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    Hello everyone!

    It is with great pleasure I am announcing the release of a high amount of new voting items! That’s right! You guys wanted a new pool of lore to collect and sell? That’s what you’ve got here. With over 130 new items, you won’t find yourself getting bored. New trinkets, books and even weapons! While we have added new items, we’ve also removed a few old ones. This means most of your old stuff will stay worth the same while you have an even stronger chance to dig into the newer items.

    We will be updating the voting page soon with the new items and a few other things, right…


    But till then if you’d like a comprehensive list of everything added and still in, read through spoiler below. Do you guys like the new items? Do you want more? Leave your comments below!

    As always from your friendly neighborhood Lunatic,

    Have a Massive day!

    Pet Rock
    Lampar Luring Device
    Stolen Chair
    Braided White Ribbon
    Wulong Hair Dye
    Boom Stick
    Cookie Tree Sapling
    Bumpy Bow
    Pick of Pertinence
    Axe of Applicability
    Shovel of Suitability
    Fishing Rod of Function
    Compass of Consistency
    Slapping Salmon
    Battle Cookie
    Bread Blade
    Hot Potato
    Super Fantastic Bouncy Ball
    Pink Fluffy Unicorn
    Slime Ancient Plush
    Da Rulez
    Mischief Maker
    Didney Worl Ticket
    Big Red Clown Nose
    {p}'s Blankie
    Official MassiveCraft T-Shirt
    Magic Fairy Wand
    Cardboard Box
    Homemade Racecar
    Magical Box of Holding
    The Interwebs
    Lag Kickers
    Fuzzy Wuzzy Slippers
    Spatula of DOOM!
    Tickle Feather
    Cookie Crumbs
    Party Invitation
    Boats Boats Boats!
    The Official Hawkeye Tool
    Sick Beats
    Shears of Significance
    Avant-Garde Sword
    Edgy Novella
    Space Helmet
    8-Bit Artwork
    Magician's Stone
    Square Watermelon
    Love Letter
    Mystery Soup

    Honeydrip Wine
    Bushberry Brandy
    Stone Beer
    Ithanian Red Grape Wine
    Chilled Northerne Herbal
    Nourishing Chrysalis
    Vino Fragrante
    Cure-All Tonic
    Dragonflower Tea
    Bloodthorn Extract
    Essence of Nightshade
    Ur Spirits
    Wulong Tokino
    Dwarven Mead
    Chi'en-ji Sake
    Orcish Swill
    Reggs Rotgut
    Qadir Palm Wine
    Slizzar Singani
    Isldar Frost Fion
    Yanar Peach Tea
    Evokai Punch
    The Maiar's Revenge
    Anise Ale
    Holy Water Ale
    Verfecht Vintage
    Dorinn Herbal
    Swamp Blood
    Ruby Rioja
    Portimao Port
    Maiden Merlot
    Innis Ale

    Regal Rose Cap
    Regal Rose Ruffled Top
    Regal Rose Romper
    Regal Rose Rainboots
    Qadir Fire Mage Hood
    Qadir Fire Mage Robe
    Qadir Fire Mage Leggings
    Qadir Fire Mage Sandals
    Lampar Leather Hat
    Lampar Leather Tunic
    Lampar Leather Breeches
    Lampar Leather Boots
    Orc Sky Brigand Goggles
    Orc Sky Brigand Chestpiece
    Orc Sky Brigand Leggings
    Orc Sky Brigand "Jumpa" Boots
    Qilin Lined Cap
    Qilin Lined Coat
    Qilin Lined Slacks
    Qilin Lined Boots
    Pretty Party Hat
    Pretty Party Parka
    Pretty Party Pants
    Pretty Party Boots
    Tacky Striped Plaid Hat
    Tacky YOLO T-Shirt
    Tacky Fluorescent Orange Pants
    Tacky Glitter Uggs
    Khazur-Badh Combat Helm
    Khazur-Badh Combat Chestplate
    Khazur-Badh Combat Leggings
    Khazur-Badh Combat Boots
    Bloody Thr‰lílaniir Cap
    Bloody Thr‰lílaniir Tunic
    Bloody Thr‰lílaniir Pants
    Bloody Thr‰lílaniir Boots
    Hivrais Solisserois
    Hivrais Urcote-nais
    Hivrais Prescote-nais
    Hivrais Boots
    Calemburger Fashion Hat
    Calemburger Fashion Tunic
    Calemburger Fashion Familienseide
    Calemburger Fashion Boots
    Axel Fashion Hat
    Axel Fashion Pelaster
    Axel Fashion Pants
    Axel Fashion Longtrencher
    Dovrinik Ostirna
    Dovrinik Purbalovka
    Dovrinik Skirt
    Dovrinik Sustirna
    Cielothar Bell Cap
    Cielothar Bell Cloak
    Cielothar Bell Leggings
    Cielothar Bell Boots
    Ornamental Helm
    Ornamental Chestplate
    Ornamental Leggings
    Ornamental Boots

    Horsemans Pick
    Guardsmans Pike
    Ur Slavad
    Kopenuk Shoulder Spikes
    Wulong Tsuruhalo
    Gnarled Staff
    Regalian Horse Saddle
    Aged Battalion Bow
    Mekett Stirrin
    Chrysant Wars Cannonball
    Rusted Regalian Cutlass
    Orcish War Drum
    Potato Peeler
    Knightly Arming Sword
    Workman's Axe
    Pocket Watch
    Brass Steam Engine
    Regalian Sword
    Northerne Hunting Bow
    Shirimusu Tsuruhalo
    Wulong Tokua
    Wulong Ensoki
    Wulong Sutokino
    Intricate Dwarven Sword
    Greborrin Greatsword
    Ruin-Khurr Mace
    Humorrin War Axe
    Khazur-Badh Warhammer
    Grebadh-Uul Dagger
    Ruined Fummd Blade
    Golden Sceptor
    Yanar Garden Spade
    Cannon Explosives
    Gliding-Arch Bow
    Pröta’ll Throwing Axe
    Curved Shendar Dagger
    Blackened Drowdar Shield
    Cielothar Harvest maiden
    Burosè Dagger
    Claw-Point Dagger

    Dried Black Orchid
    Bloodthorn Vine
    Lady's Shine
    Regal Wheat
    Fly Orchid
    Ruby Flower
    Honey Ball
    Pressed Nenya Leaf
    White Lily Bouquet
    Garuda Stalk
    Giant Sunflower
    Ogre Bait
    Maethdag's Clove
    Axford Maiden
    Fletcher Wheat
    Sundoma's Herb
    Yanar Leaves
    Naylar Seedling Antlers
    Dwarf Seedling Dust
    Bark Giant Twig
    Shademarsh Mushrooom
    Saikh Bush

    Stuffy Toy
    Ithanian Charm
    Miniature Loong Dragon
    Feathery Mooann Plush
    Tiny Tigran Toy
    Global Star Chart
    Fersibah Music Disc
    Cracked Ch'ien-ji Skull
    Yang-Tzu Isles Illustration
    Qilin Wool
    Mini Yanar Doll
    Wooden Toy Sword
    Copper Trinkets
    Bone Needle
    Demonic Ragdoll
    Wooden Puzzle Cube
    Songaskia Sundial
    Terrifying Toy Antelabbit
    Lo-Quality Wig

    Baver Bone
    Kheeshneek Skull
    Sea Serpent Scale
    Ceramic Naylar Skull
    Giant Squid Eye
    Ilkret Carapace
    Jungle Stalker Pelt
    Bathogg Tongue
    Elasmo Horn
    Ghor Ka Scale
    Kyanprat Tail
    Petrified Dragon Egg
    Medskala Venom
    Dragon Fang
    Fragment of Estel
    Black Desert Dragon Scale
    Barbiya Mountain Dragon Scale
    Red Desert Dragon Scale
    Temple Orphan Tears
    Ollivear Egg

    Nenyarina Tome
    Leather-Bound Tohn Sona
    Treacherous Notebook
    Chrysant War Diary
    Crimson Inquisition Logbook
    History of the Regalian Guard
    Shunner: Escape the Spire
    Archaeologist's Journal
    Fire Magic Tome
    Stone Magic Tome
    Ice Magic Tome
    The Creeds of Unionism
    Old Gods Symbolism
    The Faith of Estel
    Sham-Abdala: Sun Worship
    Alorian Racial Analysis
    Stars and Prophecies
    Dragon Tongue
    Isa Musnaddi Rasul's Teachings
    Aldruin Scroll
    Northerne Culture
    Daendroque Culture
    Ithanian Culture
    Detailed Naval Charts
    Wulong Culture

    Azure Order Mage Collar
    Dragon-Steel Scimitar
    Ancient Chi'en-Ji Dragon Mask
    Dried Nenya Sap Pendant
    Estel Idol
    Black Order Dagger
    Soul-Infused Sabre
    Skeletal Mace
    Grand Redwood Staff
    Ornate Onyx Totem
    Dwarven Siege Bow
    Ancient Nelfin Crown
    Nyuku Pendant
    Serpent Scale Armor
    Aldor Signet Ring
    Jade Tablet
    Duindin's Axe
    Orcish Rite Knife
    Wyvern Bone Bow

    {p} the Flower
    {p}'s Skull
    {p}'s Harbinger
    {p} the Action Figure
    {p}'s Trading Cards
    {p} Doll Replica
    {p}'s Diary
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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by Kaezir, Feb 17, 2017.

    1. Magivore
      Love the new pool; I am curious to see them, on a collector's (or what @Dekuras calls 'hoarder') view! I have had every yellow lore item fly through my hand at least once, and I'm happy to get to refresh my obsession with these new ones. But Mooan stuffy toys?
      I NEED IT.
    2. Goldifish
      That's a lot of stuff I need
    3. EmpressEvie
    4. FireFan96
      Calemburger Fashion Hat
      Calemburger Fashion Tunic
      Calemburger Fashion Familienseide
      Calemburger Fashion Boots

      @TyrolleanEagle I better see you waltz around in this one day.
    5. Aespair
    6. Bearacuda
      Hm Hm good thing I haven't voted for the past few days
    7. LemiaSerenDipity
      *Hoarder mode violently activates*
    8. PyromanicLlama
      GIVE ME.

    9. Omnomivore
      To give an exact number, there are exactly 138 new items available while some older items (like a bunch of those lore clothing sets) were cycled out. ;)
    10. DockedRelic
    11. Miss_Confined
      @Film_Noir thought of you haha
    12. Xersai
      There needs to be lore minerals included in the voting reward system
    13. cpt_manta_ray
      who takes those beautiful screenshots?
    14. CptSilvyrall
      I'm glad to see that Stabby, Smashy, and Slashy survived.
    15. AtticCat
      The jokes will never end
    16. Zacatero
      Is this a typo by chance? Or like a character error?
    17. Kaezir
      It is and isnt. Those are supposed to be accented characters. Thats the code for it in the lore item I believe.

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