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    Navigating MassiveCraft Online
    This is part one in a series where I will explain how to find anything you could possibly want to know about people and things on the forums, wiki, and in-game.

    Basic Search Methodology
    The Find shortcut is universal. You can also use the find feature by navigating to the options menu in your browser, often denoted by three equidistant horizontal lines or three vertical dots in the upper right hand corner.


    Using the Forums as a Resource
    The forums are home to a whole host of content available nowhere else, whether that information is presented in public knowledge progressions or player-made role-play posts. Finding specific information can be a daunting task without knowing the following tips and tricks.

    Tagging System
    Tags are a word, phrase, or name used to identify digital content such as blog and social media posts as belonging to a particular category or concerning a particular person or topic. Tags on the MassiveCraft Forums function as tags do on other social media platforms. They are user created and easily searched using advanced search, or by typing a normal query into the search bar. Tagged posts with a tag matching the query will appear within that search.

    Using the Tagging System
    Posts can be tagged before or after creation.

    When creating a post, tags can be entered directly below the rich text editor.

    When editing tags on a published post, tags can be edited by selecting Edit next to tags in the top left corner below the post title.

    Afterwards a dialog box will appear where tags can be entered.

    Forum Advanced Search
    Xenforo has an advanced search option that can be accessed by going to or by selecting More in the context menu when searching normally. Selecting the downward facing triangle in the context menu shows you Useful Searches.


    Using XenForo Advanced Search
    Upon accessing advanced search users will be presented with the following screen.


    You can select multiple categories in the Search in Forums box by pressing CTRL or your operating system equivalent, and clicking at the same time.


    You can select multiple categories in a series by clicking on a category, holding shift, then clicking again on another category.


    Search Everything
    [​IMG] allows you to search the forums as a whole. Making broad queries typically results in incomplete searches because the search keywords were too short, too long, or too common. Search everything includes forum blog posts and private forums you have access to.

    Search Threads and Posts
    [​IMG] allows you to search threads and posts. You can filter out results by thread prefix, forum categories and child forums, age, the member who posted the thread or reply, and minimum number of replies. Search Threads and Posts is the most useful for searching, as it allows you to narrow down your search to one or two categories, decreasing the likelihood that your search returns as incomplete.

    Search Profile Posts
    [​IMG] allows you to search profile posts. You can filter by the member who posted and the whose profiles were posted to, as well as posts newer than a certain age.

    Search Tags
    [​IMG] allows you to search by tags and displays the most frequently used and common tags used in a visual cloud.

    Search Modifiers
    “Query” is an exact search, meaning it will find your keyword or term exactly as it appears on a post or thread. Couple this with other search modifiers for more powerful searches.

    +Query (Default) is the way searches work by default. It will search for your keyword AND your keyword.

    -Query will remove any query you do not want in your results.

    |Query allows you to search for multiple terms.

    Using the Wiki as a Resource
    The wiki, just like the forums and most other modern sites, makes use of a tagging system to categorize pages and articles. MediaWiki, the popular free wiki driver that the MassiveCraft Wiki runs on, comes packed with special pages and features that make searching and finding information easier.

    Special pages are pages that are created by the software on demand to perform a specific function. The most relevant for our purposes are the Special:Categories page and Special:Search page.

    Special:Categories displays every category present on the wiki. If a page is or was tagged with a category, that category will appear on this page. Using categories to find information allows you to keep your searches to a minimum provided pages are properly categorized.

    By default when you search a term that matches the name of an existing page you are taken to that page, but by using the Special:Search page you can find every instance of a keyword across the entire wiki.

    Content Pages
    [​IMG] allows you to search all pages on the wiki.

    [​IMG] only searches for multimedia with the keyword you search with.

    [​IMG] allows you to search all pages and multimedia on the wiki.

    [​IMG] allows you to search by namespace. Namespaces are collections which differentiate between the purpose of the pages at a high level. Pages in certain namespaces can also have special properties or behave differently when they interact with other pages.
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    Reading and Understanding Wiki Articles
    Maybe you have spotted someone asking a question you think is easily answered or you happen to know the answer to, and whether the person asking is a new or old player you think to yourself, "How could they possibly have missed it?" The wiki is dense at best and incredibly dense at worst, and this part of the guide assumes you have read everything above, or at the very least skimmed it before getting here.

    The skills you learned to find specific information will help you understand the big idea when it comes to wiki articles, but you absolutely have to read.


    This is general advice meant to help make reading a less daunting task.
    • Read pages in sections. Instead of thinking of pages as one big block to get through, read content under headers one sentence at a time. Try not to jump around so you do not miss anything, and read slowly. Often you can find the answers to your questions in the middle of a long paragraph.

    • Identify key terms. Key terms on a page may be highlighted as blue links that you can follow to learn more about that subject. Not all links are going to have relevant information, so use your better judgment.

    • Invest in a highlighter extension. If you struggle to read line by line, find a highlighter extension for your browser to highlight things you want to return to.

    • Rephrase the text. If you have trouble understanding something, instead of asking someone to read it back to you, ask yourself what message is being conveyed.
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