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    The new Market area is almost ready! On Saturday 25th January, at 10pm GMT (5pm EST), there will be a brand new /tp market for players to sell and buy items on the server!

    Here’s all the information you need on what to expect and what to know beforehand:

    -You’ll be given time to clear out your items from your old market shops/stall, but refunds are only available for rents with over a month remaining.

    -The rules will remain the same; only one market shop/stall per person (alts still can’t be used to bypass), the market shop can’t be used solely as personal storage and banned building blocks remain the same (beds, end portals, etc).

    -There will be three types of market shop; the square with rents at 100 regals a month, balcony shops at 75 regals a month, and the stall shops at 25 regals a month. In total, there are 44 area shop regions (20 square shops, 20 balcony shops, 4 market stall shops).

    -There won’t be any flying mechanics in the new market, instead there are stairs in all four corners to get to the second floor.

    -Finally, you can change the colour of the wool in each new shop market, but make a ticket to ask a staff member to do this since its out of the player region.

    For current shop refunds, make a ticket or message game staff through discord but everyone who has one is currently recorded and should be contacted too.

    We can’t wait to show you the new location, so get ready for its opening on Saturday!

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