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    New Resource Pack and When Leaves Fly


    Autumn Has Come to Regalia!

    Enjoy the changing leaves and scent of spices in the air as the harvest season descends upon Regalia. Walk the streets and enjoy all the beauty and activity the Crown City has to offer!

    Make sure you download the most recent texture pack! 1.12 compliant, and features all new updated textures and colors. Regalia has never looked more beautiful!


    Beds for every occasion and roleplayer! Featuring regal looking beds, beds for paupers, and even clinic beds and coffee tables!


    New textures for the color update of 1.12. Add even more to your builds!

    Bob for apples in the park, enjoy the Jack O Lanterns that are freshly carved and line the streets! Have a sip of hot cider, and revel in all the beautiful new additions to the MassiveCraft texture pack.

    Download the Texture Pack Right Here!

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