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    The heat of summer has come in full force, and with the season’s shift, here are some new Crates to enjoy!

    The Uncommon Crates contain both items themed after historical factions, in addition to vouchers for otherwise impossible to obtain items.

    The Rare Crates contain the new Netherite Armor and items with greater-than-Vanilla enchantments, in addition to vouchers for otherwise impossible to obtain items.


    With the new Vote Crates released, we've decided to give you all one last chance to get those last few items to complete your collections, if you've been unlucky so far.

    Throughout June, this thread will be used to trade in your duplicates in addition to a regal fee attached. This offer does not extend to the Darkroom Axe/Sword, nor the Enchanted Battle Axe, as these are being carried over to the new crates, as well.

    Common- 50r and one Common Crate item

    Uncommon- 100r and one uncommon crate item

    Rare- 200r and one rare crate item

    Use this form to trade in your items:


    Item You’d Like to Trade For:

    Item You’ll be Trading In:


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    1. Sevak
      IGN: Sevak

      Item You’d Like to Trade For: Your Kissing Ticket

      Item You’ll be Trading In: Sevak's Uncooked Fish
    2. Xolvemir Dyrnos
      Xolvemir Dyrnos
      IGN: Megamon

      Item You’d Like to Trade For: There's 4: Your Rose (or flower, the rose lore item), Your Thorned Rosebush (whatever it was, but it was a rosebush), Your Cookie (dont know specifics here), and Your Master Leggings.

      Item You’ll be Trading In: Ceramic Dish, Slimey Rag, Megamon's Master Axe, Megamon's Master Fishing Rod
    3. The_Fluorspar
      @indyfan98 Can we get a little list of which lore items were in each crate so we know what we can trade in and trade for?
    4. PathFinder_
      IGN: laur7391

      Item You’d Like to Trade For: Laur7391 Master Chestplate, Laur7391 Master Boots

      Item You’ll be Trading In: Ceramic Dish, Broken Key
    5. Effloresce_

      Below is a list of the old Vote Crate items, listed in order: @The_Fluorspar
      x64 Magma Cream
      x62 Blaze Rod
      x64 Glistering Melon Slice
      x64 Nether Quartz
      x32 Book
      x32 Glowstone
      x5 Block of Gold
      x5 Block of Iron
      x5 Block of Emerald
      x2 Block of Diamond
      x16 Lapis Lazuli Block
      x16 Block of Redstone
      x16 Block of Coal
      Archeological Pick
      Dwarven Helmet
      Dwarven Chestplate
      Dwarven Legguards
      Dwarven Boots
      Orc Helmet
      Orc Vest
      Orc Leggings
      Orc Boots
      Orc Blade
      Squire's Sword
      Swarven Miner's Pickaxe
      Elven Ranger's Bow
      Mage Helmet
      Mage Robe
      Mage Leggings
      Mage Boots
      Elven Blade
      Lumberjack Axe
      Shears of the Shepherd
      Mage Staff
      Hunter's Crossbow
      Fortune Cookie
      Dwarven Mattock
      Frosted Arrow
      Fire Wand
      Sour Reaper
      Angelic Wings
      Broken Fishing Rod
      Pirate Hat
      Pirante's Handy Hook
      Heroic Cloak
      Bucket of Fish
      Slimey Scimitar
      Elite Sword
      Harvest Trousers
      Anger's Hat
      Angler's Top
      Angler's Waders
      Angler's Boots

      Wizard's Hat
      Ranger Hood
      Ranger Chestpiece
      Ranger Leggings
      Ranger Boots
      Bag of Regals
      Map of Essalonia
      Regal (x5)
      Archaeologist's SHOVEL
      Meat Crate
      The King's Chicken
      Dwarf Lord's Axe
      Piece of Wheat
      Broken Varghul Fang
      Steel Scythe
      Cultist Ritual Skull
      Eye in a Jar
      Map of Regalia
      Black Iron Warhammer
      Mysterious Potion
      Your Lucky Dice
      Your Action Figure
      Your Kissing Ticket
      Your Biography
      Your Cape
      Your Fishing Rod
      Your Sombrero Hat
      Your Fedora
      Your Warhammer
      Your Shield
      Your Pokey Stick
      Your Chest
      Your Sword
      Your Axe
      Your Trinket
      Your Cake
      Your Pendant
      Your Apron
      Your Cooking Gloves
      Your Hoe
      Your Mittens
      Your Burnt Food
      Your Knife
      Your Uncooked Fish
      Your Deck of Cards
      Your Pet Rock
      Your Favourite Chair
      Your Mounted Swordfish
      Your Mounted Pufferfish
      Your Mounted Clownfish
      Your Mounted Salmon
      Your Mounted Fish
      Your Dagger

      Darkroom Sword
      x9 Block of Diamond
      Ithanian War Glaive
      Brew of War
      Darkroom Axe
      Walking Cane
      Champion's Hammer
      x5 Ender Chest
      Enchanted Golden Apple
      Diving Helmet
      Champion's Blade
      Shake, Rattle, Royal
      Regal Longsword
      Seacoast Traveller's Boots
      Enchanted Battle Axe
      Torn War-Banner
      Dwarven King Pickaxe
      Whisper of Death
      Slimey Rag
      Flower of Healing
      Elixer of Mana
      Broken Key
      Engraved Ring
      Staff of Tears
      Ceramic Dish
      Elven Longbow
      Vintage Record
      Silver Necklace
      Heirloom Painting
      x1 Beacon
      Your Master Helmet
      Your Master Chestplate
      Your Master Leggings
      Your Master Boots
      Your Master Fishing Rod
      Your Trading Card
      Your Cookie
      Your Riches
      Your Flower
      Your Skull
      Your Thorned Rose
      Your Master Pickaxe
      Your Master Bow
      Your Master Axe
      You's Whacking Stick
      Your Teddy Bear
      Your Crown
      Your Master Shield
      Your Joke Book
      Your Master Sword
      Shield of Valor
    6. The_Fluorspar
      Thank you for the list!

      IGN: Y2nn1ck

      Item You’d Like to Trade For: Ithanian War Glaive, Brew of War, Champion's Hammer, Champion's Blade, Regal Longsword, Dwarven King Pickaxe, Whisper of Death, Elven Longbow, Your Master Helmet, Your Master Chestplate, Your Master Leggings, Your Master Boots, Your Trading Card, Your Skull, Your Master Pickaxe, Your Master Bow, Your Master Axe, Your Teddy Bear, Your Master Sword. (19 rare crate items). Your Pendant, Your Action Figure. (2 uncommon crate items).

      Item You’ll be Trading In: Heirloom Painting, 3x Walking Cane, Flower of Healing, Slimey Rag, 2x Shake, Rattle, Royal, The_Moonstone's Whacking Stick, 2x Torn War-Banner, 2x Engraved Ring, Diving Helmet, 2x Ceramic Disc, Broken Key, 2x Shield of Valor. (19 rare crate items). 2x Map of Regalia. (2 uncommon crate items).

      The items are in a single chest next to my /tp home, my account should have sufficient regals.
    7. grizenator
      IGN grizenator
      Item you'd like: Regal Longsword
      Item your trading in: grizenator's teddybear
    8. Shoyru
      IGN: AzureShoyru

      Item You’d Like to Trade For: Your Teddy Bear, Your Joke Book

      Item You’ll be Trading In: Your Master Shield, Your Skull (both in my backpack)
    9. Yui_Drax
      IGN: Yui_Drax

      Item you'd like to trade for: Orc Helmet, Orc Leggings, Elven Ranger's Bow, Elven Blade, Lumberjack Axe, Mage Staff, Hunter's Crossbow, (7 Common Crate Items) - Ranger Hood, Ranger Leggings, Ranger Boots, (3 Uncommon Crate Items) - Brew of War, Elixir of Mana, Your Master Helmet, Your Master Chestplate, Your Master Fishing Rod, Your Master Bow, Your Master Axe, Your Master Shield, Your Master Sword, (9 Rare Crate Items)

      Item you'll be trading in: x2 Frost Arrow, Pirante's Handy Hook, Bucket of Fish, x3 Churro, (7 Common Crate Items) - Meat Crate, Eye in a Jar, Your Mounted Clownfish, (3 Uncommon Crate Items) - Diving Helmet, x2 Torn War-Banner, Slimey Rag, x2 Your Cookie, Your Riches, Your Skull, Shield of Valor, (9 Rare Crate Items)

      Following The_Fluorspar's example, the items I'm trading in are in the chest next to my /tp home and the cost is 2,450 Regals, I have sufficient funds.
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