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    OOC Note: The Storyweb System has received an update. It will be transferring to a more "niche based research, progression, and event" based system, with the rise of the WIS, Combat, and Military systems. This post is now “common knowledge”. Each section is aimed at a particular storyweb group(s), and those groups' leaders will send in orders to the Storyweb Admins (A forum/discord PM to LumosJared#9185) if they wish to respond and how. Often times these groups will require the assistance of skilled outsiders in order to most effectively complete their missions. The sign up for a Storyweb group can be found here.


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    League of Explorers

    The League of Explorers has a small stack of letters delivered to their Headquarters. Their Research Team has been invited to a small gathering of researchers operating in Ellador, who are looking into the very moss found on the risen Islands of Ellador. The meeting, so the letter states, will include representatives from King Blackhammer and the Urdweld dwarves. Whether this is due to the Urdweld that the Explorer’s League had kept prisoner is questionable.

    Meanwhile, the more physically gifted members of the League of Explorers receive a new clue in relation to Cooke’s secretive Pirate Cooke. In addition to The Constellation Map they had found some weeks back, a rumor from a port town, a few hours sailing from the suspected location of Cooke’s cove, reported a large ship manned to the brim passing by. They did not engage with the measly port towns defenses, but they made little effort to conceal themselves, which would strike the League as odd. Whatever the case, they had a clear expectation of what offenses to expect and a clear map to the location of the cove. @Film_Noir

    The Seraph League

    Rumors concerning the Seraph had gone cold since the discovery of the Skysteel Dagger some weeks back, but it rapidly picked up again with rumblings from the nobility. Skysteel was a hot commodity for the peerage, and research was badly wanted on potential sources of Skysteel weaponry. As such, the Seraph League actually received some funding to partake in a mission abroad, to the same temple they had previously explored. Their map had revealed the location of another ruin not a mile's hike from the previous one, but the entrance was partially covered by a large boulder. How to clear the way into the ruin, and be prepared for what they may find beneath, would be onto the League itself.

    Further, the Seraph League was invited to dinner with a wealthy merchant by the name of Valder Gray, a banished nobleman who had begun work with various mercenary companies. He was known as a bit of a shady character in the Regalian Isles, but was also credited with unearthing an abandoned armory of Nelfinite weaponry. Working with the Gray may be lucrative, but carried its own risks. ((If chosen, contact @LumosJared for event)). @Empaul

    The Pavisa Knights

    The Pavisa Knights ran into something of a problem for their organization. A group of Manathar, who had split off from the Violet Order faction that had recently made headlines, were traveling around the Regalian Isles and spreading word of the evils of the Kathar. While well-intentioned, they had also spooked many locals and gotten into a few brawls with local militias. Whether the Pavisa would investigate was up to them.

    The Pavisa leadership would also hear a tale of an older Unionist Reverend, living out in Anglia. This Reverend had delivered local sermons in Anglia for years but had rather suddenly been convinced that the recent Anglian Mist had gifted him with visions. These visions, so he claimed, burned images of a bejeweled necklace with the Unionist eye in its center, and a mighty gauntlet that seemed to draw in light from around it. Whatever these visions meant, the Reverend had sent word for any faithful Unionist to meet with him to "discover the truth of these visions". @Mortisian

    Bloodcast Knights

    The Bloodcast Knights rest for a long while after their encounters at the “Bloody Mill” as it would be called for some time. When this was done though, the group stated thoroughly investigating rumors about the continent of Drowda. Going to the continent would not be an easy task, as the Bloodcast would have to acquire funding for the trip. Further, gaining the approval of the State might be necessary to avoid trouble back home, but this was left to the discretion of the Knights. One thing that spurred the Knights on was a Bounty that had reached all the way to Regalia. A murderous treasure hunter by the name of Edwin Stehlen had killed a scholar in Regalia, who had been looking into the very lost Holds the Bloodcast Knights had such a vested interest in. While nothing was reported stolen, Stehlen had been killed at a small public library in High Man Road, and whether there was any information on the Holds, or of Stehlen left at said library, the Bloodcast Knights would be open to investigating before taking off for Drowda. ((Contact @LumosJared for event if chosen)) @Mollymockery

    The Faraddi Explorers

    The Faraddi Explorers receive a final rumor about Cooke’s treasure. Curiously, it was the same large ship the League of Explorers had heard about, but this report came from a fishing vessel that was farther out to sea. The vessel, which the fishermen had reported as bearing a black dragon as their sigil, had fired their canons on them as soon as they had spotted the fishing boat. While the lowly sailors had managed to get away, it seemed this ship had lethal intent, and was dangerously close to where Cooke’s treasure trove was suspected to be. Any plans to head for the cove would need to take this into account, and potentially be prepared to take on, or avoid, such a dangerous vessel. @WaterDruppel

    The Regalian Dragonhunt

    After their last foray into a Dragon Temple, the Dragonhunt had an immediate interest in discovering more of these temples. There were two clear options ahead of them in terms of exploring a Dragon Temple. At least one was more commonly known to be in Anglia, but it would surely be under some sort of guard by the Anglians nearby, and could risk angering those back home. Any expedition out to this temple would require very careful planning to not anger the locals.

    The other rumor was more particular and lay within the city itself. A map of ancient Dragon Temples was rumored to be in possession of a local scholar by the name of Aretti Heikkinen. This very scholar had begun hanging fliers up in the city, a man who had begun research into the Dragons that had developed cult followings within Regalia itself. “Searching for able-bodied assistants in my experimentation of the draconic and the divine” caught the eye of some within the Dragon Hunt, but the scratchy handwriting and curious stains on the flier gave them all pause for thought. Would contacting this scholar be worthwhile in the investigations, or would it be the pursuit of the temples within Anglia? ((Contact @LumosJared for Event if Scholar is chosen)). @Fergoff
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