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    Knowledge is the key to power, Im certain of it. I have been taught to fight and defend, but i was born to learn of the world. To discover its many secrets and use them for the benefit of the world.
    Nerate Ivis Dawn
    Skill Information

    Honestly, if i could go back, tell my parents to go away, and spend all my years on learning knowledge instead. I would. But here i am, loaded with knowledge of stabbing people. I do thank my parents for the shielding training however, that might come in handy. But Swords? Really, Who uses those anyways, Soldiers? Oh wait, thats what they wanted me to be.

    Proficiency Points: 40/50
    - 0 Imperial Regalian Command School [3 Years (Refunded, Honed skill 3)]
    -12 Shielding Combat
    -2 Unarmed Combat
    -10 Sword Combat
    -3 Common Alchemy
    -3 Healing Alchemy
    -3 Artifact Knowledge
    -3 Affliction Knowledge
    -3 Archblood Knowledge
    -1 Writing
    Hobby Points: 10/10
    -15 Theater (+5 Racial)

    Body Shape
    Most people would love to look like me. I don't, Other Scholars look at me weird. They keep saying i should go out and fight or whatever, But i would prefer to not.
    Physical Stat: 49/30 [Capped at 30]
    -12 Shielding
    -2 Unarmed
    -10 Sword
    -8 Theater
    -17 Brawn Power 2
    Body Shape
    Body Fat

    - Common (Default)

    Special Traits/Spells/Mutations
    I never really bothered to learn magic did i? Ah, its not like i need it.
    Point Buy
    Artifact Knowledge
    Archblood Knowledge
    Healing Alchemy
    Common Alchemy
    Affliction Knowledge
    Body Mend 2
    Brawn Power 2
    Great Force 1
    Honed Skill 3 (Command)
    Gate Smash 1
    Battle Sense 1

    Visual Information

    Do i really have to say all this? You can just look at me man, Come on let me on the boat to regalia already.

    Eye Color
    Hair Color/Style
    Skin Color
    Greyish Black/With Traces of Red
    Orange/Tan Scholar Robes

    The names Nerate Dawn, You'll know me better once I'm famous for my discoveries, Trust.
    The Core List

    Lawful Good
    Personality Type

    The Defender
    Choose your Character's Religion

    Nerate Worships Slzz, The Silver Librarian, In pursuit of knowledge and self improvement to overcome their Combat Based past, and embrace knowledge and analytics. Their Belief is 9/10, Mostly Unwavering.

    Knowledge, How can you live without it?

    Learning New Things. Discovering something you didnt know before, is always a great feeling for Nerate, He seeks it like a bloodthirsty fighter seeks their next fight. (Likes)
    Discovering Things nobody else has before, To go where no person has gone before [Except for Ancients], To discover the undiscovered. To explore the realms which most civilians cant even comprehend, Is a thing that Nerate is astonished and intrigued by. They wish to investigate, and visit all the realms that are a part of aloria (Greatly Likes)
    Making Friends, Its always good to have friends, always feels good too. (Likes)
    Meeting a Dragon, Meeting a dragon would be an amazing encounter, Nerate longs for the day they manage to meet one, if they ever do in their lifetime. (Greatly Likes)


    Some peoples actions perplex me. Why would you burn a book, even if its controversial, its still a good laugh.

    Being presumed as only a fighter, Nerate, despite them being Cro-Allar prides themselves on being a brain rather than a Brawn, They're offended a decent bit when they're just seen as a brute. (Dislikes)
    Having to use their combat skills, Fighting is a last resort for Nerate, Defending is a second to last. Knowledge should not be something people bleed, fight and die over. (Dislikes)
    Having to be a General/Commander, They disliked their training, and felt themselves destined for more than just being a general or one who lead armies. (Dislikes)
    Racism, Simply put, Nerate believes that all races have an equal chance to learn things, and help progress society. They see it as Moronic to view any race as lesser, its a waste to not use everything you are given to create a good world, just because of a foolish mindset. (Greatly Dislikes)
    ANY books/papers/ect being burned, Even if the papers spread word that is unfavorable. They strongly believe books and knowledge should always be archived, If its horrendously against their ideals, they'll just see it as something that can be looked at satirically. It'll take alot of convincing to make them destroy any papers. (Dislikes)​

    Hah, Like I'm going to find that special someone. I'm more interested in finding that Special Discovery that makes me famous. Yeah!
    To be Added (Maybe)

    Life Story

    I wonder if my parents are still out there somewhere, fighting for regalia. Ah well, none of my business.

    Nerate was born to a Cro-Allar Family in Regalia, Having lived a life of combat expectancy, and a belief by their parents that they would one day become a great general. Most of their time was spent training in tactics, weaponry usage, and becoming a powerful defender and fighter within combat. Nerate was pressured to learn all they could about fighting, so much so that at the age of 17, they were put by their parents in the Imperial Regalian Command School to learn how to become a General for the Regalian Army. But their mind wandered and they faltered in some of their trainings, their heart and mind not fully intent on warfare.

    At the age of 20, Once they were free from schooling, They decided to live their own life, and make their own decisions, Leaving home and becoming an apprentice to an alchemist, which taught them the basics of brewery, and referred them to a scholar off shore. They took the Alchemists advice and ended up in many places learning all about Afflictions, Archbloods, and All sorts of Artifacts, performing studies all throughout Aloria, and cooperating with archeologists to discover what they could. After a long set of years on journeys and excavations to earn cash and knowledge, They returned to regalia. Speaking constantly upon their findings and discoveries.

    Because of their race, their stature, and backstory, Many werent willing to accept what they learned in their excavations and studies with other archeologists, and gave others credit for the discoveries, Nerate only being given moderate credit for such. Around this time at the age of 24, They decided to go on a journey to seek out their purpose, and seek out self improvement, Around this time is when they discovered their passion, their belief in discovering knowledge and remaining firm on that goal. They joined a Theatre, to practice speaking better, and tried to internally figure out what their purpose was, Eventually they regained their stance and determination, albeit too much so, as they begun to gain a bit of pride, and confidence. With a goal deadset on discovery and exploration, They wanted to discover things no Regalians had ever seen before. And they had figured that the Dragons might be the key to knowledge. They begun to worship The Librarian.
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    If this isn't a proficiency you have, please remove it from the page.

    Please mark any changes in red and tag me when finished.
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    It is a proficiency i have. Honed skill 3 gives a full refund. Added that to the proficiency section to clarify better.

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    Approved then.

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