crate, “The Noble Crate” will be released as this post goes up! This Crate is designed to give more Lore Compliant, in-game Weapons, Tools, and Resources for roleplayers to use in-game.

    While this is a Lore-themed crate, a Survival update is in the works and detailed at the end of this post. With the RegaliaV5 Crate is taken down, this new Crate has a host of new items that aren’t just for show; these items can be used in-roleplay (assuming it makes some in-lore sense for your character to possess and use them) for a variety of uses. Here’s a short preview of some of these items with descriptions inside the spoilers. To view the Noble Crate in-game and preview all the items, use /tp Crates. New noble crate keys will be available for $4.99. To get a look at our Store, visit here.

    Phade Gauntlet

    Blacksteel Dagger


    Larcenous Lockpicks


    How to Use Lore Items:

    With another influx of “Blue Name” Lore Items, it’s important to explain how these items can be used in roleplay and in-game. Blue named, Purple Lore Items are “Lore Compliant”. That is to say, if you’re holding the item, you have that item. These types of items already exist due to previous crates and events, but these are entirely new and lean towards Weapons and Useable items in roleplay.

    As such, it’s important to remember in-character reasoning. Just because you may draw the “Metalitra Hammer” item, doesn’t mean your Mage, Criminal, and Guard characters should all randomly start using a Metalitra Hammer. It’s far more likely to get traded for an in-roleplay favor or service to someone who would use it, such as a smith or blunt weapon fighter. Using Lore items beyond a “reasonable prop” may include some Lore Staff moderation. Overall, these are made for fun and to be used in roleplay so use common sense.

    Upcoming Projects:

    In roughly a month, a mix of Survival Resources and new Lore Items will be included in what is currently being called the “Halloween Crate”. This may take some to be released, but we’re withholding to get some feedback from the playerbase! For Survival and Faction players, or even PVP’ers, what sorts of items would you want to see in a future Crate that’s useful to -your- gameplay? Roleplayers, what sorts of Lore Items do you think would enhance your roleplay? Let Staff know in the Factions Discord Idea Discussion Room ( or the Roleplay Discord New-Idea Proposals (

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