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    The Game Department has created a new Ban Defense System for players to use to provide a defense against their bans. This system has been implemented per the request of the community to exist alongside the ban appeal system. This system is on trial to determine its effectiveness and whether it will have a positive effect on the community.

    The Ban Defense System will be run by the Game Department, which means this will not be usable for players banned for reasons relating to Roleplay. Similarly, because this system is on trial, defenses will be evaluated only in situations where the player has been banned for reasons relating to cheating in some way, particularly in relation to PvP. Bans for reasons such as continued chat violations or griefing will not be able to provide a defense, and these players are encouraged to use the ban appeal system per usual.


    To supply your defense, simply complete the new form in the Server Rule Enforcement section of the forums--which you can also see here.

    You may submit a ban defense only within the first 24 hours after you’ve been banned--so be quick! After this time, you will have to submit a ban appeal as per normal. Staff will openly respond to your ban defense submission as this is your chance to have a conversation about what happened, and to provide your defense and evidence to support why you feel your ban may have been in error.


    Suggestions for a Successful Defense:

    • Provide a detailed statement of what happened

    • Provide evidence to support your statement

    • Do not use this as a chance to attack staff--this will not result in a successful defense

    • Make sure to submit your defense within 24 hours of when you’ve been banned

    If a defense is approved, your ban will be revoked without having to go through the ban appeal process. However, if a defense is rejected, you may not supply another defense for the ban, and you must go through the regular ban appeal process.
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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by Spectriel, Mar 10, 2019.

    1. FubeTheMangler
      Good, only one problem with this system. If there's no public evidence, how are you suposed to ''break down'' deffend yourself, when you can't even be shown the EXACT reasson why you've been banned?
    2. Violettee
      Are staff still going to provide the evidence against the player directly to the player? Or are we just guessing what incident we got banned for?
    3. Winterless
    4. ZiHAMMER
    5. MrFluff1
      Will you PMed a screenshot of why you got banned from /seen or must we guess on what we did wrong?
    6. Violettee
      Then the ban reason is gonna need to be a little more specific than “Cheat Client”
    7. 65jes89
      The /seen reason should be displayed when you attempt to log in.
    8. Winterless
      The ban reason for hacking has since been updated to "Client modification for unfair advantage".

      Though I imagine that's not what you're actually talking about- and on the topic of displaying specifics on the client and cheat used I think that'd cause the exact same issue as releasing evidence in terms of allowing players to refine their cheats.

      Ultimately that comes down to Direction
    9. SirePyro
      This sounds like an excellent idea for the community! I suppose the jury's still out on it, but personally it sounds great to me. However, I am wondering... Staff are bound to mess up at some point(no offense intended, but with a human system comes human error), and when they do, is there a potential for innocent players to get messed over it? I know both first and secondhand that getting punished over a misunderstanding or outright error is a very real possibility, and challenging people to prove they're not guilty is a little odd. After all, conclusive proof of guilt is possible, while conclusive proof of innocence is not(at least in a medium like this). I don't mean to sound like a downer, it's just that this talk of players "defending" themselves against staff sounds a bit... troubling. It certainly doesn't help that Staff evidently will not be presenting a case, making the conversation fundamentally one-sided(I realize you can't go around sharing the server cheat detection log, but it seems like "everything" and "nothing" have some middle ground in between). Anyways, pessimism aside, I do have high hopes for this feature.... We'll see!
    10. Creamiest
      I believe I should be unbanned, it wasn’t me who said those things it was my brother, we share the account. Please unban me
    11. ZiHAMMER
      Very well.
    12. Creamiest
      please :((
    13. SubscriptShark
      And who thought this was a good idea
    14. SubscriptShark
      Like this would be so heavly abused by people that i dont see a reason to allow this, its worked fine and just because some people are unhappy that someone got banned it gets implemented, they get banned for a reason and to stay banned for that reason if said so
    15. Genecide65
      one step closer toward actually being able to explain ourselves before getting banned out of nowhere. nice.
    16. Sephite
      I don't see how starting a dialogue with the banned person to get their point of view is a bad thing. Evidence is just given by the banned player to prove their innocence, which improves the communication between players and staff. How would you abuse that?
    17. CnocBride
      Sub, can you explain as to how this may be abused? Players have a 24 timezone to initiate the ban defense system. No sensitive information will be handed out through the system, players will be allowed to conduct in constructive dialogue with Game3 staff members and propose a defense, much like you would in a court. This differs from the ban appeal system which is A) Submit a ban appeal B) We review it and give a decision. No dialogue whatsoever, and that annoyed a lot of players, especially ones who may have been wrongly banned and do not believe they are able to convey their innocence by trying to boil it down to one thread. In such cases, dialogue must take place and this new system provides for that.
    18. Winterless
    19. MokeDuck
      This is very good for situations like "mcmmo abuse" and build violations because those are things where the player can potentially know what to defend about. Defense against accusations on clients is only useful in cases where someone may have been using a trait to do something that could be seen as hacking. In any other instance, the only defense any player could possibly make is a "no u" unless that player regularly records themselves every single time they fight.

      This is a strange situation, because hacked cilents are designed to offer advantages that are either unnoticeable or completely blatant, with nothing in between.

      Expect many "defenses" that either only say "no u" or "here's a random video of me pvping. See, I'm good in this instance, so theres the slight possibility I wasn't hacking." As these are the only reasonable "defenses" that anyone can make without keeping a database of video evidence of every pvp battle. My recommendation is that you open up defenses to build violations or glitch abusing, and gear it more specifically to those areas. I have personal experience in those where I had evidence of staff specifically giving me permission to build and use specific contraptions, but even as an aspirant I was almost entirely cut off from all communications with staff and the server with no warning. As a result me and my faction were banned for three days, and I lost the biggest burst in activity my faction had seen in 3 years.
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    20. SirePyro
      I think that this system has the potential for doing good, but I don't know that it'll change a whole lot. In a courtroom, I can say "here's a witness to testify I wasn't there when that happened". But with regards to alleged hacking? As Duck said, most people don't record themselves every time they get into pvp. I sure as hell don't, largely because my computer couldn't handle it. Besides, even if a person did have a recording of the incident in question, who's to say they didn't edit it, or it didn't capture their cheats? There isn't really any way to definitively prove oneself not guilty of cheating. I applaud staff for making a step forward here, I just don't wish to overblow it. This is an admirable step toward a cleaner relationship and dynamic between staff and (alleged) rulebreakers, but there is no doubt there are many more to go.

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