Noble Progression Story Noble Clicker Crisis 9: Deathmatch Mode

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    Special Announcements
    • The Noble System is now called the World System.
    • Vivana Avalorn is now the Countess-Elector of Solleria. Lacks 5 more Puppets to become Princess.
    • If de Letoirneau does not acquire 2 provinces next deadline, the Unit will bounce out of the system
    • If Kreiburg does not acquire 1 provinces next deadline, the Unit will bounce out of the system
    • If Huron does not acquire 1 province next deadline, the Unit will bounce out of the system
    • DEATHMATCH MODE every Unit (Noble/Clandestine/Pre-Noble/Trade) All have 6 Supplies next deadline. Additionally, each family also gains 3 so called "Ghost-Supplies" which can only be spent on exchanging Puppets willingly as written below.
    • DEATHMATCH MODE every Unit is now capable of (if the original owner permits) investing 3 Supplies in a Puppet State already owned by that original owner. For example: House Delmotte wants to give Irvelle to House Black, they can in their order write "Permit House Black to take Irvelle", which will then permit House Black to invest 3 Supplies (or Ghost-Supplies) in Irvelle to take it over. This permits the exchange of Provinces at no loss of Loyalty before the next season starts. This is the only time where this will be permitted. Puppets can be exchanged in the future, but that will result in a sharp loyalty loss from the Puppets when it is done in the next "season". of the World System.

    Avalorn +1 from Black +1 from Typhonus +2 from Ariramorel
    Spends 3 on Sol Ipsul (Puppet)
    Spends 3 on Sol Molle(Puppet)
    Spends 1 on Matanarca

    Hexenblood +1 from von Duerr +1 from Ariramorel +1 from Gochni-Weismann -1 to Goretaan
    Spends 1 on Valcendria (Puppet)
    Spends 3 on Diravella (Puppet)
    Spends 1 Matanarca

    Latimer +1 from Gochni-Weismann
    Spends 3 on Verkilis(Puppet)

    Spends 3 on Ise (Puppet)

    Spends 1 on Divais (Puppet)
    Spends 3 on Vixe-Bas (Puppet)

    Goretaan +1 from Reinard +1 from Hexenblood
    Spends 4 on Hal-der-Hall (1 Supply is wasted) (Puppet)

    Slumberwood -1 to Ramoran +1 from Typhonus
    Spends 3 on Macavara (Puppet)

    Black -1 to Avalorn
    Spends 3 on Lunnais (Puppet)

    Typhonus -2 to Kreiburg -1 to Slumberwood -1 to Avalorn

    od Albion
    Spends 2 on de Paaj (Puppet)
    Spends 1 on Hogeland

    von Drachenburg
    Spends 3 on Alpen (Puppet)

    Spends 2 on Stralsunde (Puppet)
    Spends 1 on Zavoria
    Capital declared in Stralsunde (Sorenvik now loses the Casus Belli against Viduggla over Irvainvik)

    Spends 3 on Oserna (Puppet)
    All Territories are merged with The Requisitionto become the Golden Triumvirate

    de Letoirneau
    Spends 2 on Lunnais (Black already acquired them so the Supplies are wasted)

    Delmotte +1 from Gochni-Weismann
    Spends 3 on Vixe-Bas (Peirgarten already acquired them so the Supplies are wasted)
    Spends 2 on Zuvateo (Puppet)

    Spends 2 on Alpen (von Drachenburg already acquired them so the Supplies are wasted)
    Spends 3 on Ustyeurt (Puppet)

    Spends 3 on Porte Pirtais (Puppet)
    All Territories are merged with Solifuge to become the Golden Triumvirate

    von Duerr -1 to Hexenblood -1 to Peirgarten

    Spends 3 on de Paaj (od Albion already acquired them so the Supplies are wasted)

    Spends 2 on Lageland (Puppet)
    Spends 1 on Hogeland

    Huron -1 to Kreiburg -1 from no-Capital Penalty
    Additional orders about Regals are not permitted right now. You will have to transfer the Regal amount during the next season, and House Kreiburg will have to submit the Regals, it cannot be charged from your end. For the time being though, the Supply is still send despite this.
    Declared Draackenpost as capital

    Reinard -1 to Goretaan
    Spends 3 on Kattenburg (Puppet)

    Ramoran +1 from Slumberwood
    Spends 3 on Toleranda (Puppet)

    Gochni-Weismann -1 to Delmotte +1 from Letoirneau -1 to Latimer -1 to Hexenblood
    Spends 1 on Extramaterra
    Orders contained request to send 2 to Delmotte, but 3 base +1 Letoirneau is still only 4, so only 1 Supply could be sent to Delmotte.

    Okadoka said Ariramorel was going to send all their supplies away, which seems to check out. I decided to post the Progression with the understanding that Sozzer did not backtrack on any deals.

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